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    Easy No-Bake Key Lime Cheesecake

    4 years ago

    This easy, no-bake key lime cheesecake will be a hit, not only for key lime lovers but also for those looking to make quick dessert for any occasion (even birthdays). Not only does it look good, but tastes amazing, too. The light, refreshing lime taste is a perfect after-dinner dessert.

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    Easy, Tangy Lemon Curd Bars

    4 years ago

    Creamy lemon curd yogurt mixed with cream cheese and cool whip makes these lemon bars a quick and easy taste treat for all you lemon lovers. Some fresh lemon juice in the filling and some zest on top makes these a refreshing tangy treat for your palate.

  • My Creative Christmas Gift

    My Creative Christmas Gift

    7 years ago

  • Introducing: My Best Friend

    Introducing: My Best Friend

    8 years ago

    I want to introduce you to my best friend, for He is someone you should all meet and get to know. The world and all it’s things will never offer you what He can offer you,

  • Two Hearts in the Snow

    Two Hearts in the Snow

    10 years ago

    ...yet right now with the money so low and the snow predicted to begin falling again soon, I began doubting if God was even aware of us and our situation.

  • A Day to Celebrate Love

    A Day to Celebrate Love

    10 years ago

    “Celebrate love. It is the breath of your existence and the best of all reasons for living.”–Author Unknown

  • CheeseCake Pie

    CheeseCake Pie

    10 years ago

    The best of both worlds...this easy recipe qualifies as a cake and a pie! Plus, this no bake dessert tastes as good as it looks!

  • Happy Harvest Cookies

    Happy Harvest Cookies

    10 years ago

    These easy to make festive little sugar cookies are as tasty as they are pretty! Make up a batch for Halloween or Thanksgiving treats. Kids and grownups will love them!

  • The In-Between Days

    The In-Between Days

    10 years ago

    Time sure does fly by...what happened?? One of my daughter's teachers once said that: "summers run and winters walk" Somehow, that is often the way our lives seem to play out.

  • Coupon Comments from a Cashier

    Coupon Comments from a Cashier

    10 years ago

    Six Suggestions for Shopping Sanely on Black Friday or anytime Reading store ads and coupons carefully will keep you informed and give you and the store personnel a much better shopping experience, not just on Black Friday, but on everyday of the year.

  • Community Gift Boxes

    Community Gift Boxes

    11 years ago

    This is a fun and rewarding project that blesses the givers as well as the receivers. These “Gift Boxes” were a way for us as a church to reach out spiritually to people as well as physically and so meet needs that otherwise might not be met.

  • Twice As Nice Coconut Valentine Cakes

    Twice As Nice Coconut Valentine Cakes

    11 years ago

    Here's how you can make Two Valentine Desserts from One Cake Mix! A 4" Heart shaped filled cake and a 10" round filled cake. These delicious cakes have some very nutritious ingredients too!

  • Handmade Gift Bags

    Handmade Gift Bags

    12 years ago

    Recyle Empty Tissue Boxes into Pretty Gift Bags. If you are looking for a way to recycle those empty tissue boxes that seem too pretty to just throw away, I have come up with an easy way to make two small gift bags from one tissue box.

  • Victoria's Amazing Tortilla Elephant Ears

    Victoria's Amazing Tortilla Elephant Ears

    4 years ago

    "Victoria's Amazing Elephant Ears" is a recipe my grand-daughter came up with after tasting an "Elephant Ear" at the fair. It is an easy recipe that has few ingredients yet produces an amazingly tasty snack!

  • Exploring the BackRoads of Oregon--An Oceanside Treasure in Oregon

    Exploring the BackRoads of Oregon--An Oceanside Treasure in Oregon

    9 years ago

    Small town. Good food. Pleasant accommodations. Beautiful beach. Need I say more? All this and more describes this quaint little community called Oceanside in Tillamook County, Oregon

  • Fire! Fear!

    Fire! Fear!

    13 years ago

    " FIRE ! " That word often invokes fear or alarm.

  • What are Spiritual Blessings in Christ ?

    What are Spiritual Blessings in Christ ?

    9 years ago

    The devotional book titled "54 Spiritual Blessings in Christ" is based upon spiritual blessings found in Ephesians. This book shows you just what we receive when we accept Christ and what we miss out on when we chose not to accept Him. The printed devotional book is available for purchase securely...

