What Pets Do You Have?

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  1. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 16 years ago

    I'm just curious. I seems that we have a wide number of people with exotic pets. I m just curious as to what all you Hubbers have.

    I'll start:

    5 Dogs (Mix breed-Spot, Dalmatian-Zabu, Yorkshire Terrier- Codie, St. Bernard/ Collie mix- Bella, American Pit Bull Terrier-MIA)
    3 Fancy Rats (Zoe, Lexi, Co)
    2 Bearded Dragons (Mali, Kina)
    2 Leopard Geckos (Banon, Anubis)
    1 Snake (Damien)

    goReptiles Breeders:
    3 Crested Geckos
    2 Gargoyle Geckos
    4 African Fat Tail Geckos
    16 Leopard Geckos (+3 more on the way)

    goReptiles Available:
    4 Leopard Geckos

    I hope to bring in a few more Leopard Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Crested Geckos, and a pair of Leaftail Geckos, soon.

    Your turn! :-) Include Names!!!

    1. profile image55
      gypsy10posted 15 years agoin reply to this

      I have a rescued Greyhound. He was rescued from Ireland by the Dogs Trust after he finished racing. He is called Shadow. He was very nervous when we got him and was frightened of everyone. He has settled down now. if anyone wants to get a dog I would recommend a rescued greyhound, they make lovely pets.

      1. norlawrence profile image70
        norlawrenceposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        They do make great pets and they seem to appreciate everything you do for them.

    2. distinctive1_mg profile image57
      distinctive1_mgposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Oh, what kind of snake do you have? My little circle includes:
      1.1 bearded dragons (lucy and ricky)
      0.2 leopard geckos (cheech & chong)
      0.1 african fat tailed gecko (harry)
      1.0 green anole (bowie)
      I'm interested in a snake

    3. love my yorkies profile image58
      love my yorkiesposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      I've got 2 yorkies, Candy and Shasta.  Candy is my little princess and Shasta is my wild child.  You'd swear they were little humans.

    4. SweetxoxCheeks profile image61
      SweetxoxCheeksposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I have a Chilean Rose  called Cedric
      and a Bearded Dragon called Dave

      pics on here

      http://hubpages.com/_Tina/hub/Keeping-a … n-as-a-pet
      http://hubpages.com/_Tina/hub/Owning-a- … ose-Spider

      1. SweetxoxCheeks profile image61
        SweetxoxCheeksposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I have a Chilean Rose  called Cedric
        and a Bearded Dragon called Dave

        didn't realise i wasn't supposed to put a link to my pets on here as it is seen as promoting, i'm new to this sorry, and it won't let me delete it

    5. Cleanclover profile image42
      Cleancloverposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Are you a zoo keeper whitney?
      I have only fishes, rare and exotic ones. 3 left now. As it hurts when they pass away i have decided not to have any pets anymore

    6. JerseyDawg profile image56
      JerseyDawgposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hello all, I'm a new "Hubber", my name is Mark and I currently have 3 dogs, and two cats. (I say currently, because I sometimes foster animals and do volunteer rescue work. I will list my friends in "household" pet seniority order, and since I've worked all over the country (U.S.), my pets represent that.

      (Cajun) Gypsy - my soon-to-be 16 year old German shepherd, that I rescued almost 10 years ago from the Humane Society in N.E. Louisiana. She is my best friend, sweet and beautiful, great with kids and most other dogs, and is the "alpha dog" in the house. I was very lucky to adopt her, and even at her advanced age, she still does 2 miles a day with me. (I credit the dogfood/cheeseburger diet.)

      Chewy (Chewbacca) - A "chow-ranian", my stepdaughter found on the beach in Ocean Springs, Ms. 8 years ago on her way to college, and nows he's probably about 11. A very unique looking dog and Gypsy's husband. He's not scared of anything and pretty much does what he wants. (He's the smartest of the dogs in a sneaky, cool way.) PS: He came with the name on a tag...

      Sunny- A big, loveable calico cat with 6 toes on each paw. She is from a city shelter in New Jersey, (My only N.J. "homey"), and is about 9 years-old. Tolerates the dogs as long as they don't bother her too much and insists on walking on the keyboard while I type. Likes to cuddle.

