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  • Whale Watching on the Bay of Fundy

    Whale Watching on the Bay of Fundy

    8 years ago

    Minke whales, Finbacks, Humpbacks and even the rare endangered Right Whales come to the Bay of Fundy, on the Atlantic Coast of Canada and the USA, by the hundreds every summer.

  • What Dog Breed is Best for You?

    What Dog Breed is Best for You?

    8 years ago

    Different groups of dog breeds were developed for different jobs. The first step in choosing the best dog for your family is to learn about dog breed groups and match the breed to your lifestyle.

  • Lift Your SAD Depression with DIY Light Therapy at Home

    Lift Your SAD Depression with DIY Light Therapy at Home

    8 years ago

    Low daylight in fall and winter can trigger a seasonal depression (SAD) that is no laughing matter. At-home Light Therapy works to lift my mood, and may help you with your seasonal depression, too.

  • 5

    Best PFD for Greyhounds

    8 years ago

    My greyhounds love to play in water but they can't swim. A lot of deep-chested dog breeds are the same. In choosing a canine life jacket, there are a few key features I look for and can recommend...

  • Dog Poop Bags That Don't Cost The Earth

    Dog Poop Bags That Don't Cost The Earth

    9 years ago

    Earth Rated Poop Bags   A really great dog poop bag is a dog owner's second-best friend. Add a great bag dispenser, and life is good. Friends without dogs roll their eyes when I start going on about how much I love Earth Rated's eco-friendly pet...

  • Greyhound Adoption in Canada

    Greyhound Adoption in Canada

    9 years ago

    Canada has no dog racing industry, no homegrown source of newly retired racers just panting to go into a loving home. That's a good thing, in its way. But if your heart is set on a greyhound as a pet, you don't need to work directly with a track to...

  • 16

    Tips for Pet Owners: My Greyhound Has Epilepsy

    6 months ago

    Canine epilepsy can be alarming for you as the dog owner, but even a history of grand mal seizures is no reason not to adopt an otherwise healthy dog—just ask Buster, a retired racing Greyhound!

  • 45

    Fala of The White House

    8 years ago

    This is the story of Fala, Scottish Terrier dog and faithful companion to Franklin Delano Roosevelt from 1940 to the US President's death in 1945, one of the most engaging First Pets in US history.

  • 6

    Winter Coats for Greyhound Dogs

    8 years ago

    If you need to wear gloves, your greyhound needs a coat - but not just any dog coat will be a good fit for this long, lean, deep-chested breed. Get the real skinny on greyhound winter coats here.

  • Goofy Moose Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Goofy Moose Salt and Pepper Shakers

    8 years ago

    Collectibles with a sense of fun and whimsy in a moose theme? Sure, no salt and pepper shaker collector's rustic lodge, cabin, cottage or country-style kitchen can do without a set of moose shakers.

  • Monkey Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

    Monkey Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

    8 years ago

    Cute and comical looking, a pair of chimps or monkeys as salt and pepper shakers will make a jolly addition to your kitchen or dining room.

  • Most Awesome Cool Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Men

    Most Awesome Cool Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Men

    9 years ago

    Having trouble to come up with stocking stuffer ideas for the guys in your life? Take a deep breath. Cool but cheap stocking stuffers for men do exist, and I've got them here. Here's a list of stocking stuffer ideas that come straight from actual...

  • Kitchen Pigs in Americana Style

    Kitchen Pigs in Americana Style

    9 years ago

    Pigs in your kitchen? Sure, when you do a pig theme kitchen in Americana style, these porky little barnyard friends are country chic! Made of traditional materials like stoneware, cast-iron, and gorgeous Vermont maple wood, based on vintage...

  • Snake Ornaments - Yes, Really!

    Snake Ornaments - Yes, Really!

    7 years ago

    The mysterious and ornamental snake is revered is many cultures, but have you considered snakes as a Christmas tree ornament theme? Take a look at these unique and beautiful decorations...

  • 26

    Best Halloween Costumes for Curvy Women

    9 years ago

    Don't get me started on the curvy woman's pain of finding a good Halloween costume! If you're a femme with a womanly full figure, you know all too well that "plus size" Halloween costumes in the stores too often seem to be made for Barbie dolls with...

  • Most Awesome Father-Son Halloween Costume Ideas

    Most Awesome Father-Son Halloween Costume Ideas

    9 years ago

    You're looking for a really unique Halloween costume idea for Dad and his boy? You'll find it here... or I'll eat a spider. Anyone can come up with the idea for a Super-hero and Sidekick costume, but if you want to really turn heads this Halloween,...

  • 14

    How to Teach Your Dog to Put Away Toys

    8 years ago

    Would you like to train your dog to pick up his own toys on command and put them away in a toy box? This is one of my favourite dog tricks and it's not at all difficult to teach your dog...

  • 15

    Elephant Hair Bracelets

    9 years ago

    According to traditional African mythology, elephants are a bridge between here and the hereafter, between earth and heaven, body and spirit. Elephant hair bracelets are a traditional token for good luck, protection and prosperity. It's still...

