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  • Shades Of Deafness

    Shades Of Deafness

    2 years ago

  • Butterflies Fly From the Mouthes of Babes

    Butterflies Fly From the Mouthes of Babes

    10 years ago

    I can't imagine all the things there are I am asking you to miss All the moments there will be when you won't see one more drop of faith. Like a she-wolf I bare my teeth Daring them to pry - just one more rotting limb I...

  • Pieces of Me Dropping

    Pieces of Me Dropping

    10 years ago

    This tub water has grown cold, Every last bubble has dissipated into foamy frothy film left to circle the tub Every inch of me is wrinkled like an old hag pruned and cracking I bleed Pieces of me I have attempted to evict ...

  • Miserys the River of the World

    Miserys the River of the World

    10 years ago

    Miseries the river of the world And its coming nearer and nearer As she sets out on her journey She brings staves, and cups And coins. On her back she straps Swords. A block of cheese and bread to break her fast She treks Across...

  • I; A Sliver in the Sky

    I; A Sliver in the Sky

    10 years ago

    Note: There are two perspectives here. Three personalities I; A Sliver in the Ski These rivers flood. Gearing- ceasing, my course, my decree of finality. Marring reproach and baring f lecks, stains, spots. They are thwarting me,...

  • 9

    With Towers and Fairy-tales

    10 years ago

    A poem

  • Just The Bombs of Yesterday

    Just The Bombs of Yesterday

    10 years ago

    All I did was kneel and pray All that's left is to kneel and sway To find the beauty in surrender Where the promise in your eyes went I cannot follow Where and when adoration was replaced by abhoration I cannot place The...

  • 8

    A Lovers Cry

    10 years ago

    I'm tired Tired from guessing - tired from all the games life and death life and death now it's life or death A pinprick of existence - narrow insight all I could see was delusions and you; the monkeys on my back All I see are lies and mean mean...

  • Circles of the Sun

    Circles of the Sun

    10 years ago

    I dream of you - Mornings the only exception I see you in my nights Next to my heartbeat - yours thumping like a drum I make you leave - just to keep from stopping the spark that makes me - me Anger finds solace in the...

  • 5

    Stitches I Drew - A Poem

    11 years ago

    And there they all stood, while he alone rocked the house. I was reminded of beatnik of the crippled and the blindly damned. I moved my body and music, it wrapped around me spun me in circles even as my side ached and the rhythm would...

  • And It Should - A Poem By Frankie Di'Incendio

    And It Should - A Poem By Frankie Di'Incendio

    11 years ago

    This is going to hurt. She knows this. She opened a fortune. Smile it will make the world brighter. This is going to hurt. she opens a fortune. There is great friendship between you. This is going to hurt. She keeps writing it anyway...

  • Seeping Here Til Sunday

    Seeping Here Til Sunday

    11 years ago

    Infectiously your body is drawn
 The lines are crooked, broken, narrow, ugliness seeping here til Sunday. 
Dirt foiled all over you
 To hide, enamels of deceit. 
I’d invite you in
 But I’ve just swept
 And for some reason

  • Gypsy Wagon Liberater - A Poem

    Gypsy Wagon Liberater - A Poem

    11 years ago

    Awake and alone this night I begin to forget about you – Relief soars through me and I relax. This great weight no longer there, But here’s the thing I wonder still.. Wandering lost and stumbling No light from my Gypsy wagon liberator On...

  • If Only You Had Seen - Your Song; It Would Be Different

    If Only You Had Seen - Your Song; It Would Be Different

    11 years ago

    A poem I wrote about 3 years ago - One of my first lessons of heartache - also learnings of the value of true friendship.

  • Spinning Red and Black and Purple Twisters Strike Bare

    Spinning Red and Black and Purple Twisters Strike Bare

    11 years ago

    Black and purple tornadoes whipping through and fields of meadows left in the wake struck bare. Branches snap and twirl. Among stones and broken glass - Red front door is wedged between Wooden shutters – inside now...

