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    December 2nd...

    29 hours ago

    You can have your cake and eat mine, too. I'll have ice cream, though. And speaking of birthdays, I share mine with Teddy Roosevelt, Lee Greenwood and Terry Anderson, for starters... Even Marla Maples and Willie Nelson's daughter, Paula.

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    Any Old Miracle: Let's send Vern Gosdin to the Hall of Fame

    2 years ago

    Vern Gosdin, known as The Voice, has been overlooked by the Country Music Hall of Fame way too long. One of his own recordings has the answer...

  • Loving Memories

    Loving Memories

    21 months ago

    You name 'em, you claim 'em. ...and then they die.

  • Living Big

    Living Big

    17 months ago

    Two Kitchens? Two Baths? Four Bedrooms? Why not? Turning a duplex into a single family home... for one.

  • The Song Remembers When

    The Song Remembers When

    7 months ago

    There's always a song, that when you hear it, takes you back somewhere. Good or bad, it makes you relive a moment in time. I think this is why we love music so much.

  • Seeing Kristofferson Again Was Heavenly

    Seeing Kristofferson Again Was Heavenly

    4 years ago

    I have seen the mornin' burnin' golden on the mountains in the sky... and Lovin' HIM is Easy! Kris Kristofferson came to see me again. At 80, he's still burning up the highways!

  • Trump the Deal

    Trump the Deal

    2 years ago

    Even though we have inaugurated our 45th president, I get so irritated at the barrage of bad things being said about Donald Trump. He's a deal-maker. Wait until he makes the deals!

  • 1

    The All-White Bedroom

    2 years ago

    They say you never forget an all-white room. Choosing to do my bedroom like this was brave, but the result was perfect!

  • High Rollin' Queen Of Hearts

    High Rollin' Queen Of Hearts

    3 years ago

    "Played a game with the Queen of Hearts She had a way of holdin' cards, She wasn't showin' When the game wasn't goin' her way.." Gibson/Miller Band

  • Grand Rapids, Minnesota

    Grand Rapids, Minnesota

    2 years ago

    Grand Rapids has 4 lakes within the city limits, plus the Mississippi River runs through it. I didn't know how beautiful it was until I moved away.

  • Fine Faced Friends

    Fine Faced Friends

    19 months ago

    Kind of a Facebook spin on Two-Faced people. This is an actual post my 'friend' posted on HER wall because I flipped her the bird (sort of) on MY wall. She chose to delete my reply. See it here.

  • Letter To Dr. Wayne Dyer

    Letter To Dr. Wayne Dyer

    4 years ago

    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer passed away after I had sent him a letter. Watching a Memorial Service on You Tube, it was mentioned to write a letter. For some reason I was compelled to write it out for you.

  • Just Breathe...Keep Birthdays Coming

    Just Breathe...Keep Birthdays Coming

    5 years ago

    Y'all didn't get it... so I'm putting it on a Hub.

  • Bet Me Gambler

    Bet Me Gambler

    3 years ago


  • Living Tiny

    Living Tiny

    3 years ago

    Ten years as a Happy Camper... Recent news accounts of a homeless Tiny Homes Village destroyed in Denver, recalled my days just one step above homeless. I even raised two AKC registered Pomeranians.

  • Merle Tried

    Merle Tried

    3 years ago

    'A little wrinkle in the right place adds character to a face.' (Jonathan Burden) Hag had a lot of character. He had a lot of love and left a lot of broken hearts... Mine, too.

  • Murder is Hell

    Murder is Hell

    5 years ago

    I only knew this man for 3 hours, but he left an indelible mark on me. He should never have died, but the fact is he's gone, killed by a near-family member, his life just snuffed out.

  • The Dawning of the Age of Black And Brooks

    The Dawning of the Age of Black And Brooks

    3 years ago

    I wrote this article in 1992, and wanted to expose you to it.... Suffice it to say, Clint Black and Garth Brooks' careers were Written in the Stars! Can you say, Aquarius?

  • All Hail The Birthday Queen

    All Hail The Birthday Queen

    3 years ago

    It has been brought to my attention that I have altogether too many birthdays. In fact, it is believed I am self-centered, selfish and phony. Well, them's hurtin' words.

  • My Pomeranian Dog, Hero, Grows Hair Back After 8 Years Bald

    My Pomeranian Dog, Hero, Grows Hair Back After 8 Years Bald

    4 years ago

    An advocate of Natural Foods for myself, this has carried over to my animals. Low and behold it has been a Godsend to my little Hero. Eliminating wheat, corn or soy I added...a SPECIAL ingredient.

  • Suicide: The 'Why' That Cannot Be Answered

    Suicide: The 'Why' That Cannot Be Answered

    5 months ago

    A happy-go-lucky Facebook friend dies by his own hand. You've never met him, but the pain is just as real as if you were fast buddies. The 'Why?' plays over and over in your mind. Where is the answer?

