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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 2: World One Stars

Updated on August 9, 2010

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Sky Station Galaxy

Peewee Piranha’s Temper Tantrum

There are a lot of things that you can get around the house.  Many of the plants have Coins and Star Bits, and there is an orange pipe which, if you take, will give you a 1UP. 

Eventually, you have to take the green pipe to the other side of the big island you are on, and then collect all the stuff before bashing the big crystal on top of the mound.  You can then jump through a tube to get to the roof of the house, and then talk to one of the Lumas to turn into a Launch Star. 

Take the Launch Star to another island, where you will see some stone spitting monsters.  I don’t know what they are called, but you can get them and get coins from them, and you should!  From there, it is about getting on yellow platforms and following Lumas until you get to the midway flag.  You should also get the 1UP mushroom that is there too.   By the way, there is a ?-coin that you can get which will release some colorful notes.  Get all the notes and you will unlock 3 1UP mushrooms. 

By the way, where the mushrooms end will be a ring of stones.  Spin in the middle  and every one will become a Star Bit.  This is one of several that you will find in this game. 

There is also a warp thing here that will take you to another area.  Here, you can use the Rainbow star in the middle to get all the Octoroombas and you will be awarded 3 1UP mushrooms.  Not bad.  However, you can only stay here for a certain amount of time before you are warped back. 

Next, it is all about using the yellow platforms to get higher and then the Star Launcher.  You will notice that you are on a planet with a mini launcher, but you can’t get to it.  Jump to the planet with the other mini launcher, and launch yourself from there.  You will spin until you pass another Star Launcher, but don’t take it yet. Instead, weight to get propelled to the other mini-launcher, where a ?-coin is. The ? coin will shower you with coins, so get them all.  Then go and take the big Star Launcher. 

You will soon find yourself on a long stretch of land.  Avoid those muddy areas, as they will slow you down.  You will also find these big roller things that will knock you off, but you can actually do a standing jump on these guys, and the first roller will have a 1UP on it. 

Keep going along, and take out enemies and you will even find a 1UP.  You will then need to do a jump to get on the other rolling car, and take it around to get a Comet Medal

Eventually, you will get to a Luma, who will open a door to a Launch Gate.  You will go to an area where there is another midway flag, and you can take out an Octoroomba and get a Red mushroom worth six lives.  Then go on the other side of this island and start taking out bad guys. 

The last Star Launcher will take you to a monster who lives in an egg.  It is very easy to take him out.  Just hit him in the behind, which will grow redder with every spin-punch.  You will have to hit him four times, and then he will heal up, and you’ll have to do it again four times.  It gets somewhat hard when he starts to run away, but if you hold out, you can do it.

Storming the Sky Fleet

This starts out like the first one, except there are some rolling balls of death.  You can take them out with the rubber plants to get some sparkles, but that is about it.  

Go ahead and take the Green Pipe.  This time it will be required to take out the rolling balls.  You can use the rubber plants, and you’ll notice three treasure chests too.  One of the chests has sparkles, one has a 1UP, and one has a Rainbow Star.  You can use the rainbow star to take out the rolling black balls.  One of them will have a key, which will free the Luma.  You can then go to your next location. 

This next area hasn’t got much but six big bullets.  If you want, you can use the Rainbow star to take them out.  There is a trap door that  you want to take to get to where the real action is. 

If you go right, then go down, then left, you can freefall and pick up many Star Bits.  You can also pick up a 1UP along the way. 

You will then come to some places that I call rolling shelves.  You can pretty easily avoid the shock balls in between them if you do some long-jumps.  On the last roller, you will see the Star Launcher orbited by shock-balls. 

Don’t take it yet.  Instead, get to the areas that included a Warp Pad to go and get 3 1Ups.  Speaking of 1UPs, you can get another if you jump at the right time, and then crouch down to retrieve it. 

Take the Star Launcher to an area that has many blue ? tiles.  You have to change them into yellow ! tiles by stepping on them.  Watch out for the big bullet, and you should be able to get that 1UP.  Also, if you can make the jump to the top of the big bullet is fired, you can access some Star Bits. 

When all tiles are turned yellow, they will become permanently green, and will reveal a new area.  There will be a similar changing of tiles here, only Cosmic Clones will follow you.  These guys are evil guys who will follow your every move, and you take some health away if you touch them.  Stay ahead of them, and touch all the tiles.  The Star Launch will be opened again. 

You will come to an area where the cannons will shoot large bullets.  The Star is there, but it is under a jar.  You need to follow the path of the bullet that goes by it.  It will lead you to an area where you can climb a pole to face three maneating plants.  The small ones can just be smacked with a spin-punch, but the big one in the middle can be taken out by the rubber plant in the corner.  This will give you the key, and you can head back to the star.  You might want to duck in the pit with the coin along the way, as the bullet can take you out. 

