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Episode Recap: Glee S01E09 Wheels

Updated on January 8, 2011
Artie performing "Dancing with Myself."
Artie performing "Dancing with Myself." | Source

Somewhere inside that pea brain of yours is a man

The episode starts with the Cheerios practicing a routine with Quinn watching on from the bleachers. When Finn joined her, Quinn produced a $685 dollar bill for the sonogram. Finn was obviously freaked out, telling Quinn that he was looking for a job but nobody was hiring.

Money troubles seemed to be spreading around. Will was informed by Principal Figgins that the school budget couldn't afford to pay for a handicapable bus for sectionals. When Will pointed out Artie, Figgins interrupted him, saying Artie was used to overcoming challenges.

Will announced this news to the Glee kids, he suggested they hold a bake sale. All the Glee kids were against the idea. After witnessing Artie perform "Dancing with Myself" in the auditorium, Will forced the bake sale onto the Glee club. In addition, he wheeled in eleven wheelchairs, saying from now on, everybody needed to spend three hours a day in a wheelchair to understand what Artie was going through. In addition, they were doing a wheelchair number for Sectionals. 

After spending time in wheelchairs, the Glee kids realized how hard it was for Artie, as witnessed by Finn getting bashed by various objects down the hallway from careless passer-bys and Rachel struggling with lunch in the cafeteria, which eventually ended up all over her face.

Brittany and Becky at the cupcake sale, bringing in the only dollar they raised before Puck's intervention. Brittany apparently lost her wheelchair.
Brittany and Becky at the cupcake sale, bringing in the only dollar they raised before Puck's intervention. Brittany apparently lost her wheelchair. | Source

And with this one dollar, we have... one dollar

Puck overheard Quinn and Finn worrying over the medical bills, he offered Quinn his pool cleaning money ($18) which Quinn refused. They started having a food fight in the home rec room and just as they were about to kiss, Finn walked in. He didn't suspect anything though. Mad that Finn was not doing enough to support Quinn, Puck later on picked a fight with Finn in the hallway (while they were both in their wheelchairs).

The bake sale started off badly, causing Quinn to get mad at Finn. Puck then sneaked in some cannabis into the cupcakes (just enough to cause the munchies), which resulted in a roaring trade. He stole money from the bake sale and offered it to Quinn, who apologized for calling him a lima loser before but refused to accept the money, saying Puck was a good enough man to realize not to steal from a friend in a wheelchair. Just then, Finn came in, saying he got a job. It turned out Rachel wheeled Finn into a restaurant and got him a job by telling the manager that refusing to hire would be discriminating and she would unleash the might of the American Civil Liberties Union (through her gay dads) on him.

Inspired by what Will was making the kids in Glee do, Principal Figgins forced Sue to hold auditions for the Cheerios now that Quinn was off the team. At the auditions, she ridiculed all the kids. When Becky, a girl with Down Syndrome, came in, Will warned her to be nice. Instead of making snide remarks, Sue watched Becky's performance silently before declaring she was in. Furthermore, Sue later donated money to the school for three new handicap ramps. Will was suspicious of Sue's actions but it was revealed (to the viewers only) that Sue had an older sister Jean who also had Down Syndrome and lives in a residential home.

Artie and Tina got close to each other during the episode, leading to a date and kiss. But when Artie compared his disability to Tina's stutter, Tina confessed that she didn't really have a stutter. Upset, Artie broke things off on bad terms.

The episode ended with the Glee kids performing "Proud Mary" in wheelchairs.

When Kurt told everyone to raise their right hand, Brittany raised her left instead :)
When Kurt told everyone to raise their right hand, Brittany raised her left instead :) | Source

Glee Diva-Off

Meanwhile, Glee was preparing "Defying Gravity" from Wicked for Sectionals. Will automatically gave the female lead to Rachel, which really bummed Kurt out cause he wanted the part. When his father noticed how depressed he was over it, he went to Principal Figgins and complained. Will agreed to hold an audition for the part with the rest of the Glee club being the judges. Rachel was upset because it was going to be popularity contest and knowing most people in Glee don't like her. But Kurt made everybody promise to vote for the better singer.

Kurt practiced in the garage, exuberant that he reached the high F. Just then, his father walked in, visibly upset cause someone called him on the phone and abused him about Kurt. Seeing his father upset, Kurt deliberately sabotaged his own audition in the diva-off to spare his father further harassment. When his father heard he lost, he initially thought the whole thing was rigged and was about to go back to the school and complain again. Kurt admitted he blew the note for him and said he loved his father more than he loved being a star.


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