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  • The Beauty of Targeted Ads

    The Beauty of Targeted Ads

    2 years ago

    Targeted ads are targeted to a group of people that need your product. It is an advertising campaign, if the sales message is properly sent out, that creates outstanding sales and promotion of your product.

  • Why People Un-follow you

    Why People Un-follow you

    4 years ago

    People un-follow when you are no longer writing what they want to read or they might be attempting to clean up their followers. For me, following is never a competition or race but about practicing my writing, getting better every day, engaging ideas and sharing knowledge.

  • Are You a Slave of  Cigarette or tobacco?

    Are You a Slave of Cigarette or tobacco?

    6 years ago

    Smoking is a negative habit and I'm sure many folks addicted to it are desperate to quit. It is surprising younger generations have picked this destructive habit so seriously it leads to slow death.

  • One Bite is Dangerous

    One Bite is Dangerous

    6 years ago

    The devil told Jesus Christ to commit sucide by throwing himself down from the pinnacle of the temple. Satan also commanded HIM to turn stone to bread. However, Jesus Christ overcame the temptation that was aimed at HIS natural, legitimate desire...

  • Macro-Forces Fighting Mankind

    Macro-Forces Fighting Mankind

    6 years ago

    Are macro-forces just man-made disaster? Our physical world is controlled by spiritual forces. Hurricane can't be stopped through our critical thinking and application of policies.

  • Profiteer Climbers

    Profiteer Climbers

    6 years ago

    Do feel bitter at people who have used you to construct their destiny and social status? Well, your are not alone. They are profiteer climbers and you must learn to master their game plan.

  • The Best Book I Have Ever Read

    The Best Book I Have Ever Read

    6 years ago

    The Pilgrim's Progress is worth reading. If you need a revival in your Christian life, just pick this book and read. It's an invitation to eternal which is priceless of more worth than earthly gold.

  • What's A Woman's Greatest Enemy?

    What's A Woman's Greatest Enemy?

    6 years ago

    Polly Teda was influential, wealthy and happily married. For her, life was a bed of roses until one day, her husband was kidnapped. The unknown enemy crept in to take the most precious thing- her life

  • Ginger Cured My Joint Pains

    Ginger Cured My Joint Pains

    6 years ago

    Joint pains are excruciating painful! After experiencing one, i appreciated good health. I discovered natural ginger juice. Pain killers did not work but ginger roots was the answer.

  • I would Put Quality Over Quantity

    I would Put Quality Over Quantity

    6 years ago

    Content is king. This implies your products and service delivered must fundamentally be based on high quality. Delivering quantity to customers without giving them quality destroys your brand.

  • 11

    Morgans Hair Darkening Cream

    7 years ago

    Morgan's Pomade is the oldest and most ideal product for slowing down growth of grey hair. I've used it for over a decade and I like what I see in my hair - natural babes hair.

  • 2

    Home Remedy for Whitlow

    7 years ago

    Whitlow is a serious fungal infection and if left untreated can cause permanent pain and injury to a finger. There are natural methods of getting rid of it as soon as possible.

  • Cultivate Positive Association

    Cultivate Positive Association

    7 years ago

    Man was created to have fellowship with others. This is association which lead to either a positive or negative behavior. Who we mingle with determines a hundred percent of our outcome.

  • Just for Men

    Just for Men

    6 years ago

    Our moods and philosophy is expressed through our dressing. Women fall heads over heels in love with men who are well groomed, trendy and have good taste for quality clothes.

  • Why are You Not Rich?

    Why are You Not Rich?

    6 years ago

    Poverty is a mental state of mind. We are what we think and become in life. Moreover, we are responsible if we make poverty our choice.

  • 5 Annoying Behaviours

    5 Annoying Behaviours

    7 years ago

    What actually is an annoying behavior? Behaviors that upset you so much you feel like hitting the offender's head right on the wall. However, have you identified the major negative traits? Read on.

  • You Deserve A 2Sweet Home

    You Deserve A 2Sweet Home

    6 years ago

    Building a sweet home is the greatest desire of every union blessed by GOD. Accomplishing this feat is no easy task. keeping out enemies and applying practical principles help launch us higher.

  • Teen Challenge-Reading

    Teen Challenge-Reading

    6 years ago

    Are you a teenager?Do you love reading or not? Well, reading is the best medicine for the soul.


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