      Morgaine- From Oregon, a 4 year-old petite Himalayan/Siamese mix
      with blue eyes, a beautful kitty! She loves the dogs and always follows us on walks. I had renters/roomies in my house in Oregon that had four cats. They never really bonded with her and she always hung out with my two dogs and Sunny in my half of the house. When I was moving back East, I was going to ask if they would give me Morgey, (a weird name, they named her after some strange movie), and before I had a chance, they came to me and said, "She's be happier if you take her.)

      Finally....Vinny! a 4 year old "golden Pit-treiver"(80% Pit 20%
      Golden, he was the first foster I ever kept and he is from Stockton, California. (loves surfing, blondes and tofu...)He is a big, nutty, happy dog, loves kids and cats, and likes to play 24/7. Gypsy keeps him in line, and Chewy corrupts him. My friends at the Stockton Animal Shelter Friends (SASF), had an urgent all out call for a foster, because he was a little wild and high energy from the shelter, and he's big and really strong, and didn't show well. He trained very easily and he brought some puppy love and enthusiasm to Gypsy and Chewy and after 3 months I couldn't give him up. I'm so glad I kept him. Morgey and him are best friends, and he is what is RIGHT about most Pits. (I did change his name from "Wolfgang", at the pound to "Vinny")

    7. ElGringoSalsero profile image80
      ElGringoSalseroposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      An American Pit Bulll Terrier whom we named "Wally" in order to disarm those who fear the breed because of the media-induced prejudice.  His registered name is William Wallace Braveheart and he's as gentle and sweet as he can be.

  2. Stacie Naczelnik profile image69
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 16 years ago

    Right now, I have two cats: Benny and Freya.  They are the sweetest.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Pictures_of_the … t_Kittens/

  3. C.M. Vanderlinden profile image62
    C.M. Vanderlindenposted 16 years ago

    Three cats: Bug, Zelda, and Mouse. And a red-eared slider (turtle) named Bowser. We're planning on getting some fish soon----my daughters keep begging us for a fish tank in their room smile

  4. elisabeth reid profile image68
    elisabeth reidposted 16 years ago

    Three cats: Waggles (who truly seems to think she's a dog), Velvet and Cookie.
    Leopard Gecko: Yoshi aka Creature (unfortunately I suspect his end is near.  I got a phone call from a heartbroken kid about an hour ago because there's something seriously wrong with the poor thing).
    Red-eared slider: Clyde. 
    Dog: Champ. 
    Fish: varied and unnamed.
    Hamster: Furby.  'nuff said.

    Do kids and spouses count?

  5. Cinda profile image62
    Cindaposted 16 years ago


    I have cats at my hometown. I also had one persian cat which was died in 2006. Her name is Jessie, she died when she was 6years old. I love her some much. She has grey long and soft hair.

    Currently, I love one, he is her (Jessie) grandchildren . His name is Black because he is totally black except his eyes is yellow.

  6. jayney profile image57
    jayneyposted 16 years ago

    I HAVE

    2x Chamelions...Poppet and Woppet
    2x Cave Geckos...Ronnie and Roxy
    2x Tortioses..... Blue and Bell
    2x Missippi Map Turtles.... Big Dude and Baby Dude
    1x African Praying Mantis..... Molly
    1x Indian Praying Mantis ......Nikki
    3x Crested Geckos...... Balderick, Red and Milly
    2x Red Eyed Tree Frogs.....Sam and Amy
    2x Black Eyed Red Eyed Tree Frogs..... Tumble and Topsy
    2x Bearded Dragons.......Binki and Boomer

    and then a rather large collections of leopard geckos

    1x Tangerine...... Mi-Mi
    1x Albino......Frankie
    1x High Yellow..... Ramsay
    2x Lusistic...... Lucy and Gordon
    2x Normals......Charlie and Tilly
    2x Hypo Baldi.....Zac and Nostrils
    2x Blazzing Blizzards..... Angel and Star
    4x Mac Snows.......Tinsel,Candy,Hazel and Flake
    1x Patternless.......Mandy
    4x Jungles.......Freckles,Spot, Bud and Drew

    so i have quite alot and probably a few i forgotten but my boyfriend has the same interest which is a bonus.
    Although i shouldnt forget to mention my dog which is a litttle Lhasa Apso called Barney x

    1. Whitney05 profile image84
      Whitney05posted 16 years agoin reply to this

      Do you breed?