  • Owl Bracelets of Awesomeness

    Owl Bracelets of Awesomeness

    9 years ago

    Owls are more than a striking design motif, they're a symbol of wisdom. Okay, I admit, owl bracelets appeal to me as much as a fabulous fashion accessory as for their reminder that its not a bad thing, in life, to strive for wisdom... Among the...

  • Flying Pigs: Gifts and Collectibles

    Flying Pigs: Gifts and Collectibles

    8 years ago

    When pigs have wings, anything is possible! For the optimist in your life, or for a unique addition to your own home and garden decor, what better gift than a decorative and collectible flying pig?

  • Cute Cat Christmas Ornaments for the Cat Lover

    Cute Cat Christmas Ornaments for the Cat Lover

    8 years ago

    Cat are ornaments to our lives at any season, yes, but feline fanciers know there's just something about a Christmas tree that gives Kitty the urge to help decorate. Why not embrace the cat theme?

  • Rustic-but-Classy Moose Lamps and Light Fixtures

    Rustic-but-Classy Moose Lamps and Light Fixtures

    7 years ago

    Some of the moose-themed lights and lamps I've seen in the outdoorsy north woods kind of style are... how shall I put this? They are more humorous than decorative. But you can do moose with class...

  • Luxury Dog Crate Mattress Beds for Pampered Pups

    Luxury Dog Crate Mattress Beds for Pampered Pups

    9 years ago

    Your dog deserves a comfy place to rest after a hard day of threatening squirrels, and a luxury crate mattress can be one of the best kind of dog beds to use anywhere in your home or in your vehicle. A high-quality mattress makes his crate, kennel...

  • 15

    How to Brush your Greyhounds Teeth

    8 years ago

    Learn how to brush your greyhound's teeth and teach him to accept his dental care as part of his daily routine. Good dental hygiene helps your ex-racer to stay healthy and happy for years to come.

  • Lawn and Garden Zombies

    Lawn and Garden Zombies

    8 years ago

    When the lifelike undead crawl out of your lawn... when a zombie garden gnome lurks in your petunias... when even your flamingo lawn ornaments are reduced to mere skeletons of their pink plastic selves...

  • What Happened in July 1960?

    What Happened in July 1960?

    8 years ago

    July 1960 was a month notable for the astonishing lack of historic moments that took place during those 31 days. Oh sure, to those who were born in July 1960, it was a bit of a landmark...

  • 146

    Most Awesome Group Halloween Costume Ideas

    8 years ago

    Looking for great group Halloween costumes? Here are loads of costume ideas to get your imagination in gear for clever, cheap, or homemade group costumes on cool themes fit for three or more people...

  • 8

    Build a Beekeeper's Work Bench

    8 years ago

    Every beekeeper needs a helping hand in the bee yard. Build your own handy "Bee Mate" Beekeeping Work Bench from our woodworking plans, with basic home carpentry skills and home shop tools.

  • 22

    Colonial Costumes for Men

    8 years ago

    A detailed checklist for men's colonial costumes with notes on men's clothing styles of 18th century colonial / American Revolutionary period, where to buy garments or how to make your own costume.

  • Cat Door Stops and Wedges

    Cat Door Stops and Wedges

    7 years ago

    Decorative doorstops in the shape of cats - realistic or whimsical - are a practical addition to any household, especially if you live with a cat who can't decide if he wants to go in or or out!

  • 5

    Colonial Tricorn Hats for 18th Century Patriots and Privateers

    8 years ago

    Tricorn hats were found across the western world and on the high seas, in the 18th century into the American Revolutionary War period, worn by men in all walks of life - and by women, too.

  • Osprey: A Protected Bird of Prey

    Osprey: A Protected Bird of Prey

    8 years ago

    The osprey or fish-hawk, a remarkable raptor once endangered by widespread use of pesticides like DDT, is starting to make a recovery. Learn more about this beautiful bird of prey...

  • 11

    Rock Ptarmigan: Bird of the Tundra

    8 years ago

    The Rock Ptarmigan of the Arctic Tundra, stunning in its white winter camouflage feathers, is uniquely adapted to its harsh environment - even the feet of the "snow chicken" work like snowshoes!

  • Atlantic Puffin: the Sea Parrot of the North

    Atlantic Puffin: the Sea Parrot of the North

    8 years ago

    A dapper little clown of a bird, the Atlantic Puffin is a black-and-white seabird with a large head and a large, multicoloured bill. I was lucky enough to grow up in a part of the world where...

  • 109

    Spring Beekeeping: Apiary Tasks for a New Season

    8 years ago

    For new beekeepers, it can be tricky to know what to do - when and what to look for - as you go into your hives for that first Spring hive inspection. Here's the run-down of Spring Beekeeping tasks.

  • Bee and Beehive Coin Banks

    Bee and Beehive Coin Banks

    9 years ago

    Piggy banks in the shape of bumble bees, honey bees, or bee hives brighten up your home with their cheery black and yellow stripes, and bee coin banks make great gifts for the gardener, beekeeper or nature lovers in your life. Whether you like the...

