How much did you earn in your first month on HubPages?

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  1. Irenevosburgh profile image86
    Irenevosburghposted 7 years ago

    I'm very new...12 days and I've made .28 which I'm thrilled with. 
    I'm working on not only the number of HUB pages but what might peak someones interest to click on it and read more.

  2. Hypersapien profile image46
    Hypersapienposted 7 years ago

    I believe I made $.01.  But to be frank, I created my initial hub and then proceeded to just about forget about it.  I've only recently started created hubs in earnest.

  3. Bill Yovino profile image91
    Bill Yovinoposted 7 years ago

    I've been here for two years and expect my first payout some time in 2022.

  4. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image97
    TIMETRAVELER2posted 7 years ago

    I think it would also be good to know how many hubs each person has written as well.  There's a big difference in the amount you earn if it's only from one hub or comes from ten.

  5. profile image0
    Sophia Angeliqueposted 7 years ago

    $13.04 Adsense for 47 hubs. That was between Nov 26 2010 and Dec 25 2010. The hub program wasn't in existence yet.

  6. waynet profile image71
    waynetposted 7 years ago

    I made nothing the first month and then nothing really to rave about for the first year. Then the earnings started to kick in after writing what I know and can demonstrate my expertise in! Some topics win, some don't! You'll find that anywhere online, even if you created your own website, there'll be popular posts and there'll be not so popular posts on a blog.

  7. GmaGoldie profile image80
    GmaGoldieposted 7 years ago

    I have found that once you find your voice and you write from your own enthusiasm the money flows. Forcing it, reseaching it, checking your scores daily pay nothing. Enjoying the journey, finding the rewards in sharing and growing as a writer produce income.

    To answer your question directly, essentially nothing initially, now I am receiving regular payouts and that monthly check means allot. It is allot more than I ever received from any other part-time job that I left. Besides sharing unique ideas is the fun, the dollars will show up later.

    Allot of the Internet work is similar to relationships, you are the new kid on the block and tested. The question becomes like all relationship at work and in your personal life, do you have lasting power.

    The work is hard, the learning can be challenging, the dollars are nominal, the relationships are priceless.

  8. ElizaDoole profile image87
    ElizaDooleposted 7 years ago

    Rofl. It took me two weeks to work out how to get Asdense, so in my first two weeks I earned $0.96. I have a massive smile on my face though, it is the first itme I've earned anything for my own work.

  9. Shanna11 profile image92
    Shanna11posted 7 years ago

    I earned 62 cents for January, but I've only been here about a half of a month. I've earned 8 cents so far for this motnh... I don't think I'm doing too badly!

  10. Rusticliving profile image93
    Rusticlivingposted 7 years ago

    I've been a member for about 6 weeks. I think I've earned a total of about $4.00 thus far. ALthough that's a cool thing to have, I actually joined to hopefully better my writing skills and learn from other writers. So far I am having a blast on HubPages!

  11. Axaflaxar profile image42
    Axaflaxarposted 7 years ago

    Man I will have to try that out.  Is the Flagship Program located on Hubpages?

  12. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image97
    TIMETRAVELER2posted 7 years ago

    I found this information just yesterday and don't know if I can fulfill all of the requirements, but from now on, I'll be trying.  $24 for your first month, I think, is phenomenal!  Congrats!

  13. jesimpki profile image93
    jesimpkiposted 7 years ago

    Continuing to write a hub as often as I can (less frequently now because of school)  My first full month, I earned about $6.00.  That's amazing to me, since I wasn't expecting to have that much traffic as a new hubber, especially from Google.  However, I've seen an upward trend in search engine source traffic.  Of course, I've also seen a few sales through Amazon and seen the potential of earning that way.  I haven't seen much Adsense income at all compared to HP Earnings and the Amazon program.  However, time will tell!  Looks like the anecdotal evidence supports the fact that you have to put some effort into hubbing! smile  I hadn't heard of the flagship program MoiraCrochets, I'll have to give that a try and see if I get a bigger boost.

  14. Frank Atanacio profile image81
    Frank Atanacioposted 7 years ago

    I just hit that year mark.. read over 8500 times and have 270  hubs..  first year total income  0.00..  but this site is different again the writers are more talented and the materials  are so useful  so I stay here.. Triond pays every month even if you make 50 cents  you get it every month..  I think if you wanna make quick liquid money  you go to triond.. but if you wanna write and read great articles you come here..

  15. dipless profile image77
    diplessposted 7 years ago

    absolutely sweet FA.

    Started about 2 years ago and started strong, but then stopped for one reason or another, now I am back and making a sustained effort and am already starting to reap some rewards. Now just to keep on writing.

