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The Proper Etiquette at a Social Dance

Updated on May 13, 2013

It takes two tango...

Dancesports is gradually becoming popular in the world and also in the Philippines. The classical dances like tango, chacha, rumba, boogie-woogie and the likes were the favorites of our grandparents but now everybody are seemed interested and hooked on with social dancing.

But in the dance hallway you need to follow some rules and regulations in order for you to dance with further enjoyment whilst not causing any hassle or inconvenience to the others. As such, one must be familiar with the word etiquette while on a dance floor. One may think of etiquette as an acceptable standard of behavior which is goaded by the rational things to do.

Being aware of actions and behaviors that are socially acceptable things to do, one can be able to gain friends with ease, go along well even with strangers and at the same time give other people the feeling of easiness.

When you are at the dance floor, one must have the confidence and trust with one’s dancing abilities. This necessitate that one should whip up some preparation to be sure of being tidy, clean and suitably and fittingly dressed for the occasion. It requires a mental outlook of planning for having a nice time. It requires authentic friendship with other people. It is also essential to be sincere in what is going on about you and finally, it requires a regard for the feelings of others and yearning to act which balanced judgment and good taste.

Here is the list of General Rules of Etiquette While at a Social Dance:

These rules apply in particular to private or club and not to public dances or whatsoever.

  1. A lady should always receive courteously a gentleman’s call for a dance unless she has a very good reason in which case she does not accept a request from another gentleman for the same dance.
  2. A gentleman should not stand on the sidelines or “cut in” when there is a lady who is not dancing.
  3. A gentleman and lady must always accept genially any partner in a dance. If they do not want to be partner in a dance, they should sit out.
  4. A dance tandem can dance freely around the dance floor in a counterclockwise direction and they should not cut across other couple or head to the wrong direction.
  5. A gentleman should always go before the lady when they make their way to dance on the floor.
  6. It is not customary to dance open or fast pattern when the dance floor is overcrowded, for obvious reason.
  7. A gentleman should always thank the lady after each dance and the lady recognizes the courtesy.
  8. A lady may excuse herself from after two successive dances with a gentleman in order to let the gentleman have a chance to dance with another partner.
  9. A gentleman should not monopolize the all of a lady’s dances especially at a non-date occasion.
  10. A gentleman should not depart from his partner on the dance floor. After a dance a gentleman may introduce the lady to another gentleman with whom he is familiar, take the lady to her group or the hostess.
  11. When couples are talking to each other, it is normal to introduce one’s partner and see that he or she is acquainted with one’s friends.
  12. Do not make some show boating or sing whilst dancing.
  13. It is not good to see someone who smoke or chew a gum while dancing.
  14. When a man wishes to dance with another gentleman’s partner, he should ask the gentleman if he might like to dance with his partner, if the answer is yes, then he can invite the lady for a dance.
  15. It is not a good idea to teach a new step with a partner. If a gentleman or a lady is not familiar with the current dance being played, the couple should sit out, and wait for one where both of them are familiar with.

Dancing is a good way to keep your body in top shape, meet various people and a very good activity to have some fun, and it is just appropriate to learn about the dos and don'ts. Thanks for the read.


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