  • International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

    International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

    8 years ago

    Dogs have long believed that a tasty biscuit is to be celebrated every day of the year. But when did we slow-witted humans finally catch on and create an International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day?

  • In Praise of Pond Hockey

    In Praise of Pond Hockey

    8 years ago

    Pond hockey. Memories of crisp winter afternoons slapping a puck around with your friends on a backyard rink or frozen pond - winning the Stanley Cup every day after school, in a kid's hockey dreams.

  • Flycatcher's World - Web, Words, and Wonderful Critters

    Flycatcher's World - Web, Words, and Wonderful Critters

    8 years ago

    A personal introduction to one online writer's world of interests, both online and in real life, with a special emphasis on animals - notably dogs (greyhounds especially), cats, and honey bees.

  • 29

    Tintin's Dog, Snowy

    9 months ago

    Learn all about Snowy (formerly Milou), the white wire-haired fox terrier and faithful, sometimes cynical companion of Tintin, the adventurous boy reporter of comic book and film fame.

  • How to Learn About Beekeeping

    How to Learn About Beekeeping

    7 years ago

    I was lucky enough to learn the basics of beekeeping, hands on, working side by side with a local commercial beekeeper in his apiary. If that's not an option for you, there are other ways to learn.

  • Original Nanoblock Art

    Original Nanoblock Art

    8 years ago

    Grown-up fans of Nanoblock (the micro-sized Japanese building bricks) just won't be satisfied with following a kit's instructions, when they're bursting with original ideas for Nanoblocks art.

  • 9

    Nanoblock Animals

    8 years ago

    Discover the world of Nanoblock! The tiny interlocking building blocks out of Japan let you create models of almost any animal you can think of, challenging and collectible...

  • Nanoblock: Tiny Cool Japanese Building Blocks

    Nanoblock: Tiny Cool Japanese Building Blocks

    9 years ago

    Check out the scaled-down alternative to LEGO blocks! Nanoblocks are the smallest building blocks you can imagine. Not surprisingly, Nanoblock sets came out of Japan, source of many very cool miniature things we geeky types can't help but crave. ...

  • 13

    Healthy Dog Treats for Dogs with a Food Allergy

    8 years ago

    My senior golden retriever had food allergies that made it hard to find dog treats that she could eat without skin or digestion problems. I learned about healthy dog treats from her allergy problems.

  • 36

    5 Great Dog Toys Your Greyhound Will Love

    6 months ago

    Looking for a great new dog toy to amuse your beloved Greyhound or a gift for a new Greyhound owner? Here are five options this unique breed will love playing with.

  • 5 Fun Gift Ideas for Beekeepers

    5 Fun Gift Ideas for Beekeepers

    8 years ago

    Stumped for ideas for what gift to your beekeeping friend or loved one? Here, a fellow beekeeper has suggestions for sweet bee-themed gift ideas to start a buzz among the apiarists on your gift list.

  • Venice Carnival Costume Parade

    Venice Carnival Costume Parade

    8 years ago

    The costume parade of the Carnival of Venice, that truly magnificent theatrical event, has two essential parts - the costumed performers who pose behind their masks, and the international audience.

  • 109

    What Is a Femoral Hernia and How Is It Treated? My Diagnosis

    14 months ago

    Do you feel a painful lump on the front or inside of your thigh? It may be a femoral hernia. Learn about what it is, the causes, and what to expect in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

  • Cat Stands and Climbing Towers

    Cat Stands and Climbing Towers

    9 years ago

    Is that clever kitty of yours so bo-o-o-o-red that he shreds your couch or sharpens his pointy little claws on your table legs, every time you go out for the evening, or you just want to sit down and rest, please, after a tough week? Cat stands and...

  • Bees and The Urban Beekeeper

    Bees and The Urban Beekeeper

    8 years ago

    Small-scale and hobby beekeeping is taking off on city roof tops and in suburban backyards... in fact, you might say that keeping honey bees in urban areas is all the buzz!

  • Office Pranks and Humor: A Look at The Fun Side of Work

    Office Pranks and Humor: A Look at The Fun Side of Work

    9 years ago

    In tough economic times, it's so easy to see work as a very serious business, particularly if you are looking for a job without success. Work can be funny, though - yes, even the dullest "joe job" can have a lighter side. And when tension builds up...

  • In Praise of the Pen

    In Praise of the Pen

    9 years ago

    The history of the pen is the history, in many ways, of human ingenuity and the drive to record more easily our thoughts and information, and to preserve them in tangible form.The pen as one of the major tools of writing, preserves history in its...

  • Aardvark: A Wild Animal Love!

    Aardvark: A Wild Animal Love!

    8 years ago

    All about the Aardvark - What kind of strange animal is this? Big ears, long snout, long tongue (anteater type), the Aardvark's name means "earth pig" in Afrikaans but it's also called the antbear...

  • 460

    Retired Racing Greyhounds

    8 years ago

    When I first learned about greyhound rescue and decided to adopt one of these gentle ex-racers, it was the beginning of a love affair with the dog breed. One greyhound adoption led to the next...


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