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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Delaware

Updated on July 4, 2012

1. Delaware was leading the nation in the first ratification of the constitution which was completed on December 7, 1787.

2. Delaware was the first state in the country y to have a steam locomotive railroad system that was established in New Castle in 1831

3. The border between Delaware and Pennsylvania was originally drawn up by the Duke of York and King Charles II. Since, it’s first drawn up it has never changed and has remained a semi circle since.

4. The united states 10 battleship was named the Delaware, it was first commissioned in 1910

5. Delaware is the only state in the country that does not contain a single historical battlefield, park system, memorials, or monuments.

6. Delmar is one of only a couple of cities in the nation that stretch into other states but is still considered Delaware. The town slogan is, “a little town, too big for one state.”

7. The first Methodist church, established in the United states was a small chapel in Frederica Barratts, in 1784.

8. Over 500 original decedents of the Nanticoke Indian tribe still reside in Delaware. Every year they celebrate their annual heritage with the largest Indian pop wow on the east coast.

9. The log cabin was first designed in the country of Finland. When Finnish settlers arrived in Delaware, they brought plans that would signify the pioneering of America. The oldest surviving log cabin in America is located in Delaware’s historical museum.

10. When Betsy Ross created the first American flag it was first flown in the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge in Newark Delaware.

11. The lady bug is the state’s official insect. Because, of the good luck they bring and the millions that are born there, every year.

12. After, the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock the first settlers to arrive after them landed in Delaware.

13. Oliver evens from Newport Delaware invented the first automatic flour milling machine. It revolutionized the flour making industry forever.

14. George Hynsons son Our Delaware was adopted as the official state song in 1967

15. Delaware is the second smallest state in the country. It can measure from 9 to 35 miles across at some points on its borders.

16. Rehoboth Beach, was at first a Methodist getaway and is now the state’s largest resort area for thousands of tourist every year.

17. One of the oldest light houses in Delaware was originally painted for only 5.00 in 1880. It has a height of about 87 feet.

18. Twelve of the remaining observation towers were built along the coast, to help protect Delaware merchant vassals from German U-boat attacks during world war 2

19. Fisher’s popcorn is world famous popcorn from Delaware. It is a delicacy in many countries now, and they regularly ship to countries in the Far East.

20. The official state tree of Delaware is the Holly. The holly tree is huge and can grow more than 60 feet high during peak growing years. Its trunk can be as large as 100 inches in diameter.


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    thanks im glad you enjoyed it :)

  • jonsswagger1978 profile image


    6 years ago from Birmingham Alabama

    This is an awesome hub my friend, voted it up, up and away!!


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