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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 6: World Five Stars

Updated on August 9, 2010

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Space Storm Galaxy

Follow Me, Bob-omb

Now it is time for using the pull-stars to head to the Star Launcher.  It is somewhat difficult to get there.  

You will then find an area where you will need to make specific jumps from.  Some of these will be a way to shock.  You will have to jump to the charging things.  When you get to one of the final things that is turning, you will need to make a long jump and get the Comet Medal.  From there, it is just another long jump to the Star Launcher.  

You will then find yourself on a giant tube.  You can't really go anywhere until you go to the area where the Bob-ombs pop up from the ground.  The trick is getting them to follow you until they go down the path.  It is tough to get him to follow him, and you can accidentally hit the electric thing.  You will find that it will hit a glass dome, and you have a way in.  You can get the Six-Life Mushroom and get to the Star Launcher.  

You will then need to get to the other side. You will need to watch out for spinning things here, and make sure you don't fall in the holes.  If you want, you can hit the small the spinning things into the electric areas or knock them off the edge.  

From then, it is about using some sort of pull stars to get to the star.  There are some electric blasts, so watch out for them.  It is somewhat difficult to get past the last part, but it is about going to one pull star, and then switching directions to another.  You will have the Star when you do it right.  

To the Top of Topman's Tower

This is about using the pull-stars to get to the world, and then ground pound the exclamation point button.  You can then use the pull-stars to get the Star Launcher.  

This next part is about opening doors to get to other areas.  You should probably try to get on the second spining row, as it is spining toward the exclamation point button.  Watch out for that bubble shooter, as it can knock you out of whack.  When you hit the Exclamation point button, time slows down, and you can run to the lever, hit it, and open the door.  

In this next area, there will be bubble launchers at the entrance.  If you get caught in them, shake your way out.  Go ahead and hit the exclamation point button and slow time again, this time go to the lever that is at the other side.  

This last area is about that weird robot guy that shoots out energy in rings.  You need to jump over him, and hit him on the head.  You can then use the spring on him to go up to the Mini Launcher.  

In this next area is another exclamation point button.  Hit that, and time will slow down so you can jump through the Twhomps as they come down, not to mention the spikes.  There is a weird robot spinner that you can hit on the top and get higher.  You might want to check out the one on the left, as it has a green pipe.  

You will then need to use the time slower exclamation point to make it so you can do this tower that is in front of you. You might have to use backward somersaults to get higher.  You will see areas that don't move, and some of them have exclamation point switches.  Take them while you can get them.  It is easy to get thrown off here, so don't get frustrated.  

When you finally do get up to the top, there are these top-spinners that will cause trouble.  You have to swing punch so they hit the electric fences.  A green robot will appear, and then you have to bounce on its head to get higher.  A bounce to the top can make it so you can slowly glide to the star.  

Upside Dizzy Galaxy

A Walk on the Weird Side

Gravity shifting is the name of this game, and there is a lot of it going on.  You will need to go into a pink area (where the floor is the ceiling) and take out the bad guy and get the ? box.  You can then run to the area where you jump down, and down will be up again.  

This next part involves jump to a pink area, and then moving to another pink area.  He then must go to the other pink area.  If you want, you can get that 1UP, but you have to do some tricky moves.  Forget about the green pipe, for now, as I discuss that in the World Four Hidden Stars area.  

Now, there is one area here that involves some pink that opens and shuts.  you need that gravity to get up to the next level.  You can get the Six Life by jumping on the platforms below it, and then doing a backwards somersault.  

There is then another area where you got to jump with some pink on a moving platform.  You then have to go to the left to get the pink there.  

You will then be in an area where there is an exclamation point at the bottom.  Doing a ground pound on it will result in one half of the room turning pink and you can hurry and get to the green pipe there.  

Now, there is an area where it shifts from pink to blue.  I had a devil of a time getting the Comet Medal.  I ended up to having to long jump when the gravity is on the ceiling, and to time that jump to make sure the gravity changes to down when Mario touches the Medallion.  It is pretty tough to do it without getting shocked.