      My morphs include:
      Bell albino (I'm getting 2 more in the beginning of March),
      Tremper albino
      Tremper Blazing Blizzard
      Tremper Hybino
      Mack Snow het bell
      Hypo Mack Snow het bell

      My racks are packed! I need to sale some of my SHTCTBs, but most of them aren't breeding size yet, so they're not at their full color scheme.

      I'd love some nice Bold jungles and Bold stripes.

      1. jayney profile image57
        jayneyposted 16 years agoin reply to this

        im hoping to breed this year! i been trying to get hold of a raptor and i really would love a chocolate leo but no where here are buying them in. its my first attempt at breeding. my jungles and boldys are babies still but they were incubated to be female so time will tell if im lucky to have a male. i e-mailed you with a problem that i have yesterday and was wondering if you recieved it and if you had any advice

        1. Whitney05 profile image84
          Whitney05posted 16 years agoin reply to this

          I did not receive your email, but I responded to your comment on my leopard gecko not eating hub.

          Breeding is a big commitment. There have been many times that I've wanted to sell everything and back out. It gets a little much to handle sometimes. I wish you luck.

          I need a RAPTOR male. Most chocolate albinos are just incubated at low temps. Not many people want to buy them. Why are you interested in one? I'd look for albinos with white markings versus the brown ones. I have both, and I find the white markings are much prettier and sale faster.

          I currently have a few darker albinos, not quite brown, but a darker pink/tan color available. All are younger females.

  7. jdeschene profile image59
    jdescheneposted 16 years ago

    Thus far, I've only got my dog, Duchess, and my evil (but cute) cat, Chloe.  I'm hoping to get a beta fish as soon as the weather warms up.

  8. relache profile image72
    relacheposted 16 years ago

    We have a cat named Chloe too.  She's an orange tabby.  She came to live with us after the couple that lived down the street who owned her broke up.  After the girlfriend moved out of the house, she just came over to our house and adopted us.

    She's one of three cats in our block that have picked their human owners versus the other way around.

  9. profile image0
    Hovalisposted 16 years ago

    I have a big orange tabby cat named Oscar. He has trained me well. If you have a cat you know how it is...

  10. stormyweather profile image65
    stormyweatherposted 16 years ago

    Your list of pets is quite astounding Whitney!

    I have three beautiful dogs whom I love dearly. They are called Rio, Rocco and Roma. They are all King Charles Cavaliers but they are each a different colour.

    Roma is a Tri-colour
    Rio is a Blenheim
    Rocco is Ruby

    Here is a link to a web album of their photos - once there, click on the slideshow button for best results.

    Rio, Rocco and Roma Photos

    1. Mary Jane22 profile image59
      Mary Jane22posted 14 years agoin reply to this
  11. crazyhorsesghost profile image70
    crazyhorsesghostposted 16 years ago

    I have

    about 300 chickens
    a pair of turkeys
    30 loud Peacocks
    150 ducks
    30 hungry demanding cats
    a 17 year old mini husky named Tasha that is the boss of everything
    7 St Benards that are sure to eat anything that does not move

    And yes I live on a large farm and no I am not insane

  12. reviews by jan profile image61
    reviews by janposted 16 years ago

    Right now I have one dog, a standard schnauzer.  I have just moved to two acres and my kids have joined 4-H  we plan on getting some miniature goats - pygmy or nubian (sorry not sure if that is how it's spelt).  Everyone around us has chickens, horses, and lamas, it is really wonderful.   Any one with tips or pointers would be much appreciated!


