How to Inculcate Serious and Responsible Attitudes Towards Works, part 1


1.Acquire a high sense of responsibility; 2.Gain enough self-confidence to face challenges and prove yourself; 3.Determine your aims in life and know the ways of achieving them; 4.Give your best a pleasant and enjoyable workplace; and 5.Strive hard and enjoy your work.


As a trainee, your responsibilities in the training center has began even before you enter the training program.  When you were applying as a trainee, you have to undergo series of tests and interviews.  Then, you have to submit all the requirements needed for the training.  When you have fulfilled all these, you actually are handling some responsibilities which you might not be aware of.  The fact that you already are a responsible person.

As you start the training, you will have to face and tackle more of these responsibilities to the school, to your instructor, to your fellow trainees, and to yourself.

Responsibility to the school / training center:

1.Strictly observe the rules and regulations of the training center. 2.Be regular and punctual in your attendance. 3.Observe orderliness and cleanliness in the center. 4.Observe proper use of tolls and equipment.

Responsibility to your instructor:

1.Always treat your instructor with respect and courtesy. 2.Listen attentively to your instructor. 3.Finish/submit assigned projects on time. 4.Learn to accept constructive criticisms. 5.Be willing to do extra assignments when asked to. 6.Cultivate the spirit of volunteerism and cooperate with others when given assignments. 7.Share ideas with your fellow trainees to broaden your knowledge on the subject.

Your responsibility to your fellow trainees

1.Take care of your fellow trainees’ belongings as if they were your own. 2.Cooperate and participate in group activities. 3.Practice “pakikisama”. 4.Show interest and concern for others by:

- offering suggestions that could be of help to your co-trainees;

- respecting your fellow trainees feelings, moods and the like.

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RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

Wonderful advice...especially in today's "me-first" society. People do not seem to understand basic concepts that will promote their well-being and standing in a work environment!

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