This next star is tough to get, and it involves shifting gravity.  I found that you can time it so you can fall towards the star, and not hit the electricity.  

Boo Moon Galaxy

Silver Stars Pop-Up

Okay, when you enter this Galaxy, it is like a maze.  You can only leave through one way.  Step to the right, and you will find a coin, keep going the other way, and you will find a warp pad.  

Go the other way from the warp pad area, and follow the maze.  Now, you will notice some ghosts that get in your way.  A spin near them will cause them to turn intangible, and they will get out of you rway.  Go on and take the Star Launcher.  

From here, it is about taking the pink path, and then following it.  Once again, you can use the spinning maneuver if the ghosts get in the way.  You will then be on an island, and you can get the checkpoint flag.  

Now, you want to get on the next pink thing.  It goes up and does some weird motions, so watch out for it. Definitely get the ? coin and get all the notes so you can get 3 1UP mushrooms.  

When you take the next pink path, you have to go on this one thing that will change gravity and cause the pool to fold upwards.  The important thing is to make sure you get back on the pink bridge, or it could be trouble.  There will be another one of those folding things, and you will then need to snatch the Comet Medal just before you get to the Star Launcher.  

You will then find yourself on this crescent moon, with five pieces of a Star Launcher there. I found that backwards somersaults were pretty easy. You should weigh down the right side of the moon and then jump to the Star Launcher that the pieces make.  

In this last area, it is about getting the five silver stars.  One is on the way to the ground pound button.  The other is hovering over the ground pound button.  If you hit the button, this one thing that comes up like a pop-up book.  You will find that there are several tombstones here that have the other three silver stars on them.  I find that you can wall jump or backward somersault to get these areas.  I have no idea how to get that 1Up that is hovering there.  

Anyway, the Star can be obtained once all the silver stars are found, as usual.  

Haunting the Howling Tower

This next part will start you out in the maze, but it is a little different.  The same door will open, and the dead-end areas with the coin and the warp pad are there.  Eventually, if you follow the maze, it will take you to a place where there are two places to go.  

The one on the left will take you to a pipe, but you will need to push against a wall with a bookshelf on the other side to get there.  Another way will take you a long way around, but you will find a 1UP mushroom in the process.  

In the green pipe is a new world with a Boo mushroom.  The first grate obstacle will let you go through if you shake the Wiimote.  You will then go to a place where you must float up, and watch out for the ghost in the way.  That goes for the next area with the wind going on, and the other obstacles.  

After that, it is back through a grate, up again, and then through an area that end with a giant fan to take you up.  Watch out for the spikey things.  

Go to the left and then get to the point where there is another fan taking you up.  Watch out for the spikey thing at the bottom, and just go over him to get to the top.  

Then it is all about going right until you get to another wind tunnel.  There is a 1UP here along with lots of coins.  I found it tricky to go up and take the fan up there with the ghosts in the way.  
From there, it is about traveling up and over, dodging ghosts and getting to the Star.  

Slipsand Galaxy

Squizzard's Sandy Sinkhole

Okay, this one is about riding the moving sand to the next spot.  Then you need to dodge the flame on the solid ground.  It isn't easy to do so while the sand is moving. There are some coins here in case you get hit.   

Eventually, the second solid ground area has a pipe, but you might not see it unless you walk around. The pipe will lead you to a ? coin where you can get more coins.  

You will find a Star Launcher on top, and it will take you to another area with shifting sands and cubes.  The cubes will threaten to push you off and there are monsters, too.  

The next area is even worse as floating chickens prepare to lay bombs on you.  I found that a Star Bit was perfect to take out a chicken so I could clobber it.  Otherwise, those bombs are hard to dodge in the sands.  Be sure to get the Comet Medal on the rocky ground here.  

On the way to the next area will be a Fire Flower.  This comes in handy on taking out the bad guys and spike bushes that get in the way, but there is another thing it can do.  Light the torches in the area, and a 1UP will appear.  You will notice two slamming cubes here, and you can probably walk through those.  You will have to jump on the cubes at the end though.  Then jump to the top of the sandfall.  From the sandfall, it is to the top of another metal cube, and then to the top of another area.

