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Seven Simple Ways to be Happy

Updated on March 10, 2013

Here are some guide to happiness.

Extroverts are generally happier than the introverts. Extroverts are more optimistic, positive, energetic, confident, aggressive and dynamic; while their counterparts the introverts tend to be more passive, reserved, compliant, unassertive & unadventurous (being introvert doesn’t really mean that their life is pushed in the brink of despair & loneliness). Here are some tips to be extrovert hehehe...

1. Belt out your voice. You need not singing your throat out to be respected at a karaoke bar, neither, showing off your other extra-ordinary skills in dishing out speech to get notice. You can be an extroverted even when you’re on your own. Being social is not the primary feature of extroversion, that is, the activity you’re going to engage in. William Fleeson says. “Being extroverted means being assertive, bold, energetic and active.” So show what you have belt out a high note as you can when you’re alone or in the comfort room nyahahaha.

2. Disagree. Tell about your opinion to other people in a nice manner, and let them know that you are capable of disagreeing with them, however do this only when necessary. Opening up and expressing your point of views can provide you a feeling of freedom and boost your self-esteem.

3. Ask a stranger for information. It is told that never talk a stranger, but sometimes you no man is an island, you might need somebody about directions when you feel like you’re heading nowhere, or feel like you need to ask about anything when you are in some places you are not familiar with. When you’re in a situation or stucked in a scenario where you don’t know anyone, choose out an intriguing stranger question. You may learn some interesting things or acquire the needed information, and who knows you might make a new pal or even a business contact, that could be helpful to you in some ways in the days ahead.

4. Laugh. If your friend whips out a funny story, don’t just smile, chuckle, snicker, hoot, titter, and guffaw. Loudly as possible. Some studies suggest that laughing helps you lower the harmful effects of stress hormones in your body. When you laugh, you raise your mood and spirits, as this will generally indeed make you feel a lot better.

5. Let your voice be heard. Raise some questions in conversations, meetings or class, give out your opinions during your club or affiliation, or begin a conversation with a colleague about the movie both of you are watching religiously or about the issues that is currently getting media hypes and taking newspapers the headline.

6. Indulge in outdoor activities. Join in a 5k marathon, or perhaps walk a mile on your own, or make a fuss of a long bike ride that will surely stretch your muscles, hehehe. Even if do your outdoor activities alone, taking on a challenging and demanding physical feat is a brave, aggressive move that will enhance your happiness and propel feel-good brain chemicals bucketing into your bloodstream.

7. Extending work space as part of your body. Creating your work area that will make you feel at ease, comfortable and convenient is away of saying. “This is my work space, and I want to feel that it reflects my personality and well-being.” Choosing motivating and charming objects for your desk also will give others with opportunities to be gregarious. Wonderful and colorful photos, a minuscule Zen garden or even a strange and odd-looking plant trigger conversation.

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