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The 60 Day Challenge Agenda -- Writing and Promoting Online

Updated on August 29, 2014

The 60 Day Challenge Agenda -- Writing and Promoting Online

"If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking." -- ~Buddhist Saying

"I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday" -- Author Unknown

I joined the 60 day challenge agenda, 60 dc or 60daychallenge.

I have been writing online for almost six months now and I enjoyed sharing, reading and commenting about other peoples work. I am proud to say that I contributed a lot to the body of knowledge or information generation in the Internet already with 280 well thought, hubs of mine, me and my other account alexandriaruthk's profile have been busy writing and writing and reading other peoples hubs. That was fun and entertaining but I have another ambition -- to write and to be read by lots of people. I have some following already in my two accounts but then, I need to work on promoting my work online so that many will read my work and at the same time I will also earn and enjoy the world of online writing and earning at the same time.

I know it will not be easy, I need to learn litle by little but I will be there with the help of some knowledge learn from online promotion of works and joiningg the 60 Day Challenge.

The 60 Day Challenge

The 60 Day Challenge at HubPages is being coordinated by Sunforged who is willing to help hubbers like me and others to write and then promoting your work online. It is 60 days as the first 30 days is geared towards writing 30 or more hubs and then the next 30 days will be spent on promoting your work online. I know this is just the beginning of a long road ahead of me.

The phase has just started April 1st and I am now delayed so to speak, after joining the health hub contest I rested for awhile and I think I am ready again for this endeavor. I know my followers will understand me from time to time if I cant visit them it means your sweet pretty is doing some hubs and promoting online.

My Plans for the 60 Day Challenge -- What I did so far

  1. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) --I haven't thought of this before but then I realized the importance of the knowledge of understanding it. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO or the knowledge of it is important because it explains how search engines work and what people search for in the Internet. it refers to fast indexing of your hubs if you know well what specific keywords are saleable in short -- what do people like to read!
  2. Backlinking and Online Promotion of Works
  • I started joining Redgage-- a site which you can promote your work by posting a link there and they pay you for your social activities plus your content. At my end, i posted link to my hubs here at HubPages! I also joined Shetoldme -- here! -- this is a site which you can earn with adsense sharing, posting your link there plus you can also join the community.

Tentative Plans about the 60 Day Challenge!

I am a beginner to all of these endeavors and I spent the last week joining the above sites for back-linking. Here are my plans for this month in joining the 60 Day Challenge.

  • I will write on hubs about health and fitness, children's health and entertainment. I will write 15, 10 and 5 respectively. If I come up with a topic which I can write then I will insert it with my tentative plans!
  • I will join the forum on the topic and try to contribute as much as I can in helpful promotion.
  • I need to be educated more on SEO, back-linking and workings of online promotion by reading hubs of Sunforged, , Mark Knowles and others.
  • I will see if I will join social sites like facebook and twitter as I don't have accounts there.

Establishing backlinks and initial promotions

Joining backlinking sites

  • I joined Redgage, Snipsly, Xomba, ShetoldMe and YousayToo. For the meantime I have to upload some of my 200 plus hubs in the sites.
  • I also read hubs about monetization, SEO, backlinking at the same time.
  • Joined twitter, facebook and twitterfeed
  • I am trying to learn like a sponge and getting the drift on what to do, keyword search, the Google wheel and I try to focus more on keywords than just writing and writing


Updates on My 60 Day Challenge

UPDATE as of April 20, 2010

April 5 to 20, 2010

13 Hubs written so far!

I wrote 13 hubs so far. Eight, about pregnancies, one about relationship and 3 about entertainment plus one log about the 60 Day Challenge.

Reading and learning about SEOs

  • I am squeezing my time between that and reading other members hubs plus researching and writing my hubs for the challenge.

Visiting our forum

  • I see to it that I read whats on our private forum everyday and see what is happening.


60 Day Challenge Hub Log

Pregnancy and Health Hubs   --- 7 

Entertainment   -- 4

Travel Hub  -- 1


Lessons learned

  • I know I am doing something wrong because by the number of hubs I have, I should be getting a lot of views, but this past week it is surging a bit, the average per day views is increasing consistently since I joined twitter and facebook.
  • The importance of the amount of the keyword and topic, the day that I got the lowest views, it got the highest per day earn because of the price of the keyword.

