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Some of the Best Writers of Our Time are Those Individuals Who Have Not Attained Fame and Fortune.

Creativity is the life force that keeps the blood in my veins circulating from my head to my toes. Being a "creative native" keeps my attitude positive and helps in my day to day survival. Little acts of kindness are contagious similar to "good karma" being the power to breed magic and touch those souls to whom it encounters. The written word is the rock in my foundation that holds permanence in this climate changed world. Being poor financially does not hinder my creative thought and passion for written expression. Craft talent is also a skill that was bestowed upon me. I amaze myself via empowering my creative thought and in turn it fuels the drive of my self esteem.

It is assumed that the child Who excels in science and mathematics reaps the financial rewards and prestige of this civilization. I agree that statement is true. An artistically inclined child has the ability to "think outside the box". They are creative problem solvers. As I stated before, I may not have money but I am able to seek out solutions to challenging problems in my life.

I believe that Knowledge Is Not Given: It Is Earned.

My antiquated computer with a central processing unit old enough to be a freshman in college, still runs or should I say walks at a slow pace after many challenges; however that old computer was placed in its final resting place with a company called "Electronics Recycled". Now this whirlwind of thought is being typed on a Google Chromebook. What a horse of a different color!

To find my writings on the internet just type in the name Jane Ramona Frieman into your search engine, click, and view the results.

You can also view my writings and videos on Tumblr (JanieUnknownWriter) and Daily Two Cents (J0urn9l-J9n13)

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