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Nibiru Planet X March 17, 2013 The UFO Connection and the Pole Shift

Updated on October 3, 2013
UFO's are here to witness the awakening of our species and to help restore the planet .
UFO's are here to witness the awakening of our species and to help restore the planet . | Source
Once again NASA is playing the CME, Solar Flare warning as a cover for Nibiru Planet X, the question is how long will the public buy their nonsense?
Once again NASA is playing the CME, Solar Flare warning as a cover for Nibiru Planet X, the question is how long will the public buy their nonsense? | Source

CME (Coronal Mass Ejection)

Once again NASA is covering its ass by warning the public of a possible CME heading our way this weekend, which could affect satellite communications, probes and the (ISS) International Space Station. I'm not doubting the veracity of Coronal Mass Ejections or their predictions by NASA but I am doubting the reasons for the disruptions of satellite communications.

NASA has made many of the same predictions in the last ten years since Nibiru Planet X entered our solar system with little or no results to show for their warnings. I suspect this weekends warnings will show similar results, as it is just a cover for the continued disruptions caused by Nibiru Planet X's massive dust cloud as it wafts towards our planet.

Because of their past failures in predicting solar flares and CME's disruptions of satellite communications and the fact that the MSM (mainstream media) and the public rely on NASA for all their space related information these types of warnings are often sensationalized but when they fail to materialize little or nothing is said, a classic case of disinformation.

However if they don't make these kinds of predictions, then when satellite communications do fail they would have to admit the true reasons for them, we know this as CYA (cover your ass), just in case!

Although NASA is more than capable of warning us of Solar Flares, the dire consequences of them never seem to materialize
Although NASA is more than capable of warning us of Solar Flares, the dire consequences of them never seem to materialize | Source

The Push For Mars

Has anyone else wondered why so many of the rich elite are making a hard push for space exploration and a manned mission to Mars? In this article Nibiru Planet X March 17, 2013 The UFO Connection and the Pole Shift I will explore the reasons so many of the rich elite on this planet seemed to have such a keen interest in leaving it and how UFO's are connected to Nibiru Planet X and the Pole Shift.

Just recently (March 3, 2013) the first active private spacecraft (the SpaceX Dragon) was able to dock with the International Space Station for a resupply mission. Among the 1,268 pounds of supplies were seeds used in the experimentation of plant growth in space. This was the third successful re-supply mission since October of last year paid for by NASA, which means ostensibly the American taxpayer is footing the bill for private companies.

The founder of SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies, Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal is putting up $100 million dollars of his own personal fortune to finance this venture which he started in 2002, the year before Nibiru Planet X arrived in our solar system. Considering he has landed a $1.6 Billion dollar contract with NASA to provide 12 unmanned cargo deliveries, he has already made his investment back ten-fold. Ask yourself where NASA gets its money from and you have the answer to who exactly is financing this venture and making this man filthy rich.

Why after more than forty years (Apollo Missions) is there a demand to put men into space and establish a base on Mars?

Why would these private companies be looking at manned missions to Mars when the Moon is much closer?

Orbital Sciences a company launched in 1982, the year before NASA discovered Planet X on the fringes of our solar system is a publicly traded company worth $1.1 Billion dollars. They too have a contract with NASA to provide eight unmanned cargo missions to the ISS, worth $1.9 Billion (US taxpayers) dollars.

Perhaps the most revealing and intriguing plans by a private space company are those of Bigelow Aerospace and the Sundancer and BA-330 spacecraft. These inflatable craft are designed to serve as mini-space stations orbiting the Earth with a crew between three and six astronauts. The founder of the company Robert Bigelow is hoping to use this inflatable technology to build a private moon base and has invested $180 Million of his own dollars to make this happen.

All three of these companies are developing spacecraft capable of creating livable conditions for a limited amount of people (astronauts) to survive in space. With the International Space Stations ongoing experiments of growing plants in space, it clearly shows that these rich elite are trying to develop self contained environments capable of allowing a limited few to survive in space.

The safest location for anyone anticipating a global cataclysm would be off the planet, on another planet or orbiting in a space station or spacecraft designed to support life.

Many of these types of space exploration companies keep a low public profile to avoid scrutiny and keep the masses from guessing their true agenda or guessing the real reasons behind their sudden interest in investing millions in personal fortunes with little or no return.

The space exploration company Blue Origin founded by Jeff Bezos of fame, has maintained a tight lid of secrecy on its plans and goals for its spacecraft named New Shepard.

Perhaps the most controversial agenda comes from Dennis Tito, a former rocket engineer, who made a fortune while working for Wilshire Associates an investemnt firm in California. He made history in 2001 when he paid $20 Million dollars to take an eight day trip to the ISS aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Since that trip he has kept a low public profile but recently revealed a plan to send two astronauts on a round trip 500 day mission to Mars and back beginning in 2018.

What is interesting to note is that this plan involves the 'nonprofit' organization Inspiration Mars Foundation lead by Tito himself. This organization which cannot be found on any tax-exempt nonprofit organization databases claims it is "committed to accelerating America's human exploration of space as a critical catalyst for future growth, national prosperity, new knowledge and global leadership."

