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Born sometime during the last ice age, Woody Marx lives in a virtual reality known as 'Canada' where he raises hackles the year round. Woody has apple-cheeks and the

Woody Marx is a pen-name for his real name, Algernon Miskatonic. Woody was born sometime during the last ice age. He has apple-cheeks and likes to raise hackles the year round.


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      • SUGGESTION: broken links display

        SUGGESTION: broken links display

        5 years ago

        I find this is the same on all my computers and all my browsers. It is especially difficult for me to fix my broken links on Hubs because I can barely see the 'yellow' highlight to fix it. On some Hubs I cannot find any...

      • Google quality pricing?

        Google quality pricing?

        6 years ago

        I'm not even sure what I'm asking, but I believe that Google has some form of 'pricing' the click-through value of our content depending on whether they consider our content to be of good quality (overall), or spammy,...

      • Ranking


        8 years ago

        I wonder if a more finely delimited ranking system would be a good idea?  For example, instead of having a ranking by Hubpages of 90...would it  be possible to have a ranking of 90.3 ?  Or whatever. The...

      • blocked url (Google report)

        blocked url (Google report)

        9 years ago

        I have the following in my Google Site Diagnostics report which indicates that one of my Hubs  has a "blocked url" whatever that is!  Is there anything I can do to unblock it? http:/ / cache. search....

      • Ratings System

        Ratings System

        9 years ago

        I would like to see some kind of change to the UP or DOWN vote people are allowed to give a hub.  I don't quite see the logic of allowing just anyone to vote as it creates an unreal dimension to the 'real' quality...

      • 250 wrds or more?

        250 wrds or more?

        9 years ago

        I have heard (I believe I read it over at Xomba) that Google has an indicator that something of less than about 250 wrds. is considered spam, no matter what the subject matter happens to be.I wonder if Hubpages should...

      • How to See All the Hubs Published by my Favourite Authors?

        How to See All the Hubs Published by my Favourite Authors?

        9 years ago

        I may be doing it wrong, but I wanted to see all of the hubs by say Isabella or Mark Knowles, and I seem to just get up to page 7 or so and then they seem to repeat...that is...I know these two prolific authors have at...