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Episode Recap: Glee S01E20 Theatricality

Updated on January 8, 2011
Rachel realizing Shelby was her biological mother.
Rachel realizing Shelby was her biological mother. | Source

Stealing their ideas is not a crime

The episode started with Will and Tina in Principal Figgins’ office with Figgins staring warily at Tina in her Goth outfit. Figgins was scared of vampires and with the latest Twilight craze transforming normal teens into vampires, he wanted Tina to change her outfits. Will and Tina tried to point out that vampires don’t exist, Figgins said denial won’t make the problem go away. It turned out he really did believe vampires were real. He demanded Tina ditch the Goth look or she’ll get suspended.

Meanwhile, Finn’s mother led Finn (with eyes closed) into Kurt’s house. It turned out Kurt’s father, Burt, asked them to move in together. Finn was alarmed and tried to voice his objections. Kurt interrupted and said Finn’s objections was probably due to the boring decor of their shared bedroom. Finn was even more alarmed at learning that they’ll be sharing a room. To ease the tension, Burt gave Finn $300 to redecorate the room and Kurt took it, saying he’ll handle it.

Back in the Glee practice room, everybody was found Tina’s new look (grey hoodie and track pants) weird. They suggested several other looks but Tina didn’t feel any of them were who she was. Then, Rachel stormed in, exclaiming that there was a serious problem. Turned out, she has been spying on Vocal Adrenaline. Rummaging through their dumpster, Rachel found 18 empty boxes of Christmas lights (with Tina muttering “Oh no”). Rachel also found out all the Chantilly lace was sold out in a local fabrics store (Mercedes and Kurt were both noticeably shocked). Will had no idea what was going on but the kids knew – Vocal Adrenaline was doing Lady Gaga. Inspired, Will decided to also do Lady Gaga for the week, also helping Tina find a new look. The guys, with the exception of Kurt, weren’t very impressed.

Rachel, Mercedes and Quinn sneaked in to see Vocal Adrenaline rehearse. As Shelby, the director of Vocal Adrenaline, admonished Vocal Adrenaline, Rachel agreed with everything Shelby said. Then when Shelby performed to show Vocal Adrenaline what real theatricality is all about, Rachel realized that Shelby was her biological mother. She approached Shelby and they had a heart-to-heart session. But when Rachel mentioned that whenever she felt sad, her fathers would get her a cup of water so she never knew if she was thirsty or sad; Shelby realized Rachel had grown up so flustered, she left and said she’d call her.

The girls and Kurt performing "Bad Romance" dressed in their various Lady Gaga-inspired costumes.
The girls and Kurt performing "Bad Romance" dressed in their various Lady Gaga-inspired costumes. | Source

You look terrible, I look awesome

The girls and Kurt all came into the Glee rehearsal dressed in various costumes inspired by Lady Gaga’s style. Everybody looked fabulous. Then they realized Rachel wasn’t there. Quinn and Mercedes revealed that they found out Shelby was Rachel’s biological mother. Everybody was shocked and knew they were stuffed because it was obvious Rachel was going to jump ship over to Vocal Adrenaline. But then Rachel walked in, wearing a costume full of stapled-on stuffed animals (her fathers can’t sew), and said she’d never do that. The girls and Kurt then performed “Bad Romance.”

Finn approached Will and voiced the guys’ concern about not wanting to do Lady Gaga. Instead, the guys performed “Shout it Loud” by Kiss. Puck wanted to name his and Quinn’s baby Jackie Daniel. Quinn flat out refused, saying the point of her giving the baby away was so that she didn’t have to deal with all of this with Puck. Wanting to show Quinn how serious he was about being a father, Puck performed “Beth” with the guys, suggesting that as a better name for their baby girl. Touched, Quinn agreed for Puck to be there for the birth of their baby.

Tina started coming to school wearing champagne bubbles but both Artie and Tina got bullied by the football players. Finn also got picked on while putting on costume make-up in the boys’ bathroom. The football players said that now he was moving in with Kurt, part of Glee and putting on make-up, he should start using the girls’ bathroom instead.

Rachel sneaked back to Carmel High again and showed Shelby her Lady Gaga costume, saying she really needed a mum right now. So Shelby made her a much better Lady Gaga costume. Will, concerned about Rachel, met up with Shelby again. Shelby admitted that she had always really wanted a daughter but since she can’t have any more children, it was really important for her to make that connection with Rachel. But she realized she wanted the baby she never got to hold back, not a grown-up Rachel that didn’t need her. Will suggested that Shelby should tell Rachel what she just told him.

The glee kids standing up to the football players in their costumes.
The glee kids standing up to the football players in their costumes. | Source

Gold stars are kind of my thing

Excited about them moving in together, Kurt revealed their redecorated room to Finn. The room, instead of the original black and white deco, now had dark coloured fabrics draped all over the place. Already fed up with having to move out of his old house and share a room with Kurt and having his masculinity challenged by the football players, Finn blew it and started yelling at Kurt, pointing to several objects as “faggy.” Kurt’s father, Burt, stormed in and despite Finn denying he was calling Kurt “faggy,” said that when he used that word, he was referring to Kurt. Burt threw him out of his house, even if that would damage his relationship with Finn’s mother, Carole. He then looked around the room and commented that the place looked great.

Rachel and Shelby met again at the McKinley High auditorium and they had another heart-to-heart session. Shelby said that anything they share right now was probably going to be confusing for Rachel. Rachel admitted that since Shelby was her mother, she should expect to fall into her arms but she doesn’t feel that. Shelby explained that it was because she was her mother, and not her mum. She suggested that instead of acting like mother and daughter, they should just be grateful for one another from afar. Shelby then gave Rachel a gift – a cup with a gold star on it – revealing that gold stars were her thing as well, and asked her that the next time she felt thirsty, if Rachel could drink some water out of her cup. Then, together, the two of them sang a duet “Poker Face.”

In the Glee practice room, the kids asked Will what was the purpose of their assignment for the week, Will had to admit he had no idea. Then, Tina, back in her Gothic outfit, walked in and said she learnt that sometimes, it was good to be a little theatrical. It turned out she had dressed herself up as a vampire to threaten Principal Figgins into letting her wear her normal outfits.

Back in the hallways, Kurt was once again picked on by the football players. Just as one of the guys was going to punch him, Finn interrupted them, dressed in a Lady Gaga outfit made out of red shower curtain. He said he had learnt a lot of Kurt and that as long as he was around, nobody was going to hit Kurt. Then all the Glee kids turned up behind him and outnumbered, the football players retreated. 


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