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Cammy Walters profile image

Cammy Walters

Joined 3 years ago




Also follow me on:

As a mother of 7 and grandmother of 18, I am constantly doing what my college professors taught me in my first day of class, “You don’t have to know everything; you simply have to know the best place to find out what you want to know.” And while I learn, I want to share what I have learned with others.

My youngest son calls me a “walking billboard” especially if I think it will help someone else.

While I may have more degrees to my name than a thermometer, from a Mortgage Banking and Practical Biblical Theology degree to an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. I have an even bigger desire to share what I continue to learn throughout this great adventure, called life.

This is why you will see that my hubs cover a variety of topics and subjects. I see the world filled with knowledge waiting to be learned and shared. It makes my heart smile if I have taught my readers something new through my daily journey of learning.

I carry the following phrases with me wherever I go and whatever I do:

1. Our Father God is a Multi-Faceted God to create this world that we live in and I want to learn more about Him through his creation.

2. Writers are Igniters and Readers are Leaders – I write to spark a flame in others.

3. Golden God Nuggets are waiting to be discovered. – They may be covered in a little bit of mud; however that hasn’t diminished their value.

I am a Freelance Writer, and a Published Author of two books, titled; “A Life of Significance” and “Sharing your Faith Effectively” that were traditionally published by Tate Publishing as second editions. The first editions of these books were previously published by a hybrid publisher.

I have two books entered into two different contests on Jukepop’s website titled “Cassandra’s Awakening” and “Behind the Pastor’s Door”. These are currently available for free until the contest ends, and then will be self-published.

I was recently awarded the “Nano 2014 award” for writing Cassandra’s Awakening, all 64,000+ words in under 30 days. This book was my first attempt at writing a work of fiction, with real life issues faced by those who are on the Autistic Spectrum.

I call it fictitious-non-fiction because there are many people living and dealing with similar issues discussed in the book, that are on the Spectrum that most never realized, until they read this book. The characters are not real however the life issues are common to many that are on the Spectrum.

Behind the Pastor’s Door was birth by Cassandra’s Awakening; however it is written back in my normal genre of, Christian Education/Spiritual.

I am a social entrepreneur, pastor, and full-time caregiver to my disabled husband who had a spinal cord injury while working on a job site over two years ago.

His spinal cord was damaged at the C3-C4 level, which is an extremely critical location on the spinal cord. We are extremely blessed that he has come through this still able to walk not to mention still breathing, however he has lost a significant amount of mobility. I have learned a lot medical stuff, I never had a clue about before his accident.

I invite you to be sure to let me know what you think about my articles by leaving me your feedback. The more that we interact, the more we all learn.

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