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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 3: World Two Stars

Updated on August 9, 2010

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Puzzle Plank Galaxy

The Puzzling Picture Block

This world will start you off on an interesting block, and you might as well get all the treasures while you are here.  Go to the ends of it and ground pound for some Star Bits.  There is also a trampoline that you can ground pound on one side and you can get some serious Star Bits there too.   Go to the center area and ground pound, and you will see an area with giant caterpillars.  

You can take them out by spin punching them, and jumping on them.  You should then ground pound all four of those places and get the treasures there.  

For example, one will bring out a string of musical notes that will give out 3 1UPs.  The others are Star Bits, Coins, and one is a Star Launcher.  

Taking the Launcher will lead you to an island that will have another Star Launcher, but it is out of reach.  What you need to do is smack the blocks on it, but do it on the other side.  Cross over on the edge, and watch out for the sawblades.  You will have to take out the baddies to do it.  Start with the highest block, and smash it down repeatedly, and then smash the others while you are at it.  

You will also notice a Luma here, but you can ignore it, at least for now, I'll discuss that with World One Hidden Stars.

Once you take the Star Launcher, it becomes a speed test.  You need to get past all the sawblades and to the place where the Comet Medal is.  Make sure you get it before the saw chops the block off.  

When you see the point where there is a wall, two saw blades will make it so you can wall-jump up to the next point, and then it is a matter of jumping over sawblades and making sure that the place you are standing on does not fall off.  

When you get to the point where there is a ground pound, hit it, and dodge the saws that start up.  You need to get to that mini-launcher.  You can buy some Life from a Luma Shop at the next, or just take the Star Launcher.  

From here, it is about forming a puzzle.  Just go to the edges, and ground pound the proper area until it falls into place.  There are three pieces that have to be moved, and they will shine when moved properly.  In all honesty, a three-year-old could do this puzzle.  

That isn’t it, though.  A big bug with another bug on its back will come out.  If you ground pound them, the bug atop the other will be squished.  The bug gets mad here, but it can easily be ground pounded.  

Hightail Falls Galaxy

Hot Stepping Dash Pepper

Okay, this is the first spot with Dash Peppers.  You should cross the bridge and get the Yoshi Egg, and use him to climb up the steep incline.  Eventually, you will see a Dash Pepper that Yoshi can target, and get ready for a burst of speed.  

If you want to, you can stop at that mid-section here and get some Star Bits.  They might help you along the way.  Go ahead and take the Star Launcher to the next area.  

You will definitely need a Dash Pepper to get up this next area.  In fact, if you go to the left, you can snag the ? coin and get a whole bunch of Coins.  I find that I run out of Dash Pepper Power just before I hit the top when I went this way.  You got to watch out that you don’t hit any edges, as that will stop you dead flat.  Careful not to accidentally run off the edge too.  

The Star Launcher will take you to the next point, and the trick here is to get off the rock you are on before it falls in.  The first two are simple enough, and with Dash Power, it gets easier.  When you get to the last one, you might run out of Dash Power when you are more than halfway across.  Use Yoshi and his levitation power to get higher and to the other side.  

Then it is about using the Star Launcher to get to another speed zone.  This time, you have to make it around a certain area.  Do not hit a post, or you are simply dead.  

After you get to the first area, you will pass a Luma, and he will want 30 coins.  Ignore him for now, as I will discuss it with the World Two Hidden Stars, but you need to finish this mission first.

You will then need to do a somewhat difficult speed dash with the Dash Pepper, and this time, they will move.  You should be able to pick up the Comet Medal while you are here.  However, you might fall, so make certain that you use Yoshi’s ability to hover to make certain you land in the right place.  It might be difficult, but you can make the hairpin turn to get the downward slide to get where you need to go.  

Now it is all about using Spindles.  You can get some coins here, and eventually, you can get to the last area.  This last Dash Pepper will give you just enough umph to get to the star, but making the corner is quite difficult.  Fortunately, you will get plenty of chances.  If you go for that 1UP, you might not make the sudden curve to get to the star.  You may have to do this a number of times, but you will get that pesky Star.  

Boulder Bowl Galaxy

Rock and Rollodillo

This is the first level where you are introduced to the Rock Mushroom.  This comes in handy all the time.  To get it, you have to defeat the three bad guys here, and the chamber to it will open.  You should smash the rock pillars here just to get the treats in them.  

Beware of this, as the gate will stop you from smashing, but only once.  It is very easy to roll off the edge of this world.  

You should definitely smash the big pink crystal thing.  You have to smash it twice, but you will get the Comet Medal.  

Go ahead and smash the big bridge, and it will topple over so you can get to where you need to go.  You should probably knock over the six bowling pins in you way while you are at it, and you can even double back if you didn't get a strike.  When you are ready, don’t forget to jump to the stripped ramp that will take you to another area.  

Here, you have to defeat everything here.  There are a lot of baddies, and you can roll over them.   You can also take out the stone pillars and the rolling balls.  Once again, it is easy to go off the edge, so look out!