  16. jesimpki profile image93
    jesimpkiposted 7 years ago

    Did you sign up for the HubPages Earning Program?

    1. dipless profile image77
      diplessposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      No this was pre HP program. I am now signed up however.

  17. chuckbl profile image75
    chuckblposted 7 years ago

    1st month: 9 dollars
    2nd month: 33 dollars
    3rd month: 35 dollars (haven't written much this month) but I have made payout so I'm happy!

  18. Johnrr631992 profile image87
    Johnrr631992posted 7 years ago

    My first month, 40 cents, second month $1.24, my third month $4.50, my fourth month $12.50, Last month (january 2012) $30.00, This month - on projection now at 100 google clicks a day, on hubpages ad should get about.. $60.00 this month.. Next month.. hopefully more smile

  19. barryrutherford profile image76
    barryrutherfordposted 7 years ago

    a couple of cents

  20. Rochelle Frank profile image93
    Rochelle Frankposted 7 years ago

    Nothing-- but I was not focused on earning for quite a while, and money was not my primary motivation. It took about 18 month for my first payout, but it kept gaining momentum from there.

  21. Kangaroo_Jase profile image81
    Kangaroo_Jaseposted 7 years ago

    0.14 cents US

  22. alikhan3 profile image94
    alikhan3posted 7 years ago

    still unable to get my adsense approved

  23. onlinecashdigest profile image58
    onlinecashdigestposted 7 years ago

    Dont worry much about Adsense...for me the Hubpages Ad Program is better.

    1. viryabo profile image93
      viryaboposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      If you aren't approved for adsense, you cant be in the Hp ads program from what i know.

  24. pinappu profile image80
    pinappuposted 7 years ago

    1.31 usd in 16 days with 12hubs.

  25. onlinecashdigest profile image58
    onlinecashdigestposted 7 years ago

    I have only less than 2 USD in one month, but after following the tip of Alocsin at this hub --> … -on-Reddit

    and this hub--> … -on-Reddit

    I earned more than 2 USD in just a few days.  And now I think I am gonna hit more than $20 USD per month if I follow all his tips.

  26. TFScientist profile image84
    TFScientistposted 7 years ago

    I made $5.29 In my first month with around 20 hubs

  27. profile image0
    Marye Audetposted 7 years ago

    August 2007 - $17.82

  28. Aleta Love profile image61
    Aleta Loveposted 7 years ago

    I have not earned anything yet but I hope to soon.

  29. Rochelle Frank profile image93
    Rochelle Frankposted 7 years ago

    I'm sticking with HP ads. They are much more consistent for me, and I don't do much product-related content.

  30. Anamika S profile image78
    Anamika Sposted 7 years ago

    I don't remember how much I made in the first month. It took me 8 months to get my first $100 from HubPages. For almost more than a year, the earnings from my Blogs were many times higher than that from HubPages. But soon HP ended up being one of my top earners.

  31. breastpumpreviews profile image83
    breastpumpreviewsposted 7 years ago

    In 5 weeks I have made a total of 6.00.

  32. CrescentSkies profile image82
    CrescentSkiesposted 7 years ago

    a little over 1 dollar.

  33. nabuagermeline profile image59
    nabuagermelineposted 7 years ago

    how do i get started in earning in hubpages? is it through google adsense? haven't applied yet since i started hubpages.

    1. profile image0
      Website Examinerposted 7 years agoin reply to this
  34. T. R. Brown profile image75
    T. R. Brownposted 7 years ago

    I may be a bit unusual because I signed up for HubPages a while back but never published any hubs.  I published my first Hub near the end of February, then signed up for the HubPages earning program on March 1st.  I have made $.91 through today (March 12th) through that program, and a couple of bucks through my AdSense account ($2.31).  Assuming I keep going at this pace It would appear that I will be in the neighborhood of $5 to $7 my first full month of writing.

  35. amithak50 profile image60
    amithak50posted 7 years ago

    In first month I made 1$ through adsense because I had only one hub in my pocket but I am trying to publish as many as possible.Thanks

  36. nonslick50 profile image77
    nonslick50posted 7 years ago

    I've made .24 cents with two hubs in about 4 days. Don't know whether that is good or bad but I'm shocked.

  37. unknown spy profile image40
    unknown spyposted 7 years ago

    Mine is $0.49.. i started hubpages 3 years ago but didnt know how to earn money thru it. I just cam back last month. Really need a help today, I cannot find any part time job.

  38. vasmenon profile image78
    vasmenonposted 7 years ago

    Nice to see u guys are still making some money on hp. I am from India, and as per the terms of agreement in India, I cannot have ads on my hubs and earn from it for the first 6 months!!!!...don't know whats the logic...but to make a few pennies when the 6 months is up!!!

