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  • A Year Already??

    A Year Already??

    10 years ago

    I seriously cannot believe its been a year and 2 months since my ex-step dad passed away. I can still remember going to the hospital to see him. I was so scared because I've never see someone in that kind of state before and when I saw him my heart...

  • Lunar Shadows Part 2

    Lunar Shadows Part 2

    9 years ago

    My belly dancing group is trying really hard to get our name out there. I mean I think its awesome we're on youtube. One of the girls in the group can paint really good and she's going to be doing our logo so we can get merchandise out there. Its...

  • New Things in my Life

    New Things in my Life

    9 years ago

    Belly Dancing: Where do I begin? Well my co-owner and I went looking for a new person to replace the other chick who left and we had a meet and greet with this new chick named Lala. We all did some dancing and we all felt we really clicked...

  • Pagan Test Part 2

    Pagan Test Part 2

    10 years ago

    I PASSED MY PAGAN TEST! I got 120 questions right out of 140. My teacher said I got a A-. I'm so proud of myself. That test was so frustrating because I had my work and my other life to deal with. When my teacher was looking at my answers some of...

  • My Big Pagan Test

    My Big Pagan Test

    10 years ago

    Well it happened! I had my big Pagan test on the 3rd of March and even though I've been studying my ass off, the test was a little hard. Its everything I learned in my first year. Some of the material I don't even remember learning about. When I...

  • Music & Thoughts

    Music & Thoughts

    10 years ago

    Have you ever listened to a song that you've never heard before and it takes you to a place of peace? Its like your body or soul just leaves and your somewhere different. I've had a Pandora account for almost 2 years now and I've been listening...

  • Kids? To Be Or Not To Be

    Kids? To Be Or Not To Be

    10 years ago

    My high school class of 2004 (04 FO LIFE!) has been alumni for about 8 years now and I know that a lot of them including me have gotten married, maybe got that dream job they always wanted, graduated from college, or maybe got to travel around the...

  • My Pagan Path Part 1

    My Pagan Path Part 1

    10 years ago

    I know I haven't been on here much and I know I haven't written anything about my Pagan path in a long time. So I thought its time to update everyone who's been wondering. In my "Becoming Pagan" blog I wrote that my Pagan test was going to...

  • Thoughts- Part 1

    Thoughts- Part 1

    10 years ago

    I know I haven't really been on here much.. Things in my life right now are pretty rocky. My Pagan Family: In the last couple of weeks I haven't really seen much of them. Most of the family has been sick and been dealing with some drama in the...

  • The Harvest Festival/Lunar Shadows

    The Harvest Festival/Lunar Shadows

    10 years ago

    The Harvest Festival: A Gathering Of Pagans was on the 17th and 18th. My circle family (their coven is called "Circle Of Coyote") was one of the vendors there. They make clothes for all sorts of people, wands, hats, wings, dolls, puppets, ect. They...

  • How I met my husband Jason

    How I met my husband Jason

    11 years ago

    I met Jason on Myspace in June of 06. Him and I were both in this group and I felt really bad for him.. He was going through some hard things at the time and he use to post blogs on the group and a lot of people just passed them by. I use to read...

  • A Place Where I work

    A Place Where I work

    11 years ago

    Its really hard when you can't talk about where you work.... My dad's company has been around for like 14 years and its an amazing company to work for. I am the Shipping and Receiving Coordinator and I love what I do. I started work on November...

  • The

    The "EX" Files

    11 years ago

    Ex's are Ex's for a reason! They are people you don't date again and they are people you don't talk to anymore. Well I didn't follow those rules. There were two guys who I dated at separate times and once I broke up with them I dated both again. Not...

  • Becoming Pagan

    Becoming Pagan

    11 years ago

    I was raised Catholic as a child. I did my holy communion and I was baptized. We never went to church on a regular bases and we were free to believe in what we wanted. I'm glad my mom wasn't stricked about that kind of stuff. When I met Jason (who...

  • My Best Friend & I

    My Best Friend & I

    11 years ago

    This coming Saturday the 27th my best friend and I will be celebrating our 10 year friendship. I can't believe its been 10 years. Its crazy! I can still remember the first day we met. Picture it! (Like Sophia would always say on the Golden Girls) It...

  • Friends: Who Needs Them!

    Friends: Who Needs Them!

    11 years ago

    Why do people come into your life and stay for a couple of years and then just leave? I mean is that how friendship works??? Are we just supposed to take it and say "well okay"? I don't get it.. When I was in high school I met Jason and...

  • Rules 2 Live By

    Rules 2 Live By

    11 years ago

    These are just some funny and real rules that have happened to me. If any of you have something lets add them. ○ Rule Number 1: Never watch Psycho and then take a shower. ○ Rule Number 2: Never go to a Carnival after watching Stephen Kings...

  • Missing Someone I loved

    Missing Someone I loved

    11 years ago

    I know its been about 2 months since my ex step dad passed away, but I really miss him. I guess I never really thought about that day. I still can't believe he is gone.. Ya know?? He knew me my whole life. He was more of a father to me then my own...


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