Views Comparison last month and this month until today the 20th of April

Average per day  
this month April 1 to April 20, 2010
(14,027) not including today yet 
804 --- for April 2010
last month March 1 to 20 2010
817  -- March 2010
Higest per day 
my average click for the week increased tremendously, it is 1104 per day
My average click per day for the week, April 13 to 20 is 1,104, that is an increase from an average of 700 plus for the last month and from April 1 to 12

Eye of the Tiger -- Song for Determination

UPDATES on the 60dc

  • I joined the twitter and Facebook plus Snipsly in addition to RedGage, Xomba and ShetoldMe plus Yousaytoo.
  • I joined the twitter feed and it is very useful.
  • My views increased a lot and also clicks from the last update. Lats month, my average is only 800 plus, now it is 1300 plus a day! But for the last week, the average is 1500 plus views, the click likewise increased.

Updates on the 60dc 60 day challenge form April 21 to May 1, 2020

Finally I am done with the required 30 days hubs, and I continued with the hubs on entertainment and pregnancies after the last update.

Following are the hubs witten after the last update :

Entertainment : 2 ENTERTAINMENT HUBS

Pregnancy Hubs: 16 Pregnancy HUBS

Update April 21 to April 30,2010

Average per day 
 13,751 from april 21 to April 30, 2010
1,375 views per day on the average 


60 Day Challenge Hub Log

Travel Hub


  • Bangkok, Thailand is a tourist haven, the food, places, sceneries and the attractionsare beyond what I was expecting. It is like going to another world which you never see before like golden palaces, floating boat market, restaurants -- exotic foods, chili but good to the taste, smiles of the Thai people, safaris -- crocodiles show and I even saw some two elephants walking down the roads. Over all, Bangkok, Thailand is a place where you a mixture of old and new traditions.


Pregnancy and Women's Health Hubs


  • Motivational Quotes for Pregnant Women is a hub that is compose of motivational and inspiring quotes to inspire and motivate women who are pregnant so that they will experience the joy of pregnancy.

Summary :

  • In this hub, I discussed and give some insights on the "Ways on How to Get Pregnant Faster and Easier the Natural Way" and these are : maintain regular sex with your partner, change your lifestyle (both for the woman and the man), the woman should monitor and know her reproductive cycle or menstrual cycle, visit a health provider regarding your physical health and avoid stress.

Summary :

  • Every pregnant woman should adhere to the basic precautions about "unsafe foods for pregnant women" as the health of the unborn baby is totally dependent on the mother's nutrition and health. Always stay healthy and seek the advice of a health provider if in doubt about any topic pertaining to mothers health --- from fitness, dieting and healthy and unsafe foods.

Summary :

  • A pregnant woman should have a healthy diet as she is eating for two. healthy foods for women are rich in folic acid, iron, calcium. A complete healthy foods for pregnant women thus includes the basic food groups : fruit, meat and beans, milk group, vegetables group and grains.

Summary :

  • Yoga is a good exercise for a pregnant woman because it helps in the overall health in terms of physical and mind coordination. Pregnant women who practice yoga doesn't have difficulty in giving birth plus they are at ease during labor

Summary :

  • There are benefits of simple exercises when a woman is pregnant. The simple and easy exercises for pregnant women are : kegelexercises, yoga, bicycling, simple climbing stairs, machine, aerobic dance, running, jogging and walking. However, there are also overall safety precautions when exercising during pregnancy and it is always best to ask your health provider if you embark in a new exercise regimen.

Summary :

  • Since you are the one responsible for your total health and your baby, total caution is required when you are expecting, please consult a health provider when taking supplements -- vitamins and herbals. There are herbals safe with pregnant women, but the manner in which you take them and the dosage should be approved by a health provider. Overall care for your health is needed when you're expecting a baby.