After hitting the checkpoint, it is time to take the Star Launcher to the slide.  What you need to do is collect as many Star Bits as possible, and then watch as the rollers come down, you will have to dodge them.  Once you are past those, center yourself on the slide as much as possible, as it gets narrow from there.  You will get a lot of coins and Star Bits here, let me tell you.  

Now, there will be one final stop.  There is a Luma Shop here and a place to take a Star Launcher.

You will then face Squizzard.  The tricky thing about him is his weak point doesn't get exposed for too long.  You have to grab the Fire Flower and then wait for him to roar.  His mouth will be open, and you have to throw a flame-ball down it.  He will keep his mouth open in a daze, and that is a good time to hit him some more.  Watch out for the things he throws like the spikey balls.  

Eventually, he will grow two cannons on the side, and those are big explosion things.  Do not say still for too long.  Just get Fire Flower power and hit him in the mouth.  Eventually, he will go down.  

Sailing the Sandy Seas

This first part is like the last, but without all the flames and stuff.  You have to leap to the iron-like things to get over to the other side, as the sand tends to want to take you back.  After the first area of irons, there is a rock so you can jump to the next set.  If you wait long enough, you can get a six life mushroom.  

These things do spin slowly, so don't hesitate to use the long jump to get across.  There isn't much to do on the sandy area, so just keep going to the green pipe.  

Now, this next area is kind of tricky. It involves running and having arrows follow you.  Whichever way the arrow points is the down direction.  Start by running through the left, and you will need to go through a little flame until you work your way all the way around.  By then, the arrow will be pointing to the right.  You will then run right, and jump so that you land on the spinning thing in the middle of this area.  You can get all the coins just by standing and jumping at the right time.  What you want to do is get to the orange pipe.   The only way to get to it involves making sure that gravity's arrow is pointed to the left.  Just follow the spinning arrow that spins to the left of that box you stand on. When it spins to the left, jump off in the proper direction and land in the orange pipe.  

You will then be on another of these things with the irons and such.  The key is to jump until you get to the other side, and then take the Star Launcher.  

Now, you will need to get on this sandy raft and go to areas that don't have cacti.  So if you see them coming, run to the side where you won't run into them.  

What makes it hard is the Wizards, who love to poke holes in your raft.  Hopefully, you can hit them with a spin-punch or Star Bits, but they can be pretty tricky.  Eventually, you will be in an area with more cacti, so watch it.  in some cases, you might have to jump to places as they reform.  

The last part involves a rolling chomp.  This is where it gets difficult.  What you need to do is be on once side of the raft, and plan the path that he will roll to try and get to you.  When he rolls, he won't turn around for a while.  When he rolls, the areas that he crashed into will reform, and you can jump there for safety.  

Shiverburn Galaxy

Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood

The first thing that you want to do is go to the tiles.  They tend to sink, but that is okay.  You will just make quick jumps, and possibly take out the bad guys there.  You will then need to ride the yellow and white striped platform.  There is a spikey thing in the middle that is shooting energy, so you will need to jump over its circular beams.  

This will lead to a sinking area with a cloud mushroom.  You will also see a ground pound switch. Using long jumps and the cloud mushroom, hit the switch.  This will cause everything to freeze over.  This is good, because I hate lava.  

You can skate around here if you like, collecting all sorts of treasures.  However, those robots still project their energy, so watch out.  There is a 1UP and a Six-Life Mushroom here.  Be careful not to run out of edge, and get to the Star Launcher.  

Now it is a matter of jumping from rock to rock.  The first few are easy, as there are several methods of getting to the next rock.  However, the last few require split-second jumping, and that goes for the next area as well. You might want to use the rubber-plant on the treasure chest, as it contains a 1UP.   Be sure to get the Comet Medal there, and then get the Star Launcher.  

