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Describe "love" in one line.

10 answers

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How can you say you really love someone if you don't trust them?

15 answers

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What is your definition of 'LOVE'?

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Can you describe LOVE in two words?

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Why do teenagers fall in love so fast ?

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Can guys really fall in love?

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Is loving yourself first selfish?

4 answers

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how to tell someone you love them

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Can love be truly ' unconditional'?

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Why do you love your partner?

3 answers

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Do you prefer love or money?

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What is love to you?

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Do you have true love?

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I love you. A misunderstood statement.

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Is each of us responsible for the love or hatred, we demonstrate toward each other?

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Will you tell me what is true love?

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Which comes first love, lust, or like?

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what exactly is love?

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Is a relationship worth losing a friendship?

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Finding love vs Love Happens ?

8 answers

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How Do I Recognize Lasting Love?

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How to know if its still love?

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What is love?

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Do you believe that a person can "love" to much?

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Is love meant to last?

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What makes a person fall in love ?

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How can you say it is already love?

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Why we should fall in love.

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Does love fade?

3 answers

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What's More Powerful Love or Hate?

7 answers

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Who deserves your intense love?

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Do you still think about your first love?

9 answers

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What do you think about love?

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