  • Watsu a tested way of relaxation and therapeutic technique is helpful in pregnancy as well as it is also advisable for the whole population including children. The soothing power of warm water and muscle relaxation through massage while in water is helpful in breathing technique and help pregnant women to relax and meditate in preparation for labor. it is also a good exercise for pregnant women as it helps relax the muscles and joints in an environment which supports relaxation for the whole body. I cant wait to experience this technique.

Summary :

  • There are hormonal changes occurring in the woman's body when one is pregnant and coupled with some personal problems and risk behaviors, a pregnant woman experience stress and anxiety. There are also easy to do things to avoid it like eating healthy foods, avoid risk behaviors and find counseling with health provider plus finding support and solace with your loved ones. Exercise and sleeping enough is also necessary to avoid stress and anxiety.

Summary :

  • This hub entitled - What Not to Wear When You Are Pregnant : Fashion Maternity Flops discussed some fashion no nos for pregnant women like : wearing a hang t-shirt that's shows your stomach and navel -- instead of a maternity blouse or shirt.Wearing too loose clothes that make you look like a tent or hanger - ons, forcing to wear your old inappropriate underwear that are not fitting when you are not pregnant like t- back, thongs etc., wearing short shorts plus a t shirt , wearing high heeled shoes which you walk like funny and uncomfortable and the danger of you falling over, wearing a one piece maternity clothes above the knee and just below the woman's private parts or underwear is not good to see and forcing to wear your old pants,

Summary :

  • When choosing what to wear when you are pregnant you can be stylish and not sacrificing comfortability. Always wear clothes with your smile, confidence and capitalized on your new curves and flaunt it, why not?

Summary :

  • This hub is not an exhaustive study about epidural anesthesia or painless way of giving birth, the best option is still the natural way of giving birth that I have discussed in this hub -- Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option. Always talk to your health provider about the best options for you. I think that epidural anesthesia remove the experience from the mother of the true meaning of giving birth. Our ancestors gave birth the natural ways and this is deem normal process for women.

Summary :

  • The Alexander technique in giving birth naturally sounds good and it is also beneficial to those who are not pregnant. Giving birth the natural way is the way to go, the husband becomes a partner and helps the woman in this technique, plus you will learn the basic of moving in your own natural way discovering yourself, and then you learn how to ease your labor pains naturally while you are more attune to yourself.

Summary :

  • The best way to give birth if you don't have pregnancy risk is the natural way of giving birth and I specified what are the different ways of giving birth here in this hub. In your journey of pregnancy, take care of your self because when the mother is healthy, the baby is also healthy. I hope this hub -- Different Ways of Giving Birth and How To Choose the Best Option is helpful in your journey of pregnancy.

Summary :

  • This Bradley method of childbirth is one of the natural way of giving birth which teaches the pregnant women to give birth naturally and trust their bodies to use natural breathing technique, relaxation, nutrition, exercise and education. Plus when women are assisted by their husband or partner it is found out that they give birth more at ease and they have more confidence.

Summary :

  • Overall, the goal of this technique of giving birth is to help women to give birth with confidence and naturally. That is why it is essential to attend classes which is specified in this hub.

Summary :

  • There are growing interest in the technique of hypnosis in childbirth and if you choose to have this option, then you can visit and talk to a credible hypnotherapist or if you choose to do the Mongan method or HypnoBirthingjust go to their site for the available education classes. There are advantages to the natural way of giving birth but there are also precautions if you choose this technique. Enjoy giving birth and thank you for reading this hub "Childbirth with Hypnosis -- Hypnosis Techniques In Giving Birth Plus Amazing Videos".

Summary :

  • In this hub, I will discuss the water birth techniques which you have probably heard of and amazing videos and stories that goes with the water birth technique of giving birth. I hope this hub "Feeling at Ease With Water Birth Technique with Amazing Videos" helps you in a way specially for the couples and women who are pregnant who are contemplating on what techniques to use when they give birth, if not share it with anybody you know who are open to options of the natural way of giving birth.

