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Episode Recap: Glee S01E15 The Power of Madonna

Updated on January 8, 2011
The front page of Sue's journal
The front page of Sue's journal | Source

Would you please stop talking, you're grossing out my baby

The episode started with Sue writing in her journal about her admiration of Madonna, believing that Madonna was the most powerful woman to have ever walked the face of the earth. She blackmailed Figgins into playing the Greatest Hits of Madonna over the PA system loudly throughout the entire school day. In addition, Sue believed her Cheerios this year could finally pay homage to Madonna and ordered all of them to start acting and thinking like Madonna, including dating younger men and using first names only.

In the Glee practice room, Rachel asked the rest of the girls in the club what to do if a guy wants to "do it," posing it as a hypothetical question since she was secretly dating Jesse. Brittany and Santana advised her to never say no ("cause what's the worse thing that could happen? ... Sorry Quinn). Mercedes said, as she was presently single and her last boyfriend "was the mayor of Gay Town," she looked forward to the day a boy asked her and she said no. Tina said all boys were like that, and the viewers got a flashback of Artie forgiving Tina for lying about her stutter before ordering her to ditch the goth look and wear tighter-fitting clothing if they were to be a couple.

Will was shocked at the boys' attitudes towards the girls and asked the girls if that was true. He suggested to them to go and talk to Emma about it but apparently, Emma wasn't much of a help as she had little experience in that area herself. The girls walked out of the room, with Quinn telling Will "women still earn 70 cents to every dollar that a man does for the same job. That attitude starts in high school."

Distraught about not being able to help, Emma said she couldn't be a guidanceĀ counselorĀ if she didn't have the kids' confidence. So Will offered to help her with that issue. As Will was walking down the hallway, he heard music. Walking into the gym, he discovered the Cheerios doing a routine to Maddona's "Ray of Light." Inspired, he made this week's lesson in Glee - Madonna.

"Guess who I'm dating. Wes Brody. He's super cute, he plays soccer with my sister, he's seven."
"Guess who I'm dating. Wes Brody. He's super cute, he plays soccer with my sister, he's seven." | Source

I need a younger inferior man

The girls were super excited about having Madonna as their lesson for the week but the guys were very unenthusiastic (with the exception of Kurt). So the girls performed "Express Yourself." Only Kurt and Will was excited by the performance (Kurt was even seen doing the fist pumps along with the girls), the rest of the guys were unimpressed. Kurt said he wanted to pay homage to Madonna through a multimedia project with Mercedes.

Brittany told Santana that she was dating a seven-year old boy. Santana got worried because she needed to find a younger inferior man or Sue will kick her off the Cheerios. Brittany suggested Finn and told Santana the way to get a guy was to "take his V card." Santana agreed and approached Finn, offering to help him lose his virginity, to which Finn politely declined as he still liked Rachel. Santana lost it and told Finn that Rachel was still dating Jesse. Furious, Finn confronted Rachel and saw through her lies, he resigned to the fact that he lost her. Together the two of them sang a mash-up of "Borderline" and "Open Your Heart."

Meanwhile, Emma asked Sue why was Madonna playing everywhere in the school but her office. Sue told her she had Emma's intercom disconnected because Emma didn't deserve the power of Madonna - she had no self-confidence or power over her body. Shocked, Emma's once again reminded of her lack of sexual experience.

Sue starring in a music video of Madonna's "Vogue"
Sue starring in a music video of Madonna's "Vogue" | Source

It seems like everyone is doing things just to hurt my feelings

Sue found out Will was also paying homage to Madonna and was furious because she had waited years to do it and she wasn't going to let him jump in at the last minute. During her rant, she once again made fun of Will's hair (something she does quite often). But this time, Will retaliated by also making fun of Sue's hair. Upset, Sue rampaged down the hallway.

Kurt and Mercedes saw the whole thing and approached Sue in her office.Sue revealed that inspired by Madonna, she bleached her hair with whatever products she could find in her house, which caused irreparable damage to her hair. Kurt and Mercedes then offered to help Sue find a new look while borrowing the Cheerios. They made a music video of "Vogue" starring Sue in various looks. Kurt and Mercedes were excited to see which new look Sue will adopt the next day but Sue was still walking around in her gym outfit because she realized that like Madonna, Sue Sylvester was an original and didn't need to copy anyone else.

Finn went to Santana and agreed to the deal. Then, three couples (Finn & Santana, Will & Emma, and Rachel & Jesse) sang "Like a Virgin" in their respective bedrooms/motel room. But the next day, it was discovered that Rachel and Emma both backed out at the last minute. When Rachel asked Finn, Finn said he couldn't do it either but the flashbacks revealed that he did do the deed with Santana. He hid it from Rachel because afterward, he felt nothing cause it meant nothing.

Then, Jesse surprised everyone by transferring from Carmel High to McKinley High. He said the reason was he wanted his relationship with Rachel out in the open and he cared about her more than winning another Nationals. Most of the Glee group was against him joining. Finn because he was still not over Rachel and it was just sand rubbing over an open wound. Kurt and Mercedes were suspicious that he was a spy and also, Jesse's presence meant even less solos for the two of them. But after a stern speech from Will, the group accepted Jesse.

Kurt and Mercedes, as brand new Cheerios, performing "4 Minutes"
Kurt and Mercedes, as brand new Cheerios, performing "4 Minutes" | Source

And once again, I'm making fun of your incredibly stupid hairdo

Upset at recent events as well as not getting any decent roles in Glee, Mercedes and Kurt accepted Sue's offer to join the Cheerios. At the next school assembly, they performed "4 Minutes" with the Cheerios, to the thunderous applause of the student body. Shocked, Will demanded to know what was going on. Kurt and Mercedes said they talked it over and decided to do both because while they loved Glee, being in the Cheerios would give them more opportunity to shine.

Back in the choir room, Will organized the boys to perform "What It Feels Like For a Girl." Puck was still uncomfortable with singing Madonna while Finn, Kurt and Artie acknowledged that the boys may have been mistreating the girls. Afterwards, Artie apologized to Tina for his past behaviours and the two of them made up. Meanwhile, Finn told Rachel that while he really liked her, he was going to back down and stay away from her now that she was Jesse's girl. The episode ended with the Glee group performing "Like a Prayer" with Kurt and Mercedes each getting a solo.


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