  • Take Off Your Cross - Says She To The Shepherd

    Take Off Your Cross - Says She To The Shepherd

    10 years ago

    A poem written with fantasy flare in a narrative style about a goddess and her shepherd.

  • Moldy Welcome Matts

    Moldy Welcome Matts

    10 years ago

    A face in the window A little birdie sees Its mesmerized. Above the sill A copper plate Etched in stylized memory. Of dark eyes A habitual residue Of a merry go mind How lovely. The bird does not look away. And it falls bouncing in a...

  • Bob, Bob, Bobbing Bonnets Down The Mountain

    Bob, Bob, Bobbing Bonnets Down The Mountain

    10 years ago

    I tossed and turned and tumbled, Waiting all through the night and At half past the second twenty-second hour, With squinty blurry boogery eyes, I see the clock tick tock about my west dove housing tower. Its hour hand...

  • Mothers lessons of conditioning - My lovers sorrow

    Mothers lessons of conditioning - My lovers sorrow

    10 years ago

    Mothers Lessons of Conditioning; My lovers sorrow. An honest heart wrenching narrative poem.

  • Caw, Caw, Caw

    Caw, Caw, Caw

    10 years ago

    Crow Divination Silence settles Across the way as the first sun rays, Shake off the blanketing Of midnight terrors, errors, Lovers and their wares. The sky and plains Now clearly defined Frost addled branches Crackle and it...

  • These Lenses Click Constant

    These Lenses Click Constant

    11 years ago

    Click, Click, Clicking. This lense clicks constant, and into you I see a change. Why’s everyone looking this way? Let it all drop, Plastic rips of google And play store and android upon droids. Haha, you say rectify! ...

  • A Lapse; A Leap Into The Profane

    A Lapse; A Leap Into The Profane

    10 years ago

    Beanstalks growing, beanstalks growing! A revolution beings. “Impossible.” are the murmured statements whispered here and there. Questions asked and incredulous answers perceived as the beanstalks reach for the Heavens, as if to say; 'Climb...

  • Two Mismatched Sandals

    Two Mismatched Sandals

    11 years ago

    A young girl walks through the Holiday gas station parking lot on the west side of town. It's a foggy drizzly night, street lamps illuminate wisps of fog like a tunnel onto sparkling asphalt. She holds herself tight together, arms crisscrossed....

  • Rip-Rip-Rip; We Create

    Rip-Rip-Rip; We Create

    10 years ago

    Our Creation Here, Feel My Arm. Rip, rip and rip Until there's nothing there Close your eyes Place your hand here, on my arm Do you feel that? Feel my hair raised Rip, rip and rip, Until there's nothing there Goosebumps freckle my arms. Rip,...

  • That's me there, under the streetlamps glow. Do you see?

    That's me there, under the streetlamps glow. Do you see?

    10 years ago

    A poem I wrote about 3 years ago while in reflection of my past. In reflection, I realized though most of me was masked in anger; I have always been courageous and strong. This poem has a strong rendering of the subtle and not so subtle consequences of growing up in a violent home.

  • Golden Sunrise

    Golden Sunrise

    10 years ago

    You say you see sunlight in my eyes.. You say you’ll believe- believe, believe, believe All that's seen about me is dank and I see shame licked moments and eyes down cast. Little girls, grasping for light, for life on a...

  • Rosary Beads My Only Dress

    Rosary Beads My Only Dress

    11 years ago

    You chanted my name In praise and devotion You’ve been heard You said; “To the crippled and the blind To the lost and the damned To the lone bird flying in the sky” * And now it pounds though me. I the likeness of a...

  • I will share you

    I will share you

    11 years ago

    A time has come to pass; leaving shadows chasing the clock and you look at me as though you've never seen me this way before Only it's the 'you' that baffles me I listen all day to the banter of old maids; a constant upchuck of vowels and...


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