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  • That almost missed opportunity

    That almost missed opportunity

    10 years ago

    I missed an opportunity once with someone who means the world to me and I almost missed it again. I took a risk, followed my heart and my head and let go of the walls I've built up for so long.

  • That emptiness inside

    That emptiness inside

    10 years ago

    I never truly feel happy inside. There is always an empty feeling.

  • Returning to Normal...

    Returning to Normal...

    11 years ago

    As I am writing this I have realized that I have endured more than one person should in a year. The moving, the endless sleepless nights, the stress. I am surprised I am not in a ditch somewhere or admitted to a psychiatric ward sedated...

  • Keep Moving Forward - One Step Back

    Keep Moving Forward - One Step Back

    11 years ago

    Today is another day. Breathe deep, smile & allow life to be lived. Embrace those around you. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Don't dwell on the past...Sometimes we do everything right but still lose. Hello Disappointment! I cannot say it’s nice...

  • Being Homeless -  The Road to Happy

    Being Homeless - The Road to Happy

    11 years ago

    The road to happy has not been an easy journey. Life's many disappointments and road blocks have kept me from being happy on the inside and the out for so long it is now just a distant memory of what smiling and laughing are about. My new home...

  • Being Homeless ...losing hope

    Being Homeless ...losing hope

    12 years ago

    I would never have thought that one day I would be homeless. I mean really who says to themselves, I think one day I will see what it is like to be homeless and live in my car,or a hotel or maybe even a couch of someone you really don't know. I...

  • Being Homeless - Night 2

    Being Homeless - Night 2

    12 years ago

    Night 2. Even though I did not sleep in my car, I still had a sense of this is not the most comfortable circumstances I have ever been in. Again i thank the person who offered me their couch on the early morning of night 1, has offered me their...

  • Being homeless - Night 1

    Being homeless - Night 1

    12 years ago

    I am going to be writing about what it is like to have no home and to sleep in my car. This hasn't been easy for me to digest, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive. Night one- I left work tired and exhausted. All I wanted...

  • Just to be ok

    Just to be ok

    12 years ago

    Being alone isn't as easy as it feels. Sometimes you just wane to go away and make the pain disappear.

  • home is where my heart is

    home is where my heart is

    12 years ago

    My home does not consist of material things. It does not consist of a fire place or a white picket fence with flowers all around. My home has a bed, a pillow and a window. Although it is not the nicest of décor or in a cushy neighborhood, I call it...

  • The weight loss chornicles

    The weight loss chornicles

    12 years ago

    About a year ago, I weighed a fluffy 165lbs. I was wearing size 14 pants and a 36D bra. I did not care what I looked like or what people thought of me. I ate EVERYTHING! IT was not an easy journey. IT first started out by starving myself and not...

  • A dream within a reach

    A dream within a reach

    12 years ago

    My summary of how life works and what I have experienced in the past 2 years

  • Smiling on the outside-Hurting inside

    Smiling on the outside-Hurting inside

    12 years ago

    Someone close to me has hurt me in ways that one could not imagine. I thought they loved me but I guess I was wrong.

  • To be Happy..a look inside

    To be Happy..a look inside

    12 years ago

    A look inside being happy. Its a long road to get there, but worth it in the end.

  • Bullying is no Laughing matter

    Bullying is no Laughing matter

    12 years ago

    Bullying is no laughing matter. ITs a serious issues today that needs to be dealt with.

  • Friendships and Forgiveness

    Friendships and Forgiveness

    12 years ago

    Friends are supposed to be there for you no matter what happens in your life. They are there for love and support. There is a bond and loyalty between close friends that provides the freedom to be real and honest. We each have a need to share our...

  • A series of Life's events

    A series of Life's events

    12 years ago

    Life is a series of experiences. A series of people in and out of your life to which you take what you need from them or give what you have. its hard to remember this simple fact while going through the motions of every day life. the trials and...

  • It's amazing how someone can change the way you look at life.....

    It's amazing how someone can change the way you look at life.....

    12 years ago

    People come and go in your life. But there are those that make an impact forever.

  • Transgenders. We are all human beings

    Transgenders. We are all human beings

    12 years ago

    We are all human, no matter our race, color or gender.


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