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Trapped By Your Memories - A poem

Updated on May 6, 2013

Enjoy the Melody--Courtesy of julioelgenio

Inspiration...inspiration let the sensation cover her tribulations...

This is the story of Kim, a 34 years old woman, who just have divorced her husband of 15 years. Her first love and probably her last. Unless a door opens her heart to a new life..

Trapped by your memories...

Gave my heart and life to you

knowing that this was going to last for sure

First emotions and encounters by your side

running together to your house late at night



A young girl that just wanted to love

smiling with whatever you could think of

listening to this girl that became a woman in your arms

fixing two cups of coffee late at night, thinking you might...



getting used to live by myself and nobody else

losing the sense and the meaning of this life

that fragrance of you, always made that announcement

the clue of your might and full of premeditated romancing



some women might say I don't need to look down on me

but they don't understand that he was the only one I knew

the one that made a woman of me after meeting my eyes

I bite my own lips thinking about, how, where...and why?



Yeah! Made two cappuccinos as I always did

fed the birds that we bought in Tennessee

made my bed leaving his side untouched

wiped some tears, 'cause the pain was way too much...



Three in the morning and I cannot fall sleep

his rants and jokes were the food of the day

three in the morning and I wonder if he feels what I feel

turning around half asleep to meet my mate in distress



Looking myself half naked

feeling that he might come back

feeling myself frustrated

throat running dry, my bad, so sad



won't be able to explain it all in here

women have a sense fo what is near

damn night that we broke up

folish egos that never gave up



what's the purpose of feeling myself pretty

there is no more reasons for Victoria's secret

holding on to the jersey he accidentally left

swallowing my pride that can't connect



intimate memories that can kill my joy

smiling with no reason and then silently cry

shutting the window that used to show my body at nights..

wishing you were here..could you, would you? Oh my..!



no words can really measure up this pain unable to trust

the melody of this song tries to capture a load heavy enough

my heart needs some real answers, if you know what I mean.

better go to sleep and see what tomorrow will dearly bring.



A woman was not supposed to be this open

but on this day I feel like breaking from this omen

expressing my feelings against unfinished walls

for me being loved for once was enough... that's all!


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