  13. Zsuzsy Bee profile image82
    Zsuzsy Beeposted 16 years ago

    The three dogs Darlin the Great Pyreneese, Boss the Boxer and Sheppard X, and Tucker the Shitzu let me live here in the house with the 2 Bearded Dragons named Martha and George. The 3 Leopard Geckos, Leopold, Leona, and Leony live in the office with the 2 Packman toads
    Packer and Manny. The Cockatiels Zac, Zoey & Zazzoo are the the last of the Zoo collection in the house. Bud and Weiser are the watch goats and Horticulturists in the barn with the cats La, Bats, & Blue, Rorque, Hocus, Pocus, Pudge, & Orphan Annie being the crowd controllers (mice) also in the barn.
    That's all and yes I agree I must be crazy but I love them all...(many of these were brought home by my youngest daughter and were kind of unwanted rescue cases). After all if you feed 6 cats or 8 what's the difference? right? And the barn is big.

  14. SparklingJewel profile image65
    SparklingJewelposted 16 years ago

    I have two parakeets. I call them my tweeties when I leave the apartment or when I come home and by name, Snowy and Sky, when I talk to them individually. They are quite vocal, and even try to imitate outdoor birds when the window is open. They make different kinds of sounds depending on the different sounds in the apartment. It's funny, they get so raucous sounding when the TV is on during some typical shows. And sing beautifully to certain kinds of classical music. I don't spend any time training them, they like each other most, but allow me to handle, feed and talk to them with good response.
    I used to have a parakeet called Mishka that would take a shower with me. He was the only bird and bonded with the kids and I. He would eat from the table with us and other fun stuff.

  15. profile image0
    sandra rinckposted 16 years ago

    two red eared sliders, Caprinicus and Picasso.  They like pickles.

    1. profile image56
      JFishposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Call me ignorant, but type of animal is a slider?  Is it in the lizard family?  Like a gecko?  Or am I way off base?

  16. Uninvited Writer profile image79
    Uninvited Writerposted 16 years ago

    I have a cat named Boo. He's an ocicat

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/unknowncat … 074299169/

  17. profile image50
    karenji236posted 16 years ago

    I have 3 grey tabby cats and one dove. Since daylight savings time '07, one of the cats pushes dinner up by one hour daily if I'm home to fed him. He is politely insistant but so well behaved, how can I refuse. The dove likes to communicate. I play tapes of nature sounds and he sits and listens.


  18. profile image53
    jyakel14posted 16 years ago

    I have 1 wonderful labradoodle named Buddy.

    I want a cat really bad however, my hubby is very allergic.  So, no kitties for me....sad

    http://hubpages.com/hub/What-Ive-learne … abradoodle

  19. Angela Harris profile image67
    Angela Harrisposted 16 years ago

    Cocker/beagle mix named Puppy and Lab/Dalmatian/Rottie mix named Roo. Also, we have 3 black and white cats that came with our house when we bought it. One is a female, almost all black except for a tiny patch of white on her chest; An older male that is the bravest, craziest, and sweetest cat I've ever known. Oh yeah, he just has one eye; And a beautiful little male cat that is their son. They already had names- Inky, Kiss, and Winky.

  20. DJ Funktual profile image77
    DJ Funktualposted 16 years ago

    Three cats.  Girlie is my wife's cat of 13 years and miracle to watch every day. 
    Trouble got her name the old fashioned way she earned it. 
    Partly cause of CAT Stevens get it? Trouble by Cat Stevens!  ahhhh never mind.
    We also call her chubba cause it rhymes and she's a fat bastid.  and 2 years ago we got Leopold aka Mr. Boy who plays fetch all day long like a dog.  I love him!

    There's a photo of Leopold on my rockinjoe contest HUB.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/HUB-CENTRAL-STA … Experience 
    you'll find it near the bottom.

  21. FreedomLady profile image58
    FreedomLadyposted 16 years ago

    Oh it's so nice to be able to share my love for my dog Rosie and my cat Queenie.
    I've had Rosie since she was 4 wks old and she will be 11yrs on April 26/08. Queenie was adopted from one of my friend's mother who took in alot of strays. Unfortunately Queenie (formerly know as Hennrietta) didn't get along with any new feline member. Of course her former family felt they had to find a new home for her instead of giving up the many strays that they continue to home. Queenie is about 14yrs old with the grey whiskers and the laid back attitude. Between the two of them there is no doubt that Queenie is the boss. I am only in a 1bdrm. apt but believe me if I had more room I would without a doubt have as many as I could home. Actually the thought of that idea even makes me smile. smile

  22. Marco_Man profile image58
    Marco_Manposted 16 years ago

    Currently I have 2 adorable male kittens, Titus & Lync.


