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Im Just here to get out some wisdom and what ever funny crazy stuff that comes from my mind. In advance im sorry if i offend any one. Much Love to every one Ha !!

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  • High Roller, Rock and Roller

    High Roller, Rock and Roller

    2 weeks ago

    Just a Few Old Written Pieces Hope you like and enjoy

  • I Don't Know What to Call It

    I Don't Know What to Call It

    6 weeks ago

    Another couple of written's that just popped in my head hope you enjoy thank you!

  • No, Not Here

    No, Not Here

    7 weeks ago

    Just some fresh out of the Dome Piece Written's. little pieces that i had in my head today. thank you enjoy :)

  • A couple of Written pieces

    A couple of Written pieces

    2 months ago

    Just some pieces I Wrote recently. I just haven't put them on. No order, And some are not pieced together. Sorry for Slacking. Enjoy I always Write If not I Learn something. Thank you and Enjoy.

  • Solid kid

    Solid kid

    2 months ago

    Something I've been Meaning to put on sorry for the delay but i will be on track!

  • To An End

    To An End

    2 months ago

    Something Very recent. Hope you like it, I know it's not long but it's more of the message that counts. I don't like to preach but i love to give advice and really make people think. Keep Wicked High

  • No Where To Go

    No Where To Go

    2 months ago

    Another one from the past. Every time i look back on these I remember how far I've come and how much Real Hip Hop has change my perception. It's made me love the diversity in the world!

  • From Nothing

    From Nothing

    2 months ago

    This one was years ago at a time when I was Hurting the most. I didn't understand how this could heal my pain. Writing has done so much for me. Thank you

  • Nothing Yet

    Nothing Yet

    2 months ago

    Something I did today. Hope you like it and get an understanding of where i came from. some of it may be over exaggeration But the experiences aren't. Thank you again :)

  • Brown


    2 months ago

    Just some lyrical poetry I wrote because of my Mexican heritage. It's dark but trust me it has a meaning. Enjoy.

  • EGO


    2 months ago

    Just something I had Written before. Look out for more I'm going to at least do two every day. Hoe you enjoy and thank you!

  • Healing By Jerlin Leroy

    Healing By Jerlin Leroy

    2 months ago

    Decided to entertain you all with verses that I've had or just created on the spot. Thank you in advance for taken the time to read it. Have a good one:)