Okay, now you will get to an icy area where meteorites will fall and make pools of lava.  If you value your life, don't skate here, or you will quickly run out of room.  The problem is, you might want to get that Six-Life Mushroom.  One spin-jump can get you skating, so look out and stop when you need to.  Eventually, you will come to a point where some monsters shoot at you, and you need to deflect by spin-jump their green shots back at them.  Once you get them all, some rocks will form a convenient bridge.

Now, this next part involves waiting for ice meteorites to fall on lava, and they form hexagonal bridges.  Walk over them and get to where you need to go, which is the Star Launcher.  

You can stop by a Luma shop here to get a Six-Life Mushroom, if you want it.

You then must face Prince Pikante.  He rides around in this machine, and then he fires flame balls.  However, one of his ammo is a green thing that can be hit back to him with a spin-jump. His flame balls will hurt you, and the lava pools they make can also hurt you too. Watch for when he shoots many things up in the air.  They will fall, and you had better dodge them.  You might be able to hit the green thing there.  

After three hits with the green thing, he does go down.

Fleet Glide Galaxy

Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide

This is one of those galaxies that requires you to earn a certain amount of Star Bits in order to unlock.  

This is another Galaxy where you are flying, like the Wild Glide Galaxy.  Like that level, you need to go through the area to the finish.  It is tough enough just to finish, and especailly getting the Comet Medal.  

The trick is getting all the Comet Medal gates.  The first gate is to the left and down as you come in.  You then have to go through about a few more narrow openings.  You will then find yourself in an area where the trick is doing a rollover until you are upside down from where you are.  You have to go through this second gate, and then roll all the way back around.  You then need to go through two Whomps to get to the third gate.  The fourth gate is located as you go through three bullet Bobs.  You might be able to get the coin in between them.  The last gate is loacted all the way below and center.  When you go through it, be prepared to go up and to the left to get that Comet Medal.  It is easy to miss.  In fact, I have completed these five gates only to miss the Comet Medal before leaving.  Honestly, that is incredibly frustrating.

Once you get that Comet Medal, get to the center of the big sun and you are there.  

Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

Bowser Jr's Boomsday Machine

Okay, the first thing that you have to do is get rid of those purple things that make an electric pool.  You can get the chance cube here.  You will then need to go back to the cannon that the Toads say is broken, and two bullet bobs will come out.  You have to get one of them to chase you and jump across the spinning bolt thing, just so the bullet strikes the glass dome.  I found it was easier to long jump across.  

From there, it is like a cannon, and there is a target that you must hit. Get it on target and it is worth a 1UP.  Then you must take out the Hammer brothers.  After you have shot them down, you should probably climb the poles, as you can get a Six-Life mushroom and a Coin.  Go ahead and use the Star Launcher.  

You will then be at a place where there is a cannon.  You will have to aim to hit a target once again.  Your way will be somewhat blocked by some spikey balls. If you have another player with you, he or she might be able to destroy the spiked balls, but not when you are in the cannon.  

When you hit the target, you will get a 1UP.  You will then need to jump to some moving platforms, and then to another set of moving platforms.  Watch out for the spikey balls which can be taken out with Star Bits. You will find the Comet Medal here, so you had better get it.  You should then get the cloud mushroom, and then use it to jump to the area opposite the target.  I found long jumps were perfect for this.  You will need to ground pound some round stones, and you will have a Star Launcher.  

You will then be in the final area.  Here you will have to face Bowser Jr's big machine.  I found that beating it was a matter of getting the cloud mushroom (while dodging the flames around it), and then going to one of those areas where the fan goes upward.  I then got a cloud mushroom from the top there, and did long jumps high in the air, landing on clouds, until I was at the top of Bowser Jr's canopy.  Then you can ground pound it.  

You will notice that his machine will become electrically charged on top, so don't hit it then.  The clouds will be sucked toward it, unless you are over it.  Hopefully, your cloud will stay hovering so you can stay there until the charge runs out.  

After two hits, the machine will have tank treads.  All that does is just make it higher.  It is harder to get to the top of him then, as those yellow balls do take out cloud really well.  I found it worked when it would suck clouds in, and then jumped to the top there after the electrical charge was out.  After third smash, he is history.


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