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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Arizona

Updated on July 4, 2012

1. Arizona was the first to publicly become a right to work state. A right to work state indicates that a person has the right to work regardless if they are part of union membership or not.

2. The official state flower in the state of Arizona is the Saguaro Cactus. It blooms a white flower on the tips of the cactus in May and June.

3. Arizona is rich in natural minerals. The most abundant mineral in Arizona is Copper (CU)

4. The official fossil of the stat of Arizona is Petrified wood. The wood from the Petrified Forest in northeastern Arizona is the largest collection of fossilized wood in the world.

5. Arizona is home of the largest canyon in the world. The Grand Canyon was carved out of water by the continued flow of water for thousands of years.

6. The state of Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. They stay with the same clock on a year round basis. Except for the official Navajo Nation, they do observe daylight savings.

7. The state of Arizona has an official Necktie called the “Bola Tie” it is regarded as the official state ware for all high priority legislative meetings.

8. The state capitol building in Arizona has so much copper on top you could make over 5 million pennies out of it.

9. The state had an official battleship named after it. In 1913, the ship was built and launched to honor the state from the Brooklyn shipyards.

10. In no other state has so many different countries flags flown at one time or another. In the past, the flags flown were Spain, Mexico, Confederate, and the flag of the U.S

11. The town of Brisbee was official a travel stop between Saint Louis and San Francisco. It was one of the largest towns between the two points.

12. The state of Arizona has more natural wonders than any other state in the U.S including Grand Canyon, Havasu Canyon, Grand Canyon Caves, Lake Powell/Rainbow Bridge, Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, Monument Valley, Sunset Crater, Meteor Crater, Sedona Oak Creek Canyon, Salt River Canyon, Superstition Mountains, Picacho Peak State Park, Saguaro National Park, Chiricahua National Monument, and the Colorado River.

13. As, you travel across the state the annual rain fall for each area can significantly change. Some areas only get 3 inches per year while others get more than 50 inches per year.

14. The original London Bridge was shipped from London to be reconstructed in Lake Havasu City. It originally made up of almost 300,000 stones brought over.

15. The Navajo reservation is one of the largest remaining Indian reservations in the U.S its capital is Window rock.

16. The tallest fountain in the world is located in Arizona it is located in fountain hills.

17. The main usage of land in Arizona is for Indian use. More than any other state in the U.S

18. The age of the saguaro cactus is hard to tell. So, biologist came up with a height/age measurement, that tells how old this famous

19. The Apache trout is the official Fish of Arizona. It has been hunted to almost extinction and is considered an endangered species. If, caught with one fines can be very large.

20. Arizona is only one of a couple of states where its borders can view more than one state. The “four corners.”


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  • HawaiiHeart profile image

    HawaiiHeart 6 years ago from Hawaii

    Very interesting facts! We don't observe daylight savings either.