  • How To Be Tops In Your Teens

    How To Be Tops In Your Teens

    2 years ago

    I was a teen once. And I raised teens. And I have Teenchildren. Face it, I'm old. But I do remember being a teen and not fitting in, heck, I still don't fit in, but I've gotten used to it.

  • Kickbike - The Alternate To Exercise Training

    Kickbike - The Alternate To Exercise Training

    4 years ago

    I think I have the only Kickbike in Columbus,OH. I was having trouble adjusting the brake and I took it to a major bike shop, and they had NEVER seen one. I was intrigued when I read a short article

  • So, Where Were You?: September 11, 2001

    So, Where Were You?: September 11, 2001

    4 years ago

    As we approach another September 11th, I offer an article I wrote in 2011. Ten Years Later... Alan Jackson wrote the song Where Were You... and I don't think anyone does not remember their day.

  • Is Justice Just?

    Is Justice Just?

    4 years ago

    Ohio resumed executions after none since 1963, with the killing of Wilford Berry, 36, in 1999. Since then Ohio has executed 50 more, placing 2nd in the nation, just behind Texas.

  • Out Among the Stars - The Charmer

    Out Among the Stars - The Charmer

    4 years ago

    Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004, this meeting with Kris Kristofferson was in 1994. 'The Charmer' is an excerpt from an eventual book, 'Out Among the Stars' by Tiana Dreymor .

  • Kris Comes to see Me

    Kris Comes to see Me

    4 years ago

    This was the Law of Attraction -- in action! I told Kris - not verbally, of course, but to God, the Universe and all - that I could not travel to see him, so he was going to have to come and see me.

  • All My Beauty Secrets

    All My Beauty Secrets

    5 years ago

    Beauty all starts on the inside and that's Beauty Secrets 101. Much of what is on the market for our 'beauty' is not fit for human consumption. Don't put it on your skin! It absorbs into your body.

  • The Legend of the Queen of Hearts

    The Legend of the Queen of Hearts

    2 years ago

    Why shouldn't a person change their own name? I grew up with a name that was unusual in my area, but when I moved south, it was as common as Mary. So I changed it and created a legend to go with it.

  • American Roses

    American Roses

    3 years ago

    North America, like myself, on a broad scope, encompasses the great influence of those who were here when the colonists/immigrants came over, pointing out places, no doubt already named, and they not only lapped it up, but stole it away, interbred, and then hid the facts in shame.

  • The Essense of Happiness

    The Essense of Happiness

    3 years ago

    Happiness is up to you. Abraham Lincoln said, 'A man is only as happy as he makes up his mind to be.'

  • Victim of the Times

    Victim of the Times

    3 years ago

    Unfair Law is a crime. Ohio has 2 sentencing laws, creating victims of Old Law, making a mockery of the intentions of judges in earlier sentencing. New Law get half the time for the same crime.

  • Inspired Recipes - Wheat Free

    Inspired Recipes - Wheat Free

    3 years ago

    Being old...did I say that? I have been cooking for 100 years. Starting with a recipe I DIDN'T follow, here's progress on my wheat free life.

  • It Could Be the Wheat You Eat

    It Could Be the Wheat You Eat

    4 years ago

    We hear a lot about genetically altered foods today... but WHEAT was altered 50 YEARS ago! That has caused obesity and diseases we battle today. If that's your battle, go wheat free!

  • Packrat 101: More is More

    Packrat 101: More is More

    15 months ago

    I always thought when you aquired something, especially something you've wanted 'all your life', you kept it forever! Even if all your life was only 9 years. Back then I saved marbles...

  • The UN-Humane Society

    The UN-Humane Society

    3 years ago

    I didn't have a cat in 25 years. A mama brought me 4 babies. Two died of heat exhaustion, the other two were killed by the Humane Society.

  • Responsible Nutrition

    Responsible Nutrition

    23 months ago

    I took responsibility for my health in 1975, and I haven't been SICK in 20 years. Now that's not counting a near-death in 1996, but that was not an illness, but an infection. You are what you eat.

  • Cure Pneumonia

    Cure Pneumonia

    4 years ago

    God gave me Pneumonia so I could experience and cure this age-old disease that is still taking too many lives.



    3 years ago

    An in-depth interview with Santa Claus. Who would'a thunk?

  • Christmas Miracle

    Christmas Miracle

    4 years ago

    Here's a little Christmas story who's time has come. Told in the form of a fictitious family, it could be yours or mine. Merry Christmas.

  • Pass The Butter....Please

    Pass The Butter....Please

    3 years ago

    Once upon a time we had butter. Then came the margarine. Huh? One molecule away from plastic? Bottom line is, margarine is not healthy. And butter tastes soooo gooood!

  • 0

    This Country's Bigger Than Texas

    10 months ago

    The people who don't realize the magnitude of Country Music that is sweeping the nation, and has been for over 20 years, will find an indepth study in the music of LIFE in this article. We examine two Country songs, This Country's Bigger than Texas by Gene Watson and Mother Country Music by Vern...


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