Yoshi Star Galaxy

Saddle Up with Yoshi

Okay, it is pretty easy to take out all the enemies at the beginning here, taking out enemies and such.  The wizard guy needs to be taken out so you can get a Yoshi, who can seriously kick butt. 

Yoshi can eat enemies to convert to Star Bits, and he should be used for that.  He can also eat fruit to digest Star Bits.  By the way, he can also jump and hover for a bit, which comes in handy a lot. 

For example, there is this one small mound that needs to be climbed.  All you need to do is use the strange spring loaded mechanism and get the Comet Medal

Eventually, after you clear out all the enemies, you will find one area with lots of them.  This will have a warp pad that will get you 3 1UPs.  You will also find a weird lip sucker that will bond to you, and you have to shake off.  Eat all the enemies, and then you’ll learn to wind up for the big peach at the end. 

The peach will reveal a Star Launcher, and you can get to a planet filled with some treats.  One of those will be a cube you can roll to get something else.  Also, there is another Star Launcher here. 

This next area will have all sorts of fruit and prickly plants that you cannot eat.  You must then just get up to the top of this area, and then use the “tongue rolls” for lack of a better word to get you higher. 

This next part involves taking out some enemies, and using the tongue to open drawers so you can cross to other areas.  I think the spider can be taken down with a tongue lash and then hitting it.  You will come to a roll, that, when used to the left instead of the right, will get you three coins. 

Eventually, you have to go right, and you can use a tongue-drawer to get a 1UP.  You then have to use the spindle to get higher, onto an elevating platform.  Then you need to go to another moving platform.  Eventually, a row of spindles will get you to the star.  Once you crack it out, you need to follow the spindles again, doubling back on the last spindle until you seize the star. 

Spiny Control

This area starts out a lot like the first one.  This time, you get a Yoshi right away.  You can then learn how to using him to take out the spiny creatures, and then have Yoshi shoot them at things. 

For example, you can take out the Happy cloud man.  You can also take out a lot of glass-covered areas that can give out a lot of rewards, like the 1UP.  You really want to take out the Star Launcher, though, and use it. 

You will soon get to an area where there are three glass caged things.  The Happy cloud guy is here, and you will need his ammo to take out the center one.  This will open up the Star Launcher.  You might as well get the other rewards while you are here. 

As you take the Star Launcher, you wll find that you will stop at another Launcher.  You should probably use it, and you will find yourself in an area of circular platforms with a lot of treats.  For example, there will be one of those Six Life Mushrooms, and a 1UP underneath one of them.  Go ahead and use the Launch Star to get back. 

In this next area will be some drawer things, but they won’t stay open for long.  The two ones below will give you rewards, but you will hear a ticking clock indicating that they eventually close.  Worse yet, the happy cloud guy is firing some spiky things at you.  Eventually, you will need to open the drawer on the top level and spit a spiked ball at the glass cage.  You will release a Star Launcher here, so use it. 

Okay, time to face the creepy guy with the big glasses.  Defeating him means that you must take his spiky things he throws, and then spit them back at him.   Be warned that he does come in with lightning every once in a while.  If he gets you, get one of the coin, and also you can waste a Star Bit on these golden spots that, when hit, will reveal a Coin.  You need to hit him three time to get rid of him. 

Spin-Dig Galaxy

Digga-Leg’s Planet

In this first level, you will get yourself one of those Spin Drill things.  You can use it to get to some seriously nice prices.  For example, this one area has several coins on top of it.  One will lead to a 1UP.  The other will lead to a Luma with a Star Launcher.  Look for the telltale craters that mark them. 

As for this next area, you will also need a drill.  One is located here on a big circle.  Go ahead and use it there, and then go to the nearest square in the corner.  You will drill to the top of a tower, where there is some coins.  The Comet Medal is to the immediate right, so jump down and get it. 

Go to the square shaped indentation in the ground and drill there.   Then, as you are on a high tower, cross a bridge to another tower.  Drill down from here.  This Luma will take you to the next area.

You will then get to this area that requires waiting for some yellow platforms to arrive.  You can cross over to the ring shaped area, and take the warp zone to another area for 3 1UPs.  You can also get a 1UP here if you’re willing to risk stepping on a platform that could disappear.  Eventually, you will get to an area with coins, and it will seem like a dead end, but the Luma will appear with a Star Launcher. 

You will soon find yourself on a world that looks like a light bulb.  You will see the Star Launcher, but won’t be able to get to it, unless you use the Spin Drill.  Just go to the bottom of the world, and you will be in the world itself.  There are a lots of coins you can get here before you take off to the Star Launcher above. 

