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Greetings Visitors!

Welcome to my HubPages site and hope you enjoy your visit. I have published many hubs that I hope will interest you. Some are of the serious nature, but several are just for a good laugh! I hope you will leave a comment on any hub page that you visit...I would appreciate that!

I have met many outstanding writers already and have several I follow. I am thankful to God for these wonderful people! I love children and love to help people, so am in the educational field. Some of my hubs wilI reveal that. I love teaching and provide childcare/tutoring to families in my area. I was an elementary school teacher for two decades and teaching is definitely my calling and a gift God has blessed me with!

I live in the Heartland of this wonderful country and have been here for my entire life, except for a brief time in Lacey (Olympia), Washington. I love cats and have a very comical feline at this time who just loves to play. My little Livvy is absolutely spoiled rotten! She is such a great companion and really eases the lonely times, and she is a little stinker too! She is such a character!

I enjoy the outdoors and like to swim, camp, go on float trips, walk, bike ride, and so forth. I really just like to be out and enjoy God's beautiful creation. I have found that it isn't the things I do that give me the most pleasure, but WHO I do them with. A great friend or a significant other is the true joy of living. Doing something together just adds icing to that cake! Although I am not married or have any children of my own, I have a constant friend and companion...his name is Jesus Christ. I take great comfort in that for nobody could ever surpass His love and care for me!

I also enjoy reading, do some writing (have written poems and am working on my first novel), etc. I also like to ride motorcycles so have a little cowboy left in me, I suppose!

I have had some very difficult times in my life, but God has seen me through all of them. Without Him, I never would have gotten to where I am today! He promises that He will never leave nor forsake me, and He never has. His promises are always kept!

I am glad to be here on 'The Hub' and will be posting as the Lord and Holy Spirit direct me. Hopefully my hubs will provide some help in certain areas, give you some laughs, etc. I also hope to learn a lot from all of you! I already have received inspiration from many of you 'hubbers' and hope to return that favor!

God Bless You All,

Knightheart (Dave)

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