Take the Star Launcher, and you can talk to a Luma to give you some advice.  The main point is to smash the crystal twice so you can get the Mini-Star Launcher, but there are a lot of other things to smash here as well.  For example, one of the stone pillars has a green pipe.  This pipe will lead to a place with chance cubes.  You might want to have a rock mushroom before going down this pipe.  The giant black balls are not smashable, though.  

After taking the Mini Star Launcher, you will get to a planet with a Launcher.  You can buy some life from a Luma here.

From then on, it is facing the Rollodillo.  You will need to grab the Rock Mushroom, and then make certain you hit him in the behind.  This can be difficult, as it is difficult to control the rolling rock you turn into, and the effect of rolling is only temporary.  

You may find it easy to hit him the first time, but he gets quicker after every hit.  I found that it was easy to get him running after me, then duck out of the way as he rolls toward me. Then do this again.  After a few times, he will get dizzy and simply stop in place.  That’s when you can get him where it hurts, and get the Star.  

Wild Glide Galaxy

Fluzzard’s First Flight

Okay, this is one of those flying galaxies.  There are a few in this game.  You might want to listen to the tutorial at the beginning.  

There are a lot of rings to go through that will get you bonuses, as well as balloons that contain Star Bits.  However, you really want to get the Comet Medal.  

The trick you need to learn is to fly through the comet gates on this round. There are five of them. The first gate is right in the way at the beginning, and you should see the second gate one along the way but off-center.  The third gate is also in the center, and the fourth gate is just past a tree branch that seems to get in the way, so watch out for it.  The fifth gate is right along the path, and the Comet Medal will appear.  Be sure that you are ready for it as you go along, as it can be easy to miss this important thing.  

This is one of those  keep-doing-until-you-get-it-right Galaxies.  Eventually, you will, and it really is all about coordination.  

Go ahead and go through the sun thing to get the Star.  

Honeybloom Galaxy

Bumble Beginnings

The first thing you can do is take out the bad guy and do a wall jump.  You will come to a trapeze, and if you leap off to left at the highest point, you can wall jump to a place with a lot of Star Bits.  You can also leap off to the right, and if you go high enough…well, I’ll tell you about that when we get to World Two Hidden Stars.  

Anyway, keep going to the right, and if you fall down into the pit below at any time, you can always wall-jump your way out of it.  Speaking of wall-jump, you will have to wall-jump to get to the next level.  

It will be time to wall jump again, and you will then get Bee Mario. He works like he did in the first Super Mario Galaxy game.  Hold the button to fly, but you only can for a limited time.  Also, it is vulnerable to water, so avoid it as a Bee Mario.  

Eventually, you will pass a midway flag, and it will be about going from cloud to cloud as a Bee to get higher. You will pass some unintelligent things that will take life away if you touch them, so don’t.  You should note the Comet Medal located in this area, and get it.   

You will soon get to an area where you will go on vines to reach the next area.  You can bounce on fruits, but it will be about going from cloud to cloud to get further along, avoiding those nasty creatures along the way.  

There is a ? coin to the left after leaving the vines.  If you get it, you will get some coins.  

You will soon reach an area where there are poles, and some weird creatures going up and down them.   As Bee Mario, you are able to get past them easily enough.  Avoid touch the poles as much as you can.  

After this, it will be trapeze time.  You will have to go on two.  If you go back to the left on the second trapeze, you can fly up to an area to get a lot of star bits.  Take the trapeze to the right, and it will be about bouncing on a fruits and vines.  

You will then pass a midway flag, and you will come in contact with these strange plants that try to stab you.  As far as I know, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get past these spiky stabby plants.  You will also encounter flowers with propellers on the bottom.  You can land on these, but they will close up on you.  So don’t stay on them too long.   

From there, it is about flying from cloud to cloud, until the star is reached.  

Cosmic Cove Galaxy

Twin Falls Hideaway

Okay, there isn’t much to be doing here except learning some swim drills.  However, if you really want to learn something, just go to the turtle and get its shell.   You can then go really fast through the water and shine the light on those weird wormy creatures with the eyes.  

Just to let you know, the Comet Medal is in a conch shell below.  Go ahead and get that.  

What you should do is get to the tower and climb up the stairs, then do a Ground Pound on the button.  You will freeze both all the water, and you will be able to skate to the falls.  Go ahead and do a wall jump to the top and smash the crystal to get the Star.  

Exploring the Cosmic Cavern

This time, you will come and find a place where everything is iced over.  You might as well go get the Star Bits in the circle of shells, and then ice skate to a green pipe at the end of a frozen river.  

You might encounter some of these flaming creatures that get in the way, but they can be easily taken out by spinning near them and touching their charcoal shells.  

Go down the pipe, and then do a ground pound through the bricks to get the coins and go down a slide.  You will soon be underwater, and if you want, you can get the coin in the box here.  

