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Work from Home Jobs in India

Updated on March 12, 2013

Work at home jobs

The ubiquitous use of computers in India as also the fair degree of computer literacy in the country has resulted in employment opportunities galore – and is proving to be a boon particularly to seekers of home-based jobs. If you are a stay at home housewife or a retiree, you may understandably wish to avoid commuting daily to workplace but instead want to work flexible hours from the comfort of your home.

The fact is, in today’s scenario, any work-from-home jobs will entail purchasing a computer and arranging for a reliable broadband connection. Among the work-from-home jobs, the easily available ones are data entry jobs and encoding jobs. These computer-oriented jobs and will require a person to have accurate and speed typing skills, an eye for details and the ability to unfailingly meet deadlines.

Looking for a work at home job?

You are wanted
You are wanted

Data entry jobs are the most popular work-from-home jobs. The employer will provide you a set of data in paper and you will have to enter the data in to computer. It is very simple and all one needs to have is basic knowledge of computer operation. Some typing jobs are related to business correspondence and may require you to regularly write documents that they need for their businesses.

There are also typing jobs which are actually article writing jobs and this kind of a job requires you to have a certain amount of Internet researching skills, creativity, fluency of language, a sound knowledge of grammar and a flair for journalism. This kind of article writing jobs is said to be well- paying as well. If you are an excellent creative writer, you can opt for freelance content writing for websites or even ghost-writing of books.

How to find work at home jobs

Other work fro home jobs may mean filling up of questionnaires or printing of documents and direct-mailing them to a list of addresses that the employer provides. There are even jobs that ask work-from-home employees to send marketing emails to a mailing list that the company will provide. Some of latest work-from-home jobs include CAD, drawing conversion, graphic design, software, copy paste, Access work, transcription, (medical, legal, business), web design etc provided you have the professional qualifications, experience and required skills.

The best and cheapest way to get hold of work-from-home jobs is to research the Internet. You can also post an advertisement online detailing your knowledge, experience and skills. Candidates can also log on to different online job sites and find out if suitable offers are available. Most of online job-sites are reliable and are of great help. They have a special Performa which the candidates will have to submit duly filled-in and they usually do not collect any fees from the candidates.

It is difficult to definitively say how much money a work-from-home job will fetch as much depends on the employer, the nature of job, your own experience and skills and the number of hours you will be in a position to spend daily on the computer. But, it may be said that a data entry operator, who is required to do only some elementary work, can earn up to Rs. 4000 per month if he/she spends four hours a day.

Finally, the seekers of work-from-home jobs must be extremely cautious as there are a lot of scams and one has to discern the authentic and reliable job offers from the fraudulent ones to avoid getting cheated.


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  • ineveryoneheart profile image

    ineveryoneheart 7 years ago

    i liked the way you connect your hubs. great hubs.

  • H P Roychoudhury profile image

    H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

    It is a good beginning in India to do part time job to utilize the leisure time and energy for the best of the country.