Since Dennis Tito's initial space flight six other non-astronauts have made the journey all aboard the Russian spacecraft Soyuz, below is a list of these people, nationality, duration of trip and year, the money they paid to make the flight and the source of their wealth.

  • Mark Shuttleworth • South African/British • 11 days/2002 • $20 million • Thawte

  • Gregory Olsen • American • 11 days/2005 • $20 million • Sensors Unlimited, Inc.

  • Anousheh Ansari • Iranian/American • 12 days/2006 • $20 million • Telecom Technologies, Inc.

  • Charles Simony • Hungarian/American • 15 days/2007 • $25 million • Microsoft Office

  • Charles Simony • Hungarian/American • 14 days/2009 • $35 million • Microsoft Office

  • Richard Garriott • British/American • 12 days/2008 • $30 million • Origin Systems

  • Guy Laliberte • Canadian • 11 days/2009 • $40 million • Cirque du Soleil

Considering the exorbitant amounts ($190 million total) of money these six individuals paid for a relatively short trip into space there is obviously some very real interest by the rich elite to leave this planet, the question is why?

UFO Connection

Not only are they here but are ready to provide support, guidance and safe energy resources for the survivors after the Polar Shift.
Not only are they here but are ready to provide support, guidance and safe energy resources for the survivors after the Polar Shift. | Source

Phobos (Greek God of Fear)

Phobos, one the Moons of Mars is controlled and mined by the Annunaki, the 'Gods' of ancient Earth.
Phobos, one the Moons of Mars is controlled and mined by the Annunaki, the 'Gods' of ancient Earth. | Source


Although the Annunaki, the name the ancient Sumerians gave to the 'Gods' or EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) that visited our planet in search of gold and other precious minerals, may have interfered with mankind's early development, they did not arrest our evolutionary process according to the Council of Worlds.

Whether or not you believe that a Council of Worlds exist and controls the development of evolving species throughout the Universe, there is ample evidence to support this claim. When the Annunaki were deemed to be interfering with the spiritual development of our race by pretending to be Gods, they were asked to leave by the Council of Worlds and they did roughly 3,000 years ago.

These Annunaki or Nephelim (in the Bible) were the ancient Gods of the Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Mayans and many other cultures in our recent recorded past. Often considered myths and legends by orthodox history the overwhelming evidence points to their domination of our planet for thousands of years.

Interesting to note is that the Annunaki's home world is Nibiru Planet X and although this world has returned to our solar system, we have seen no evidence that they intend to return. Although they are allowed to continue to mine gold on the Mars Moon, Phobos, they are not allowed to interfere with mankind's development by returning to this planet.

The Powers That Be have tried to downplay their role in mankind's history as way of distorting the truth and censoring information as to the nature of mankind and our role in the Universe. Remember Knowledge is Power and those that don't have it end up paying for it one way or another.

For if mankind were to learn the true history and awesome potential they possess, many institutions and governments would simply become obsolete. The Powers That Be understand the true purpose of the Pineal Gland the God Organ and have set about to block mankind's ability to use it through calcification.

Does anyone really believe that God in her infinite wisdom forgot to put fluoride in our water?

The French philosopher Descartes believed the pineal gland was the seat of our soul and even modern scientist claim they do not understand the purpose for this incredible organ. The pineal gland develops in the embryo seven weeks after conception, Buddhists believe that the soul is reincarnated seven weeks after death, coincidence?

The UFO Connection

There are many theories to why so many UFO's now are being seen by millions of people world wide. The one that makes the most sense to this author is that they are here to provide support and witness the awakening of our species. Depending on what you choose to believe it is fairly obvious that UFO's have been sighted in the skies of Earth for a very long time dating far back in the history of our species.

There are stories from the Bible (Ezekiel), the ancient Sumerians, the Hindu Vedas, the Mayans and many other cultures of visitors from space and spacecraft. I submit to you that we (humans) have been genetically engineered specifically for this planet to evolve unmolested from outside influences as way of propagating the humanoid species (Panspermia) throughout the galaxy.

When developing species are on the verge of space exploration, advanced technologies and weapons of mass destruction they are watched closely by more developed races to ensure that they have developed spiritually as well and will not take any aggressive tendencies outside the confines of their planet or solar system.

Surely any advanced race capable of traveling the stars would not welcome or allow any aggressive race to wander the Universe unsupervised.

  • Any race of beings that would allow their own kind to starve to death while there is more than enough food and resources to feed everyone, would not be considered spiritually enlightened enough to join the rest of the Galaxy.

  • Any race capable and willing to kill their own kind for profit, in the name of God or simple for land and resources would not be considered spiritually enlightened beings and would need to be quarantined on their own planet until they had evolved to the point that they had outlawed War.

  • Any race that would willingly pollute their only home with toxic waste, nuclear fallout and industrial contamination surely would not be the kind of species that other more evolved beings were looking for as neighbors.

  • Surely any race that felt it was necessary to censor information from the majority so that a few elite groups could live like kings and enslave the vast majority to indentured servitude, essentially creating a class system that favored the few while depriving the many, would not have reached the spiritual plateau that was necessary to join a galactic brotherhood.