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    Pistachio Shamrock Cookies for St. Patrick's Day

    4 years ago

    I have had this cookie recipe for many years and have made it often for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. They look festive, are easy to make, and are good to eat, too.

  • Home Remedies Then and Now

    Home Remedies Then and Now

    12 years ago

    Home Remedies Remembered and Renewed. in my childhood I experienced many home remedies, some worked and some did not.I am just relating my experiences as a child with these home remedies and my experience now with new ones as an adult.

  • Places to See in Oregon--Tillamook Forest Center

    Places to See in Oregon--Tillamook Forest Center

    4 years ago

    The Tillamook Forest Center, is in the Tillamook State Forest, just outside of Tillamook Oregon. The Center has something for everyone to see both inside and outside. Admission is Free.

  • Alphabet Art Gifts

    Alphabet Art Gifts

    10 years ago

    Alphabet Art Photography is a very creative way of photographing everyday objects that look like letters of the alphabet and then taking those photos and putting them together to form very unique looking words or names. This obviously makes for a nice personalized gift.

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    Alternative to Fortune Cookies

    12 years ago

    These cookies are similar to Fortune Cookies in look and taste, however, they have Bible Verses inside of them instead of Fortunes.

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    Clad In His Armor

    2 years ago

    "Clad in His Armor" An Original Poem based on Ephesians 6:10-18 By Leona J. Atkinson

  • How God Sees Us

    How God Sees Us

    12 years ago

    How God Sees Us According to: Psalm 138:8—Philippians 1:6—Jeremiah 29:11—Psalm 37:23 You can be confident that God will complete the good work that He began in you Because He will continue working in you until Jesus returns.

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    Everyday is Mother's Day

    11 years ago

    When is "Mother's Day" ? Could anyone deny that Mother's Day is not just a day on the Calendar once a year but that it is 24 hours of feelings, thoughts, love, emotions, and heartaches...365 days a year? Every day is Mother's Day to me!

  • Which Pillow Will You Sleep on Tonite

    Which Pillow Will You Sleep on Tonite

    4 years ago

    Which pillow will you be sleeping on tonite? The pillow scented with the sweet fragrance of roses of forgiveness or the thorny pillow filled with the discomfort of un-forgiveness.

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    " Please and Thank You"

    12 years ago

    Forgotten Words? When I was young I was taught to say "Please" and "Thank You". However, nowadays, I feel the use of those words is becoming extinct in a great part of our society.

  • 75

    What is a "Grudge"?

    11 years ago

    We often hear the term "holding a grudge". What is a "grudge", what does it look like, and how does one "hold it"?

  • Neat Valentine Gift Idea

    Neat Valentine Gift Idea

    12 years ago

    This is a quick and easy Valentine Gift that looks good and tastes good!

  • Everyday is a New Day

    Everyday is a New Day

    12 years ago

    Every morning we wake up is the first day of the rest of our life ! Each day is a new beginning ! Rejoice in what you are given and do the best you can with it !

  • Old Sayings

    Old Sayings

    10 years ago

    May this be an encouragement to parents and grand-parents today to keep on trying and not give up even if you feel the things you are teaching your children or grand-children are just falling on deaf ears---some things always stick, you never know which ones they will be, so keep on trying and...

  • Unique gift idea--Personalized Name Poems

    Unique gift idea--Personalized Name Poems

    4 years ago

    Name poems are a unique gift because they are personalized. The poem is written specifically about the person to whom it is given. It can be written in many different forms using the person's first name as a basis.

  • What If I Had Not Gone To Work Today

    What If I Had Not Gone To Work Today

    4 years ago

    There is a saying that goes "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." (author unknown) Everyday of our lives, our paths cross others paths. Let's always be aware of that, be kind, and be alert to what little good we can do to enrich another's life.

  • Count Your Blessings Daily this New Year

    Count Your Blessings Daily this New Year

    6 years ago

    Looking for a great way to start the New Year ? Make a goal to count your blessings every day this new year. You will be amazed daily at all the things you are blessed with once you start counting them.

  • Easy Filled Cupcakes

    Easy Filled Cupcakes

    9 years ago

    These Yummy Easy Filled Cupcakes are quickly made from your favorite cake mix and frosting.


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