    1. melpor profile image91
      melporposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I made zero in my first month with only a few hubs but now make enough to get payout every other month with 81 hubs. Just be patience and write quality hubs. You will see a gradual increase in time.

      1. amithak50 profile image60
        amithak50posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Nice smile

  39. davenstan profile image67
    davenstanposted 7 years ago

    I made $3. I didn't actively promoted my hubs until last month. After 2 weeks of promoting I have doubled my earnings to $6. However, I have made more selling Amazon products.

  40. melpor profile image91
    melporposted 7 years ago

    Earlier I said I made zero in my first month with only a few hubs, but after rechecking my data I actually made $3.59 from adsense clicks the first month and it has been increasing just about every month since the beginning. I currently make enough consistently to get payout every other month with 81 hubs. Just be patient and write quality hubs. You will see a gradual increase in time.

  41. MPChris profile image72
    MPChrisposted 7 years ago

    I made about 5 cents from Hubpages in my first month. There is always an outlying variable that makes tons more than everyone. There is also an outlying variable that makes tons less.

    I take it I am the latter. tongue

  42. moneytoplist profile image61
    moneytoplistposted 7 years ago

    March was my first month on Hubpages and I have earned $0.57. Not too much but I am always happy if I see some cents quickly after starting something new.

  43. puter_dr profile image86
    puter_drposted 7 years ago

    I think in my first month, I earned 12 cents.

    1. puter_dr profile image86
      puter_drposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Of course that was 5 years ago. At one point pre-Panda I was in the several hundred a month club. Gradually clawing my way back there.

  44. lenamariee profile image83
    lenamarieeposted 7 years ago

    I have been here for 10 days published 6 hubs and have earned 25 cents through the AD program, Im quite optimistic about hubpages at this point.

  45. bdegiulio profile image97
    bdegiulioposted 7 years ago

    Joined on Feb 11th.  Earned $1.84 in Feb and $6.05 in March.  April is going well so far and should exceed what I earned in March.  I'm cautiously optimistic at this point.  I'm also ridiculously addicted to HubPages.

  46. luvintkandtj profile image65
    luvintkandtjposted 7 years ago

    My first month I think i earn$0.01. It wasn't until 6 months later did I receive my firs payout from adsense. I have neglected hubpages for about 1 year and a half.  Even with no activity I would receive a payout every 3-4 months.  I have since returned to hubpages and hope to stick to my hub a day plan. keep in mind its not about quantity. There are many people with less hubs that I that have a higher hubscore and a greater pay out.

  47. JKenny profile image92
    JKennyposted 7 years ago

    First month, I earned just under 4 dollars, but I'd only had the HP Ad program activated for a few weeks. Now, I'm making more than triple that amount.

  48. Len Cannon profile image85
    Len Cannonposted 7 years ago

    If I remember correctly, it was something like a 30 cents.  My earnings went up, but it was still mostly a pittance. I didn't really pick up until around month 10.

  49. bryteyedgemini profile image80
    bryteyedgeminiposted 7 years ago

    I earned $1.73 my first month and it stayed pretty steady like that for a while, I have been here for going on nine months and am now earning in the vacinity of $15.00+ per month and am continuing to see increases although I have still not earned a dime from my amazon account, only the hubpages program. I am certainly no where near a top earner but am learning and improving as I go along. When I see my traffic is down I write another article, when a particular hub is being ignored I edit and improve it or try drumming up a bit of traffic from my other writing sites. I try to keep the content interesting and when my traffic starts to dwindle I try to diversify into new subject area to attract new viewers. Also, it really helped me a lot to read in the forums about improving your writing and how hubs are scored and that sort of thing and to start hopping some hubs and see what others were writing about that seemed to be getting a lot of veiwers and commenting,( side note: for some reason I do not get much for comments, but at least the earnings are improving.) The best advice I got when I started was don't get discouraged, sometimes hubs just need to age.

  50. kgarcia1113 profile image64
    kgarcia1113posted 7 years ago

    I have done the same as some here. Signed up for HubPages and only published a few hubs here and there. Well, after sitting around for almost 3 years and making a whopping $0.58 I decided to change things up and start writing for real. The middle of April I started writing a lot and ended up making $3.84. As of today I am up to 50 hubs that are slowly gaining interest and now I am focusing on promoting them on other sites to get more views. I found a hot topic for me, now I just have to remember to write a lot.

    1. luvintkandtj profile image65
      luvintkandtjposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Finding "your topic" helps in writing and writing for a profit. Its great when  you are writing about something you had an interest in and others are interested


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