These are the reason why we have not been allowed to leave this planet despite our desire to do so. The UFO's that mankind has been seeing in the Earth's skies for a millennium are here to watch but not interfere. They are here to offer subtle guidance and to prevent this planet from being destroyed through our own ignorance, greed and unmoral behavior.

They are also here to witness the awakening of our species when we are faced with a lesson in which everyone on this planet will receive at the same time. This lesson will be invariably how we will react to a cataclysm of global proportions.

This lesson of course is the Polar Shift caused by Nibiru Planet X, the real reason why so many of the rich elite are willing to spend huge fortunes to leave this planet for a safe location in space, the Moon or Mars.

These alien watchers will be there to help us pick up the pieces and restore order but they will not interfere with the spiritual lesson that has been designed to awaken our species and allow us to create a new paradigm closer to the heart.

Needless to say, I do not believe the rich elite will succeed in their plans to leave this planet however they will be allowed to try. Interesting to note that unmanned spacecraft, probes and satellites are allowed to leave the planet as well as the ISS but these are all tools of enlightenment and knowledge.

PANSTARRS Comet and the Moon

Interesting to note the illuminated part of the Moon is on the bottom clear evidence of the increase in the Earth Wobble.
Interesting to note the illuminated part of the Moon is on the bottom clear evidence of the increase in the Earth Wobble. | Source

You Make the Call

Does anyone truly believe an advanced race capable of interstellar travel would have any difficulty in conquering and taking this planet by force?

See results


I firmly believe that our Moon was specifically designed as a space station/observatory and as a means to create regular seasons on our planet and a way for our species to develop unhindered by adverse weather conditions and interference by other alien races intent of exploiting the planet's resources. I believe that our Moon actuality is a spacecraft and is hollow with its' working parts on the inside so they can be protected from the elements of space and will be unobserved by outside influences from the Earth or spacecraft.

I also believe that many alien species have bases on the Moon, underground on Earth or on the bottom of our oceans or beneath our oceans, that is why so many UFO's are observed near large bodies of water or emerging from our oceans.

I suspect that the Earth is an investment of time and energy by alien races and they are here to monitor our evolutionary progress and protect the Earth from being destroyed, either by outside influences or from nuclear war by its own citizens. Consider for a moment that nuclear weapons were used in war almost 70 years ago but have not been used since.

Do you really believe The Powers That Be haven't tried to use nuclear weapons since then, or is it more likely they have been prevented from doing so?

What better way to provide an excuse for the 'War on Terrorism' than to detonate a nuclear weapon anywhere in the world and blame it on terrorist?

Any alien race worth their weight in enriched plutonium and can travel the stars effortlessly could easily disable a nuclear weapon in flight. If you subscribe to the theory that the planet Earth is an invaluable resource (as I do) then allowing it to be contaminated by nuclear radiation is not an option. Perhaps the human race isn't worth saving, after all look at the misery we inflict on each other in the name of greed, power and unmoral behavior however the planet certainly is, as our own scientist have proven there are not many worlds in the Universe like this one.

I believe the real reason UFO's are being seen easily by so many throughout the world is to indoctrinate mankind to the concept that we are not alone in the Universe despite what our governments, religious leaders and scientist would have us believe.

I also believe that they have tried to warn many of our governments of the impending cataclysmic geographical upheavals due to Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift for a very long time and that this information has been censored from the public for obvious reasons.

If you believe that our souls do not die and that we are reincarnated on this planet and others, as I do, then whether or not we survive the lesson we are about to receive in the form of a Polar Shift from Nibiru Planet X, will matter very little. The important thing we need to learn is the lessons that our race has received over the last 3,000 years.

War is not the Answer, only Love can conquer Hate! - Marvin Gaye

Among these lessons is that we are all one race and that Earth is our home, we must share its resources with each other, preserve it and treated as the living being that it is and learn to love each other unconditionally if we are to ascend to the next level of being and regain our rightful place in the brotherhood of the Universe.

We must create a new paradigm of existence that outlaws war, hunger and the sharing of information and technology. We must eliminate the social class systems, money and diseases as a way of life and embrace the potential God has given us on this planet we call Earth.

Without a doubt the majority of mankind recognizes that UFO's are real and many also agree that any species capable of traveling the stars would have the technological sophistication to conquer this planet easily.

So why should mankind feel the need to wait on our governments and institutions to tell them what to think when we can recognize that UFO's and alien civilizations are here now for the purpose of helping mankind achieve spiritual enlightenment?

The time for Full Disclosure by our governments and scientific institutions has elapsed and anything they say now will only test our credibility in them. The decades of lies, censorship and disinformation will only exemplify their deception and reinforce their true agenda to keep the public in the dark.

How could we believe anything they have to say, after all this time?

As Gloria Steiniem said "The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off!"

The whole point of this article Nibiru Planet X March 17, 2013 The UFO Connection and the Pole Shift is to provide my readers with the information necessary to consider the real reasons that alien species are here now, learn to trust your heart and soul and you will be deceived no longer!

Nibiru Planet X Signs


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