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I am a Jane of many trades,Yes! and I am blessed with the ability to adapt and maneuver in any area of workmanship I feel comfortable in.

I have a fondness for helping others and what ever criteria that may fall in I am there,I have been working in customer service ,consultation and apprenticeship for twenty five years.

I am an individual who works until my work is done,and this is something that I was born with.I can not leave work undone as it's best to finish and move on to other aspect of ways .

In my line of work as a fashion consultant I helped others achieve the professional,yet simple and sophisticated look that they are looking for,as I flow more on the simplicity side I like to maneuver my way through styles that will give the look that I am looking for, for my clients.

My personal empowering consultancy allows me to help those needing my heart felt reviews in the most encouraging ,uplifting and motivational ways, as I have a fondness or shall I say a calling to help others .

Another area of expertise I have is interior designing, I have been bless with an eye for detail and I use this gift to the best of my ability to achieve what I have to achieve.

I have many more gifts of expertise which I flow in but I think I would need more time and space to write as my gifts are so numerous to mention.At a young age dictation was my favorite subject as my heart would sing when I was placed in a dictation class :) Now I know why:)

Writing is a gift as my words seemed to never stop,my universal voice continues to make it's self known in a high frequency of intellectual ways everyday, and this is an area that I am very comfortable in, as my heart pushed me towards this passage, I continue to adapt to any area of avenues.

The way I am able to pin point and answer question pending with accuracy and clarity of a Truthful heart always amazes me of what a beautiful and blessed gift that I have as everyday I learn something new about myself and my gifting.

I am also a chef and illustrator .

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