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I am Wyoming Wonder. Why is my name Wyoming Wonder you ask? First of all I have two writing pen names people all know me from. I never use my real name.

Second of all I am oringially from Kaycee, Wyoming.

Last but not least I am a jack of all trades from ranching to bronc riding to bull riding, to factory working, to farm work, to trucking etc. not to mention I love writing in which I am a published Freelance Writer, Author and published poet as well on top of many more trades and hobbies.

In general, I love working on one project or another which keeps me strong physically and mentally including and now owning and trying to set up a farm, which keeps me pretty busy.

I do hope you enjoy my articles that I write for I try writing informative, learning material that people can use or take heed from as per everyday life. Please keep checking back, I post when I have time.

I have four books now published on Amazon.com, September Fury: The Day Terrorist Tried to kill the American Dream, A Horse Named Lightning, A Truckdriver's Wife's Life and my new book that has just been released God's Chosen Child."

I am presently working on new books, blogs and articles on top of running my homestead.

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