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Episode Recap: Glee S01E12 Mattress

Updated on January 8, 2011
Sue with her black eyes
Sue with her black eyes | Source

50th Edition of the Thunderclap

Will walks into the teacher's lounge to find everybody primping. When he asked Emma and Ken what was going on, they said all the teachers were getting ready for their pictures in this year's 50th edition yearbook. They also took this opportunity to inform Will that their wedding was going to be held next Saturday. Will pointed out that Sectionals was next Saturday, much to Emma's shock and Ken's sarcastic "oh no." Sue walked in, looking like somebody had punched her in the eyes. She said she got eye-lifts done for the yearbook photo (also taking out her tear-ducts cause she wasn't using them). She mentioned that she convinced Figgins to remove the Glee club photo because all Glee photos in previous yearbooks ended up vandalized.

In the practice room, Kurt explained to everyone (with Rachel absent) that not having their photo taken for the yearbook was actually good for them, with several horror examples from previous editions. He said not taking a photo was actually a blessing in disguise, suggesting they don't challenge Figgins' decision. Just then, Will walked in and told them that this year's yearbook will have a photo with every single one of their smiling faces on it, much to the distress of the kids.

Will went to Figgins and demanded a full-page spread for the Glee kids. Figgins agreed, as long as Will paid $1,000. Shocked at the price, Will asked how much did a quarter-page cost ($325). Figgins suggested that Will use Finn and Brittany as their faces were least likely to be vandalized. Just then, Rachel barged in and threatened Figgins with the ACLU if he didn't give Glee a photo. Interrupting her, Will assured Rachel that there will be a photo. Satisifed, Rachel stormed out of the room.

Through the voice-overs, it was revealed that Rachel has joined every club she possibly could, including "Mocked United Nations Club," "Muslim Students Club" and "Black Student Union." However, out of all the clubs, she really loved Glee and believed what they stood for. As she left the library, the viewers saw Brittany and Santana mercilessly vandalizing Rachel's face in the yearbooks.

Meanwhile, Quinn missed her Cheerios uniform because it made her feel safe and part of something. She wanted her future children (not the one she was carrying now, of course) to look back on the yearbook photos and see her for who she was. Quinn was determined to be back on the squad for the yearbook photos whether Sue Sylvester liked it or not.

"Come on down to Mattress Land!"
"Come on down to Mattress Land!" | Source

Looks like everybody voted for Rachel... including Rachel

Back at home, Will told Terri he wanted to use their money to buy an ad for the Glee photo. Angry, Terri told him no. But Will wrote a check to Figgins anyway. When he handed it over, he asked Figgins if he could wait a few days before cashing it in.

Will walked into the practice room and announced to everybody that they were getting a photo. The news was received with muted enthusiasm from everyone except for Rachel, who was super excited. Will told them to vote for two team captains for the photo. Everybody voted for Rachel (including Rachel). When Will pointed out that they needed two captains, everybody said they were perfectly happy with Rachel representing them in the Thunderclap by herself.

Will complained to Emma about the rest of the kids were still embarrassed about being in Glee. Emma suggested that he use the captain they already selected to find a co-captain. Will also took the opportunity tell Emma about his suspicions that Ken put their wedding on the day of the Sectionals on purpose. Emma backed Ken and Will ended up apologizing.

Meanwhile, Rachel was having trouble finding a co-captain with everybody she encountered giving random excuses. Finally, she convinced Finn. But when a couple of the football players told Finn they were already planning on vandalizing the Glee picture, Finn ended up not showing up for the photo shoot, much to Rachel's disappointment.

During the photoshoot, the photographer told her that he was directing a commercial. Rachel convinced him to cast the Glee club into the commercial. Rachel told the Glee club she matched to land them an opportunity to make them stars. The rest of the Glee kids were super-excited.

They became less excited during the read-through, which was quite boring. Rachel then convinced the store owner that they should perform. This led to them performing "Jump" with an awesome choreography on the mattresses. 

A devastated Will found out about Terri's lies
A devastated Will found out about Terri's lies | Source

I loved you Terri. I really loved you.

While Will was looking for his pocket square, Will found one of Terri's old fake pregnancy patches. Furious, he demanded to see Terri's stomach. This led to Terri revealing all her lies and a massive fight. Terri reminded him of that loving moment at the OB office where she said "no matter what happens, remember at this moment we loved each other," but Will was furious beyond words. A devastated Will said "I loved you Terri. I really loved you." He then stormed out of the apartment.

Will returned to school, and to his surprise, found a pile of mattresses sitting in the practice room. He ripped one open and laid it down in his office, in order to spend the night. While doing "Sue's Corner" at the local news station, Sue discovered Glee's commercial on TV. Pleased, she went to Principal Figgins and told him that this disqualified Glee from Sectionals. In addition, since a mattress has been used, the "payment' could not be returned. However, Will decided to disqualify himself (since he was the one who slept on the mattress) to save the rest of the team. This meant the Glee kids would have to go to Sectionals without Will.

"The best teachers don't give you the answers. They just point the way and let you make your own choices, your own mistakes. That way, you get all the glory, and you deserve it. If you can't win without me there, then I haven't done my job."

~ Will Schuester

Dressed in her Cheerios uniform, Quinn showed up in Sue's office and reminded her that the Cheerios received plenty of swags. Quinn blackmailed Sue into letting her back on the squad for the yearbook photo, to which Sue reluctantly agreed. Quinn also demanded one of Cheerio's six full pages to Glee. Just as she was about to leave the office, Quinn turned around and said she didn't want to be in the Cheerios photo anymore. She said she'd rather be part of a club that was proud to have her rather than one where she appeared to belong.

The episode ended with the Glee kids singing "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin while taking their photo. As the song draws to a close, we see some of the football players sitting in the library, already defacing the yearbook picture.


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