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  • An Entrepreneurial Spirit

    An Entrepreneurial Spirit

    5 years ago

    Do you want to start your own business, do you want to earn some extra income, consider the life of an Entrepreneur.

  • How Can We Help Our Immune System

    How Can We Help Our Immune System

    5 years ago

    We should be conscientious about our Immune System, If you are having issues with colds, viruses, and sicknesses, this could mean that your immune system is in trouble.

  • Would Someone Like To Follow In Your Footsteps

    Would Someone Like To Follow In Your Footsteps

    13 years ago

      Would Someone Like To Follow In Your Footsteps        We that are born again Christians, we have a major influence that we project from the life that we live in front of others.  If we are professing to be Christians, but are still...

  • Which Road Will You Take

    Which Road Will You Take

    13 years ago

      Which Road Will You Take?        Everyone that is born into the world have a choice to make.  There are two roads to choose from, the way of the Righteous, which is called the narrow road, and the way of the sinner, also called the...

  • A Christian's Prayer Life

    A Christian's Prayer Life

    13 years ago

    A Christian’s Prayer Life        The body of Christ is in a battle of spiritual warfare, our enemy, the devil and his demons are unseen, but they are powerful.  If we are suited up in our armor that Paul spoke of in Ephesians 6:12-17, we...

  • A Disciples Attitude

    A Disciples Attitude

    6 years ago

      A Disciples Attitude        Once you become a disciple of Christ, there is a certain way that a disciple should behave.  First, a disciple should have a pure heart to do the will of Christ, and they also should check their heart’s...

  • Great Ambition For Christ

    Great Ambition For Christ

    13 years ago

      Great Ambition For Christ        It is our responsibility as believers, to be the best that we can be for Christ.  We should want to please Christ at all times.  No task that we take on for Christ will ever be achieved without...

  • The Power Over Temptation

    The Power Over Temptation

    13 years ago

    Everyday of our lives, we must fight to do what is right, there is no temptation that is to hard to escape from, thoughts coincide with choices, and what you choose determines your consequence.

  • The Beatitudes Defined

    The Beatitudes Defined

    13 years ago

    The Beatitudes are the blessings that Christ preached on the mount, and each born again Christian has a part in these blessings.

  • Believers Are Not Condemned

    Believers Are Not Condemned

    6 years ago

    when a person accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior, they are no longer condemned, instead; they are forgiven.

  • A Knowledge Of God

    A Knowledge Of God

    13 years ago

    To live in this world, and gain all the knowledge you can, is nothing compared to knowing and having a personal relationship with God.

  • A Spiritual Awakening

    A Spiritual Awakening

    13 years ago

    To have a spiritual awakening, a person must first realize their need for God.

  • The Responsibility Of A Successful College Student

    The Responsibility Of A Successful College Student

    5 years ago

    When attending college, be positive, think big, pursue your dreams, and just do it.

  • Becoming A Better Parent

    Becoming A Better Parent

    13 years ago

    You've heard the saying that there is no perfect parent, however; there is nothing against becoming a better parent.

  • A Childs Fear Of Being Left Home Alone

    A Childs Fear Of Being Left Home Alone

    13 years ago

    Children have many fears, but I believe that the biggest fear for them, is being left alone to fend for themselves.

  • A Sister's Love

    A Sister's Love

    13 years ago

    Love is powerful, especially within a family, but it's something about sister's bond that goes deeper than one would know.

  • Motivation Is the Key to Exercise

    Motivation Is the Key to Exercise

    5 years ago

    Getting motivated does not come easy, an individual has to program their mind in order to achieve a goal.

  • Don't give misery any company

    Don't give misery any company

    13 years ago

      Don’t Give Misery Any Company        The worst thing that you could do is to be around someone who feels miserable about everything.  You know you are around a miserable person, if all they do is complain, and play on your sympathy...

  • The Deception Of An Addiction

    The Deception Of An Addiction

    13 years ago

    Addictions are cunning, it will gladly lead a person in, but it want lead them out.

  • The 411 On Eating Low Carb

    The 411 On Eating Low Carb

    13 years ago

    If you have a problem, dropping the weight, low carb eating may just be for you.

  • Be Smart About Your Heart

    Be Smart About Your Heart

    13 years ago

    When it comes to your heart, no one knows how long it will continue to beat, the best way to take care of your heart is through diet and exercise.

  • What Love Is all about

    What Love Is all about

    6 years ago

         Everyone from time to time has said to someone, I love you, but how many of us have ever stopped to say, “What does love really mean.” The meaning of love to me is, looking beyond a person’s faults, and blemishes, in order to love an...

  • Obesity Is Taking Over

    Obesity Is Taking Over

    5 years ago

    Obesity Is Taking Over We live in a time now, where you see more obese people today, than you did twenty years ago. We live in a society that has gone fast food crazy. I believe because we consume so much fast food, it is the leading cause of...

  • Do You Know Your Gift

    Do You Know Your Gift

    13 years ago

      Do You Know Your Gift      Everyone that has ever been born was born with a unique gift within you.  As we grow and develop in life; we all should know what our gift is.  Do you have the gift to sing, dance or play an instrument, or is...

  • Cooking Food From Scratch

    Cooking Food From Scratch

    13 years ago

      Cooking Food From Scratch           What does the term cooking from scratch mean, well it is a term that they used back in the south.  They used ingredients of things that they had in their cupboards, or their refrigerators, that...

  • Keep Communication In A Relationship

    Keep Communication In A Relationship

    13 years ago

      Communication In A Relationship Communication in a relationship is the key as to how long it will last. If a couple starts off with good communication between each other, then this will enable them, to deal with whatever situation or...



    13 years ago

    CHOOSING SHOES THAT ARE COMFORTABLE NOT FASHIONABLE Our feet is a very important part of our body. It is what transport us throughout our day. The type of shoes we wear play a big role in how our feet feel on a daily basis. Choosing a good shoe is a...

  • The Blu-Ray Era

    The Blu-Ray Era

    13 years ago

    The Blu-Ray Disc player has taken people everywhere by storm. We know the VCR was popular in its time, until around 1997, when the DVD player came along. Everyone said, "we have to have one of those". The majority of us in the world today, we buy on...



    13 years ago

     Herbs or pre prescribed medications is the choice of today.  What is the real difference, well some say that herbal products has no side effects, while conventional medicine comes with some form of side effect.  if herbal products make a...

  • Computer Laptop Vs. Desktop

    Computer Laptop Vs. Desktop

    6 years ago

    When trying to decide whether to use a Laptop or a Desktop, You will have options to consider, do you want convenience or do you want to be stationary in one location.

  • Hotel accomodations

    Hotel accomodations

    13 years ago

     Which hotel would you rate the best as far as offering the most accommodations.  Some people would say, the larger hotel chains offer the best accommodations; however i have stayed in smaller chain hotels, and found them to offer just as many...


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