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Episode Recap: Glee S01E14 Hell-O

Updated on January 8, 2011
Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes getting slushied in the face
Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes getting slushied in the face | Source

We're going to rule this school!

The episode started with Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt walking down the hallway, feeling confident ever since their win in the Sectionals. However, they were quickly reminded of their position on the high school social ladder with a slushie in the face.

Will was shocked to discover Figgins still held him to the deal that Glee must place at Regionals or it'll get disbanded. Also, the Cheerios were going to use the auditorium as it was getting cold outside. Will was confused, as Sue was suspended and the Cheerios had no coach. Just then, Sue walked into Figgins office with two cups of coffee and revealed that she was reinstated. Figgins looked decidedly uncomfortable and Will suspected something was going on.

Meanwhile, Finn was feeling a little down. Rachel thought she was dating Finn, even going as far as making His-and-Hers Relationship Calendars. Finn seemed a bit weirded out by all this and admitted that he still wasn't over Quinn. Finn realized he was off his game but didn't know how to get back on it.

Back to the Will vs. Sue drama, Will tried to find out how Sue got reinstated. Sue said she showed remorse and Figgins let her back. But it was revealed through flashback that what really happened was Sue drugged Figgins' drink over dinner and took some compromising photos of the two of them together to blackmail Figgins into letting her come back. Will tried to bury the hatchet but Sue refused, saying she won't stop until she completely and utterly defeat him and the Glee club.

Brittany and Santana paying zero attention to Finn on their date
Brittany and Santana paying zero attention to Finn on their date | Source

We were seduced by the glitz and glamor of Show-Biz

Sue's new plan to destroy Glee club was for Brittany and Santana to lure Finn away from Rachel, thinking that a devastated Rachel would then ditch Glee club. Finn broke things off with Rachel and went on a disastrous date with Brittany and Santana, only to come to the realization that he did want to be with Rachel. But while he was with Santana and Brittany, Rachel met Jesse St. James, the lead vocalist in Vocal Adrenaline (last year's Nationals), at the local music library. Together, they sang a duet and Rachel fell for him. When the rest of the Glee kids found out, they threatened to kick her off the club if she continued that relationship. But after Sue invited her to join a spinster club she conjured up, Rachel was scared by the possibility of remaining single and went back to Jesse, though she made him promise to keep their relationship a secret. So at the end of the episode, when Finn asked Rachel if they could get back together again, Rachel declined. 

Terri ruining Emma's night with Will
Terri ruining Emma's night with Will | Source

Emma and Will

Will and Emma began their new relationship. Yet just as Will was about to lean over and kiss Emma, she freaked out and was going to rush off and clean herself. Will suggested they take things slow. On their first date, Will and Emma danced to "Hello Again" by Neil Diamond.

Several nights later, Emma went to Will's apartment to surprise him with dinner. Just as she was arranging the cutleries, Terri came by and spotted Emma's Jazz DVD. When Emma mentioned that Will and her song was "Hello again," Terri smirked and told Emma that "Hello again" was Will and Terri's prom song. This distressed Emma.

Meanwhile, when Will found out about Rachel dating Jesse, he went over to Carmel High to talk to Vocal Adrenaline's director Shelby Corcoran about it. The two of them ended up in Will's apartment, making out. Will stopped and told her about his relationship issues. Shelby suggested that he needed sometime by himself to discover himself again considering he's been with Terri since he was 15 and now he jumped straight into a relationship with Emma.

The next day, Emma approached will with a copy of his high school yearbook. When Will realized his mistake, he was apologetic. After a brief talk, they decided that the best thing to do now was to put their relationship on hold for Will to spend some time alone. At this point, Emma doesn't know about Will and Shelby's make-out session. 

The episode ended with the Glee kids performing "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles in the auditorium. Unknown to Will, Emma was there in the auditorium watching them. 


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