Summary :

  • Pregnancy is a joyful experience, some women would say this is the most exciting part of their lives. Sometimes it can be stressful for some as they are anticipating the changes in their body. There is physical and emotional overloads as the hormones are changing in the body of a pregnant woman. It is a stage in life where some crazy things happen to you, you crave for the unusual foods, other times you are nauseous when you smell foods. All in all, it is a challenging experience and they say that it is what makes a woman. At the same time, pregnant women are the butt of jokes and in this hub I gather some humor quotes and funny jokes about pregnant women in the hope that when women and men in their lives read this one, they will smile and share a laughter together. Laughter is the best therapy and medicine and it is free, so come on read this hub "Humor Quotes and Funny Jokes About Pregnant Women" and you will surely laugh.

Summary :

  • Meditation is a good technique in helping a pregnant woman to ease the pain during labor stage. It is also best if it is combined with the breathing technique. At first this is difficult specially of you have problems concentrating, but with constant practice you can get the drift of it. I hope this article help you in a safe and happy delivery. I hope you have an easy way of giving birth, Thank you!

Summary :

  • I discussed the two opposing views by the Baby Center site and the American Pregnancy Association with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). I think that when it comes to tattooing and like my other hubs about peel chemicals and hair treatment for pregnant women it is important to just wait after you give birth if you want to have these treatments. Since studies are not conclusive and not that much about the effect of tattoos, and other treatment for pregnant women, it is best to be safe.

Summary :

  • There are chemicals which are used for facial moisturizers, facial scrubs, facial masks, facial cleansers, acne solutions, eye skin care products, hand cream, self tanners, sun tan lotions, lotions, anti aging ( although) most women are relatively younger but some specially in their 40s and pregnant still use anti aging products like for wrinkles etc. The studies on the effect or safeness of chemicals in skin care products are not studied extensively although we know that natural is the best solution to every health problem including skin care, so it is best if you avoid using them altogether. If not, always consult a dermatologist and your health provider.

Summary :

  • Hair treatment using chemicals during pregnancy has not been studied thoroughly although in some studies and citing from the American Pregnancy Association and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) said that that it is relatively safe to use dye during pregnancy. It is useful and recommended to follow safety precautions stated above. In my own opinion, I think that it is wise for a pregnant woman to just wait after giving birth just to be sure, anyway the glow of natural beauty flows in you and mind you, all women are beautiful, you don't need any enhancement at the moment.Thank you, and I hope this hub "How Safe are Chemicals for Hair Treatment for Pregnant Women" is helpful. Share it with others.


Summary :

  • In view of the celebration of St Andrews Day, (St Andrew is their patron saint ) which is a national celebration in Scotland, I featured the best and famous Scottish actors and actresses who are renowned and great in their craft.

  • In view of the celebration of St George Day, (St George is their patron saint) which is a holiday in England, I featured the best and famous English actors and actresses who are renowned and great in their craft.

Summary :

  • In this hub, I featured celebrities who are sexy and beautiful. They maintain sexiness and beauty during pregnancy plus they glow more. It is natural beauty at work that is innate when you are pregnant, almost effortless as they say. This hub is dedicated to all the women who are pregnant, wanting to be pregnant and to all those who experience the joy of motherhood and being a mom.

Summary :

  • There are lots of many Mexican famous and best actors and actresses who are well known in the world of arts, music and entertainment, In this hub, I will focus on the entertainment industry. Here are the list of the famous and best Mexican actors and actresses.

Summary :

  • Included in the list of the best and famous Canadian actresses are: Mary Pickford, Kim Catrall, Sandra Oh, Pamela Anderson, Caroline Rhea, Catherine O'Hara, Evageline Lilly, Carrie-Anne Moss, Rachel Blanchard, Wendy Jane Crewson, Tantoo Cardinal, Colleen Rose Dewhurst, Jacqueline Burroughs and Megan Follows. Please feel free to ad your favorite best and famous Canadian actresses.

Summary :

  • The Victoria day celebration in Canada is celebrated with festivities and parades. Included in the list of the best and famous actors are the following : Keifer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland, Mike Myers, Seth Rogen, Brendan Fraser, Jim Carrey, Dan Akroyd, Eric McCormack, Christopher Plummer, James Doohan, Michael Cera, John Candy and Matthew Perry. You are free to add your best and famous Canadian actors.


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