  23. babbintton profile image53
    babbinttonposted 16 years ago

    its nice to know there are people like me that love animals more than i do, am glad to read that,but i have a special feeling to all animals and they mean alot to me,i am a successful breeder with 11 yrs xperience.i ve so many dogs,cats,pigs,horses,so many.its nice to know u all,

  24. profile image0
    emmabalmerposted 16 years ago

    Hooray for animal lovers!

    I call the following pets family:

    2 young draft horses

    3 mixed-breed dairy goats

    2 goldfish

    1 ugly sucker fish

    1 young jack russell terrier

    1 miniature Sardinian donkey

    More horses than I can shake a stick at

  25. jaymz profile image77
    jaymzposted 16 years ago

    Ball python.

  26. peachtron profile image60
    peachtronposted 16 years ago

    smile I have three cats.  Two are siblings and the other is a polydacyl (he's got thumbs).  He's the coolest cat I've had the pleasure of meeting.

  27. Soya profile image59
    Soyaposted 16 years ago

    i love spending time with my dog who is 3 yrs old..i love him..smile

  28. stevemark122000 profile image60
    stevemark122000posted 16 years ago

    I own a Border Collie

  29. RavynSteel profile image69
    RavynSteelposted 16 years ago

    not nearly as many as I'd like! I have 1 cat, 2 corn snakes and 2 female rats. That's as much as space will allow at the moment. I'm looking into getting a Ball Python but i'll probably need a bigger place first!

  30. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 16 years ago

    Ravyn, ball pythons are pretty cool. They're boring but very laid back.

    1. RavynSteel profile image69
      RavynSteelposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      I don't think I could ever find a snake boring! My only concern is space - how big do they tend to grow, or rather, what size tank would you recommend getting? I know they have to be strong as they're regular little houdinis!

      1. Whitney05 profile image84
        Whitney05posted 16 years agoin reply to this

        You saw my care sheet, but I'll answer it here anyway. ;-)

        Males tend to reach 3-4 feet and females 5-6.  I'd recommend at least a 29 gallon for males and a 40 gallon for females.

        My BP was great at first, but then I quickly lost interest because he just sleeps. I mean I'm used to  nocturnal reptiles (I breed 3 species of nocturnal geckos), but this was ridiculous for me. He's just to calm and docile. Ha.

  31. anniebutterfly profile image61
    anniebutterflyposted 16 years ago


  32. Lilymag profile image59
    Lilymagposted 16 years ago

    1 female boxer, Miss Lily Bug!  She is my best buddy.  Our doberman Harley died this past July 4th from DCM.  He was one of a kind, anyone who met him fell in love with him!  He was my husbands dog prior to us meeting, and was his best friend.  I grew very attached to him also.  It was devastating when he died.

    Now that we have Lily, I don't think we would have any other breed.  She has been so wonderful with the children!

  33. pincushions profile image59
    pincushionsposted 16 years ago

    I have a jack russle terrier named Ashley, A Siamese cat named Coffee. Ashley and Coffee never quite get along well.

  34. rmr profile image68
    rmrposted 16 years ago

    Our pet situation is always evolving, but we currently have one house sparrow that was abandonned by its mother when it was 3 days old. His name is Drumstick. We also have a Maine Coon cat, named Snickers, that was nearly road kill, and a one-eyed hamster, named chiclet, that the pet shop gave us, because nobody would buy him. We also have a tank full of tropical fish with various defects and maladies, as well as two green anoles, and 1 frog that we raised from a tadpole. Not nearly as impressive as some of the lists here, but as I said, it is ever evolving.

