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The most essential characteristic of an educated person is modesty

Updated on April 29, 2013

An education is beauty when it radiates modesty and humility.

The accumulation of knowledge is liken to the growth of a beautiful potted ornamental.  It is bounded by the pot and limited by time.  If it grows wild it becomes undesirable.
The accumulation of knowledge is liken to the growth of a beautiful potted ornamental. It is bounded by the pot and limited by time. If it grows wild it becomes undesirable.

The more you know the more you will discover how little you know

Modesty is a virtue that is most often mistaken with weakness. I observed some learned professors that the more degrees they achieve the less talkative they become. Despite their silence though you can sense the deep discernment in their figurative heart. You are not intimidated when you are around them. You desire to be with their presence, because they make you very comfortable and welcome. They share their wisdom unselfishly.

There is however a character of a man that is modesty in disguise. I know a person that is full of praise in front of you but deep in his heart he envies everything that you've got. Although he acknowledges deep in his heart that you are good he is competing with you in a covert way. And he praises you all the time, when you are listening; but from time to time he bites you back. This is a falsified modesty.

I for my part, normally associate modesty and humility interchangeably. But modesty is for human, while humility is for the Divine. You become modest when you know your limitations. You exercise humility though when you adapt to lowly one. For instance it is very interesting to note that our Loving Creator is showing us humility despite our frail situation but never He should be modest because he has no limitations. But for us, people, no matter how many degrees we can achieve our bodies will deteriorate so with our mental power. So, when we realized our limitations because of accumulated education, then we can relate to almost anyone in the world; especially those who are suffering from poverty and misfortune.

On one hand, humility is often considered by many as a sign of weakness. The truth is, manliness cannot be displayed by haughtiness. A person who is humble is oftentimes a person with a very stable personality. He is not insecure hence he has nothing to prove to the world. Deep inside his heart he is calm. On the other hand, if a person is haughty, he is a walking flame, he is very very insecure and in order to hide his true character he brags about his knowledge. He often criticize everyone verbally and curses others in his heart. It is very pathetic for a man to brag about his knowledge because he is actually ignorant about the basic know how. The fundamental knowledge about self and being good to others. Humility is the beginning of wisdom. The more one knows the more humble he becomes.

But the real question is: for what purpose that I am striving to accumulate education? This is important for the reason that if you fail to see the purpose there is a great tendency that you will brag deep in your heart how educated you are now. The fact, however, is that you can achieve only whatever capacity you were endowed to you from birth. In the end, you will realize how short 80 years or even 100 years of your life. And the end of our career, and in our life, who will not be forgotten 200 years or 500 years from now.

My conclusion then is to seek for Knowledge, which is the real Education, that Leads to Life without end. John 17:3. If you fail to do this, then your pursuit of that "higher" education is just a striving after the wind.


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