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Episode Recap: Glee S01E02 Showmance

Updated on January 8, 2011
New Directions singing "Le Freak" by Chic with little enthusiasm
New Directions singing "Le Freak" by Chic with little enthusiasm | Source

Show Choir Rule Book

The episode seemed to start off happily with Will driving his beat-up car into the school's car park. His number plate had been changed from "RP8 9624" to "GLEE." Rachel was still attracted to Finn. Mercedes, Artie and Tina were happily learning some runs together. And Kurt was still being dumped in the dumpster with Will again being completely oblivious.

Sue showed Will a copy of the Show Choir Rule Book, which stated that Glee needed twelve members to qualify for Regionals. Sue offered Will a compromise: if Will euthanize Glee club, she'll offer him a spot as her assistant coach. Will declined her offer and made the promise that New Directions will show at Regionals.

Quinn, Finn's girlfriend, was not amused at Finn joining Glee. Determined to maintain her popularity, Quinn wanted Finn to quit Glee. Finn refused, saying he enjoyed performing. As Finn leaves, Quinn spotted Rachel eavesdropping at the corner. She threatened Rachel, saying "you can dance with him, you can sing with him but you will never have him." Rachel replied, believing that every day now, Glee's status was going up while Quinn's was going down. Her dramatic exit was cut short when Puck and another football player slushied her in the face.

Meanwhile, Will had the Glee club sing "Le Freak" by Chic. The club thinks the song is terrible and wants Will to change it to something more modern. However, Will was determined for them to perform "Le Freak" and told them that they were performing it at the school assembly to recruit new members. The group was dismayed because they know what the other kids will do if they saw them perform such this song.

Will and Terri looking at purchasing a new house
Will and Terri looking at purchasing a new house | Source

A Slice of the American Dream

In Will's private life, Terri and Will were looking to purchase a new house to prepare for the birth of their first child. Unable to afford all the extras, Will was pushed by Terri to find a second job. Unfortunately, despite looking everywhere, Will was unable to find any job openings. That was, until Rachel and Finn misbehaved.

Thinking that if they made some cool posters to attract more members into Glee club, they can escape performing "Le Freak" at the school assembly, Rachel and Finn decided to use the Cheerios photocopying machine to make some copies of the flyers. Just then, Sue walked in and upon spotting the two of them, she dropped her cup of protein shake, spilling its contents all over the floor. Principal Figgins wanted Sue to clean it up but Sue refused, even presenting a medical certificate. And due to budget cuts, Figgins was forced to clean it himself after hours. When Will found out about this, he offered to work as a janitor after hours for half the wage.

While working as a janitor one night, Emma came in and offered to help since he used window cleaner to wipe the floor. As the two of them cleaned after hours, they shared a romantic moment together. Ken, who still liked Emma, warned Emma against chasing after a married guy. So when Will asked Emma to help him after school again, Emma declined as she have already accepted a date with Ken.

Quinn, Santana and Brittany trying out for Glee club
Quinn, Santana and Brittany trying out for Glee club | Source

At the School Assembly

Rachel tried to get closer to Finn by joining the celibacy club. When she discovered that the celibacy club made up mostly of Cheerios and football players who tried to pick on her, she stood up for herself and managed to impress Finn. Rachel also held a private rehearsal with Finn, which led to them kissing. But an overwhelmed Finn quickly left the auditorium, asking her to forget it ever happened.

Terri discovered that she was actually having a hysterical pregnancy but instead of telling Will the truth, she decided to lie and tell him they were having a son. Guilty over her lies, she also told him to quite working as a janitor as they would use her craft room as the nursery for the baby.

At the school assembly, instead of singing "Le Freak," Rachel managed to convince fellow Glee members to rebel and sing "Push It" by Salt-n-Pepa. The students were jubilant but Principal Figgins, after receiving several complaints from parents, was not amused. Glee club will now have to sing a list of pre-approved songs, most of which had "Jesus" or "Balloon" in their titles. Figgins also announced that he was cutting Cheerios dry-cleaning budget to get some new more appropriate costumes for Glee, which made Sue even more determined to bring Glee down.

The one good thing that came out of the school assembly was that it got Quinn worried about Finn.So she, along with fellow Cheerios Santana and Brittany, tried out with Glee with "I Say a Little Prayer." When Sue found out about it, instead of kicking them off the squad, she recruited the three to become her spies and bring the Glee club down from the inside.


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