  35. Astralbex profile image59
    Astralbexposted 16 years ago

    5 cats
    2 dogs

    5 kids and 1 hubby..............do they count? LOL smile

  36. Laurie Stroupe profile image68
    Laurie Stroupeposted 16 years ago

    We have

    1 cat
    4 ducks (unless the eggs hatched)
    9 dogs (5 inside, 4 outside)
    approximately 49 rabbits (I'd have to count)

    The dogs are 2 lab/retriever mix, 1 treeing walker hound, 1 beagle with only two working legs (hobbled up after being hit by a car some time back, as best we can tell), 4 adult Chihuahuas, and 1 Chihuahua puppy.  We have another Chihuahua puppy on the way since we apparently don't have enough dogs in our lives.

    Five of the rabbits are are Jersey Woolies and they actually belong to my youngest daughter.  The rest of the rabbits are Holland lops.  21 are adults - 20 of those are grand champions. The 21st one missed it by one win before exceeding show weight.

    And yes, we live in the country.

  37. tjmum profile image60
    tjmumposted 16 years ago

    I used to have five cats, but am now just down to the one (Jinx), having lost my eldest two in March. Would love to get a dog when my boys are slightly older.

  38. Maddie Ruud profile image72
    Maddie Ruudposted 16 years ago

    Vivi's made a debut on another thread already, as well as a hub about items dangerous to dogs, but she's a spotlight hog, so here she comes again:


    She's about 12 lbs, a traumatized rescue dog (just to give you an idea of what she went through: not only is she afraid of belts, rolled up magazines, etc... she has a bebe lodged in her back!)  But very sweet, underneath it all, and getting calmer every day.  It's more rewarding, in a lot ways, to have a dog with issues, because you have something to compare their improvement to, as opposed to a dog who's "had it good" all along.

  39. ArtCantHurtU profile image68
    ArtCantHurtUposted 16 years ago

    I have
    3 dogs and
    2 cats

    2 dogs are 25 lbs
    one is 13 and the other is 3
    and one is 30 lbs
    she is also 12 years old

    the cats are siblings and just turned 12
    they are all very loveable
    and like to sleep in the bed- so it gets crowded

    Luckily I have a large yard


  40. profile image0
    RUTHIE17posted 16 years ago

    Just one cat--BabyKitty.  He's a chocolate sealpoint Siamese Munchkin.  Love him to pieces!!

  41. profile image49
    ilovedobermansposted 16 years ago


    I am Dawn, and I live in Milpitas, CA aka "Silicon Valley" area and I am currently down to one dog.  Stormy, our sweet "rotterman" (half rottie half dobie) passed away May 5, 2008.  Emmalee, is my one pet, and she is a "red" dobie.  When my sister and I moved out of our parent's home, we had one black cat, "Princess Abernathy" who died 6/07 and Mahana Kaminari, a blk/tn doberman, and she passed 1-07.  Shortly after moving, we adopted Stormy through Doberman Rescue or "Dogworks" in N. California.  Doberman Rescue told me she wasn't certain if she was 100% dobie or not.  I didn't care.  I wanted her!  She had been dropped off at a Vallejo animal shelter, and I think it was because someone tried to dock her tail with a rubber band, which unsurprisingly went bad, and started to gangrene.  Doberman Rescue swooped her up, got her tail and spay taken care of and I was so impatient to get her that I drove up to Fairfield and picked her up at the vet instead of waiting.  About 3 months after that, Doberman Rescue had a family who found a red one drop her off at my Dad's animal hospital, where I was working at the time.  I stood up to look at her and Cupid's Arrow went right through my heart.  Her ears were cropped, and one ear stood up and the other didn't.  Nice boxy paws.  She was just so interested and easy going!  She stayed in the run that day, very quiet the entire time, and that evening I brought her back with me (my sister and I rent the home behind the animal hospital from my parents) and she spent the night, no problems.  The next day I brought her back up and she yelled the entire time!  Its as if she knew that her home was JUST RIGHT OUT THERE, I CAN SEE IT!" and what the heck was she doing back here?!?!  Oh, at this time, my parents were at a sibling's home, welcoming a new grandson, and I wanted to run the adoption by my "landlord" so thats why I brought her back.  Long story short, unsurprisingly she became ours. 
    So we had 3 dogs and one cat for quite awhile.  Then two years ago, "A Pretty Penny"  Penny passed away, with Dad holding her.  Hurt like a son of a gun, and then we were able to get Emmalee.  Then that January Mahana passed away, practically in my Dad's arms.  Same with Stormy and Princess Abernathy.  ALL with my Dad whom they seemingly worshipped!  No kidding!