Now, this next part has a bubble that, if you get caught in it, will roll you.  Fortunately, it won’t kill you.  It is easy to leap over, and then get to the end to wall jump up.  You can get the ? box, and leap over the spiky bush.

You are now at a flagpoint.  You will then need to go down in the water.  There are small rewards to the right, but you should go left.  You won’t have to worry about losing air, as there are plenty of bubbles with coins to keep your supply at optimum.  Eventually, there will be a switch that you have to spin to hit.  

From there, it is through eel-infested waters.  They say that the Z-key brings you diving, but the spinning is a lot faster, believe me.  

You will eventually get to a green pipe that will put you in space.  There is a checkpoint flag here.  Now, you will have to swim through these water trails in space to get any further.  Eventually, you will make it to a spot where these cubes of water will come together, and you must swim between them to get where you want to go.  Eventually, you will grab the key, but you have to really jump to get it, and then you need to jump to the land.  You can grab some coins, and a lot of Star Bits, and take the Green pipe out.  

Approach the Luma, and it will become a Star Launcher.  You will then come to a place where there is another Star Launcher.  

You will then go to a place where you have a spin drill, but the ground is hard except in a few places.  If you dig in the square places, you can get some rewards like a 1UP.  In the longest area, there is a place to dig that will lead to the other side.  In this place is crawling with mechanical frog things, and if you jump on them, you will bounce.  You have to use the drill on that bounce, as it is the way to destroy them.   Eventually, you will find one with a key, and it will unlock an area that you can drill through.  This will flood the area with water, and you should be able to get the star.  

Bowser’s Lava Layer

Bowser’s Big Lava Power Party

Here is where you need to run up to the wizard and just take him out.  He will then become a pull-star, and you can pull yourself to the next area.  

This next area has some crates floating on lava, along with some geyesers.  Just be careful across here, and you should be fine.  You will need to ground pound the trampoline on this capsule-shaped area, and you will be in the next area.  

Now, there is another area with crates in lava.  You can jump to them, and you might be able to get the Six-Life and 1UP mushroom as well.  You don’t want to spend too much time on it.  You can then crack the crystal and use the Star Launcher.  

You will then come to some funny platforms in the Lava that like to spin.  The will always have menancing, grimacing faces before they do, and it is then that you need to wait, and then jump on them.  If you see they are about to spin, and you are still on them, do a spin jump.  You can grab the 1UP if you like.  

Eventually, there is a hammer brother that you can take out quite easily with a spin-jump or just jump on him.  Use the Mini-Launcher and you will be on a place with fire burns in a wheel formation.  If you want, you can jump on the hub of the wheel and get the ? coin.  You can then access the coins all in a circle and get a 1UP.  Go ahead and ground pound the big red button.  

Once again, it will be across some lava platforms.  Watch out for the Dry Bones and cross over, getting the ? boxes of Star Bits if you want.  

The Whomps are easy to take out, just let them take a dive, and then ground pound their back.  They become Star Bits.  There is a coin under some circular shaped Dry Bones, but you don’t want to take out the second Whomp yet.  Instead, let him fall, and then get on his back, and stand by his head.  As he rises up, you will stand on him, and then you can jump to the Comet Medal.  It is a tricky movement of running on his back and jumping, but you can do it.  

Okay, you will then need to jump near the golden orb, and then you will be sucked into its personal gravity.  You can then just jump in the area marked with an explosion, and ground pound.  The orb will destroy the big chains on a door, and then you can run toward it and get sucked to another area.  

Now, this area with the skulls is tough, as they eat the floor and temperarily erase as they go by.  They will also come after you and you cannot jump on them.  You just have to jump around them.  You will find that you can jump over them to clearer areas.  

You will then have to go onto this pink thing that will continue to stretch out as you are on it.  However, it will deplete on the other end, so stay pretty close to where it is going.  Watch for the flames, and you can pick up a 6-Life mushroom.  Take out the wizard while you are there.  

From there, it is another pink extender platform that will go futher.  It will cross through some statues that will spit out an electric bolt, and you must jump over them as you go by.  

When you get to the end, take out the hammer brothers.  

From there, it is about smashing the golden orb when it gets you in its gravity.  You will find that hitting these in the dead center doesn’t automatically free a chain.  You might have to hit them off-center to aim at the particular chains.  

Eventually, you will face Bowser.  It wil be on a planetoid, and he will attack by firing meteor spheres at you.  You will see the circular light of where they will fall.  You will then see a huge light as Bowser prepares a punch.  Run away from it, and the punch will cause the meteor balls to fly in the air.  You can then jump to one that will now be gold, and the gravity will pull you in.  You can the jump and ground pound it dead center, or in a proper direction, as long as it hits Bowser.

After two hits with meteors, he will start a new attack and breathe fire.  The meteors will fall faster too.  Just keep ahead of him and hit him two more times with meteorities.  

Go on and get the Grand Star. 


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