One more stop before the finish.  On Toad brigade captain’s ship, you can buy some Life, and then blast off to the next area. 

This guy is a metal man who has a glass underbelly.  What you have to do is get a drill, and go on the opposite side, to drill so you come up and hit that glass belly dead in the chest.  This will make him flip around and he will launch a drill at you.  You can hit these drills for a coin if you are lucky.  If you hit his leg when you drill, you will simply ricochet off to the opposite side.  You have to hit the glass underbelly four times.  When you hit him three times, he becomes angry and is harder to hit, so be warned. 

Eventually, you will get the star. 

Silver Stars Down Deep

The first area is much like the last time.  Except there will be Cosmic Clones chasing after you.  Just keep running until you find the crystal that contains a small Star Launcher.  Take it, and you will be in an area, where a lone vine will lead to another area. 

You don’t have to take the long vine yet.  You can go down and explore this first area, and be sure to knock out the maneater plants.  They will reveal vines that will lead you to more treasures. 

There is a warp pad here in the next area. The green pipe will take you to an area where there are a lot of things that can be drilled through  here, but eventually, you will ricochet down to another green pipe is. 

This area will involve drilling until you can fall freely without being shocked by the electric balls here.  It will lead to an area with a Star Launcher.

One more stop before the last area, which involves five silver stars that are located all around, and must be dug in order to be obtained.  Watch out for those yellow drills. Grab a Spin Drill and get the first nearby silver star, then immediately drill down to get the second silver star.  The third silver star is in the "top right" corner, and you can line up the drill to get it.  Just do in the corner of this level and drill down ad get the fourth silver star.  Then drill down the right side to get the fifth silver star. 

You will see where the Star shows up, so go get it. 

Flip-Swap Galaxy

In order to get to this particular Galaxy, you have to access the Luma here and feed him 300 coins. 

Think Before You Shake

In this particular galaxy, you need to shake the Wiimote to advance anywhere here.  This can be tricky, because I have found it sometimes unreliable.  However, if you hold your Wiimote level and horizontally shake it, that will usually make it so it works almost every time. 

For example, the first three have to go to the red side to cross over.  If you have a “block” of space in between, just jump it with a normal jump.  Don’t risk flipping and jumping unless it is really necessary. 

You should probably get the 1UP that is past the electric parts. 

Eventually, you will get to the large flat area, and the challenge begins as the big black balls come rolling.  This would be a good time to have a partner to stop those guys, as this can be tricky. 

On the first one with the rolling ball, you can just jump to the blue, and then long jump to the safe area.  You don’t have to deal with the rolling ball at all. 

When you get to he next area, let the first ball roll off, and then go, and switch to the red.  When another black ball appears that is in your way, switch again, and jump to the Comet Medal.  It is easy to get to some solid ground after that. 

Remember, only spin and jump when you need to, and calculate it for that.   You should do fine.

Fluffy Bluff Galaxy

Search for the Toad Brigade Captain

You will start out in an area with a lot of water surrounding you.  You should probably climb a tree in the area, with a ? coin on top to get some coins.  There some Star Bits there to. 

The first foe you meet is some weak bird that can do pretty much nothing but stomp its beak on you.  As long as you stop, then move again, it is no problem.  You can jump on it while it misses you, and then get the coin. 

There are lots of treasures here.  For example, around a tree is a pipe leading to a ? coin.  Getting that ? coin will lead to a lot of other coins. 

After you have looted this area, you should go to the first time you will get a Cloud Mushroom in the game.  You should use it to get to the ? box high above.  You should also get over to the top of the tree and use the mini Star Launcher to get to a cloudy area with a ? coin.  Once again, you can get lots of coins here.  Ignore the Luma, as I will get to that later when we discuss the World One Hidden Stars. 

Better jump off the tree and head back to the place you were before.  Use the cloud to get up to the next level, and get the treasures here. You will quickly learn how a cloud mushroom dissolves in water.  You will then need to use the cloud mushroom on top of clouds to get to the next level. 

You will soon reach the point of the midway flag, right near a ? box with a lot of coins in it.  You can easily use the cloud mushroom to make a cloud you can jump to, and even long jumps can do it.  Some of those clouds have things like ? boxes on them, and you can eventually get to another side with a Star Launcher.  The only way to get to the Star Launcher is to wall-jump.  

You will soon be at an area where you need to get five pieces of a Star Launcher.  Of course, the Cosmic clones will run after you, making it even more difficult than it should.  You should get the pieces first, because the clones will thankfully die.  Don’t take the Star Launcher until you get the Comet Medal.  The trick is to do a backwards somersault jump and nab it. 