    Oh my goodness!  It amused me sooooo much how much my critters loved my Dad!  Unless he was to show up in pretty short order, Celeste and I could NOT or should not say "Dad" or a quiet riot would ensue.  Barking and whining and running back and forth, and raising the roof. Rides with Dad, rides with Dad, bring back Dad!

    Well, I better stop, for all those who actually made it through, wow. Thanks for allowing me to reminice about my beautiful "babies", or my K9 kids.  Mys sister calls them her "furry babies".

    Anybody who says money can't buy love never had a cute cuddly attention paying unconidtional love snuggling up to them pet!

  42. Pashun profile image60
    Pashunposted 16 years ago

    My precious ChowChow/Samoyed mix of a dog and a snake who thinks he's Houdini share a home with me.  Named Phoebe and Set respectively.

  43. stevemark122000 profile image60
    stevemark122000posted 16 years ago

    I have a dog. He is a Border Collie.

  44. deepbugs profile image56
    deepbugsposted 16 years ago

    I have dogs and cats , unfortunately all of my dogs are dead, only cats lives.-_-

  45. profile image0
    TAKTravelposted 16 years ago

    Yup got a Chocolate Lab.  he is very good with my son they lay on the floor and play with each other.

  46. wilsonskennels profile image61
    wilsonskennelsposted 16 years ago

    I have dogs lots of dogs:)smile I have four American Bulldogs Lilly,Starr,Bella and Doc. I have three Catahoula Currs Cocoa, Blu , and Tigger and three Catahoula Bulldogs TinkerBelle,Shug and Honey. Right now I have 11 puppies from Tinkerbelle but have great homes for all of them when they turn 8 weeks old.They are sooooo cute! I just LOVE dogs!smilesmile The only unconditional love you will ever have is from God and dog!

  47. Gawn Fishin' profile image60
    Gawn Fishin'posted 16 years ago

    My master's name is Mutt.  He is mostly ChowChow, and very protective.  Kelly is his daughter, and he allows her to live with us.  He takes very good care of me and our home.

  48. profile image0
    Peter_Sobczakposted 16 years ago

    I have one dog, an American Pit Bull Terrier named Tex. You see his happy face in my profile picture. smile He's a good boy! I wish the people that have a negative opinion about APBTs could see him before they make a comment about how "dangerous" of a breed they are.

  49. Silversparrow profile image53
    Silversparrowposted 15 years ago

    I have three dogs

    A dashund/corgi mix named Sparky

    A schnauzer/chiuahaha mix named Penny

    and a demonic standard chiauahaha named Chew-Chew, that would be my little sister's dog, he is interesting to say the least, he got hit by a minivan, took part of the front bumper off and lived, he is rather creepy but loving.

  50. Courtney_CollinsD profile image60
    Courtney_CollinsDposted 15 years ago

    I have a cat named Shadow, she's a Russian Blue/Siemese mix and well lets just say she thinks she owns everything. She's turning three on august 23rd and to be honest, even with her prissy attitude she is my babygirl. All the animals I've ever had always get treated like they would if they were my own kids, me and my husband are huge animal lovers so when we get a new place we'll probably end up getting a lot more pets to add to the family. Shadow wont like it much though.

    On the other side I had a dog named Harley Budwiser that I grew up with, he was a boston terrier/bull mix, unfortunately he passed on when I was 12 but he'll always be in my heart.

    Then there was Gussy and Gorbachev(Gorby for short), two black and white cats that we had to give up back in 02 when my dad and I moved to a new place, hopefully they were kept together because they were brother and sister and probably wouldn't have been able to live without eachother.

    Other then that I had Goldie the goldfish for almost a year. It was amazing really, it was one of those two weeks tops fish but the fish just didn't die. I was suprised he/she died at all, I thought the thing was gonna live forever.


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