Once you get the Star Launcher, it is to an area that involves using sliding stone blocks to get to the top.  Of course, you can do it with a few backwards somersault jumps, but you will need the cloud mushroom. 

From there, you will get to an area with lots of foes, but the main goal is to get to the trapeze.  Use the trapeze to get a cloud mushroom, and jump to the top of the tree.  Use the cloud mushroom to get to the other tree, and the last part begins. 

All you need to do is jump from cloud to cloud, and get the cloud mushrooms that are there.  Eventually, you will come to the mountain that the monkey is on.  Just use the cloud to get up to him, and he will reward you with a star. 

You will note that there is another star here, but I have included it under World One Hidden Stars. 

Rightside Down Galaxy

Breaking the Laws of Gravity

This time, you start out indoors.  If you can figure out how to cross the first gulf you get to, there is a ? box for you in it.  It would be a tricky jump on the flying Goombas, and there is nothing but Star Bits. 

You will need to work your way down where there is a Ground Pound Switch.  This will release a lot of coins.  You then need to go to the flower, and launch yourself up to the next area.  Watch out for the spiky guy, as you cannot jump on him yet.  Instead, smack the lever, and you can reverse the gravity.  The spikey guy will now be on the ceiling, and he is vulnerable to a jump-on attack. 

You might want to avoid the green pipe there, at least for now.  If you do go down there, you will find a Fire Flower, and you can destroy boxes there for some serious treasures.  You will also find an orange flower, and that will lead to an area that I discuss later in World One Hidden Stars.

You will be for the most part upside down, and will have to adjust to it, like with that elevator platform to get you to the next level.  The big plant is vulnerable when he smashes his head down.  You can easily trick him to doing this, and jump on him.  Take the flower thingy up. 

You can then get the ? coin to get a whole bunch of coins, and then go to where gravity really starts to shift.  Beware of arrows that point to a nothingness realm.  For example, you want to jump from gravity shifting platform to another.  You will eventually get to the point with that spiky creature, and you want to jump over it to get to the lever.  Hit the lever, and gravity will shift so you can walk on the ceiling. 

You can get the spikey beast with a jump on attack, and even obtain the 1UP mushroom.  From there, it is through the rolling big balls and the Whomps.  The rolling balls are easy, just wait for it to go, and follow it close behind.  The same sort of goes for the Whomps.  Just time when you go through. 

You don’t want to miss getting the Comet Medal.  What you have to do is a Wall Jump while the Whomps are up in the air.  Jump off one, and then the other, and you should be able to snag it. 

From there, it is about getting a Flame Flower and burning through the boxes in the way.  It is pretty easy, just make certain not to have any boxes fall on you.  Eventually, you will be outdoors, and you had better not fall off the edge. 

Once again, there are more Whomps. Just go after the first one falls, and you should be fine.  There is a “safe area” in between, and you should go for it. 

The last area is a wacky place where you have to adjust to get a star.  It isn’t too difficult to get, really.  The really tricky thing is to get the 1UP. 

Bowser Jr.’s Fiery Flotilla

Gobblegut’s Aching Belly

Okay, the first thing you have to do is get past the helmet-heads.  Spin-attacks will cause them to roll. 

Eventually, you will follow the path to get to the Whomp.  You will need to actually get up on top of him to get the Comet Medal.  To do this, you have to somersault jump near him, wall jump while he is on the ground, and then spin the air.  When you are on him, get that Comet Medal, and jump off to the left. 

Take out the wizard in your way, as well as that last helmet head guy.  Smack the lever and open the door.  Watch out for the Dry Bones and make your way to the Mini Launcher Star there.  Remember, Dry Bones can be spin-punched or jumped on, and they will fall apart, but they will come back together again. 

From there is the usual Mario, following a path through the lava and avoiding flames and Dry Bones.  You should definitely take the time to grab the Red Mushrooms for Six lives, as you might need them. 

From here, it is about taking the Star Launcher to face Gobblegut.  You will note the six bulges in Gobblegut, which are his six weak points.  Take out all six and he’s gone.  However, it is rough.  Gobble gut will attack by burrowing his head in the planet that you are on.  The signal for this attack is noise like a train whistle.  He belly bulges will stick out as he is burying, and that is when you can hit him.  It gets harder, for he tends to move around, a lot.  His whole body becomes quite unpredictable, and it can hit you before you know it as he tends to burrow out the other side of the world and then get you.

I found it easier to concentrate on hitting his last three bulges (the ones closest to the tail) and then work on the first three.  The reason why is because he gets angrier after the first three, and then wants some serious revenge.  It is a lot easier to hit his first three than his last, so take care of the hardest first!  That’s just my advice. 

So, after Gobblegut dives into the planet, quickly turn and hit his sections. 


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