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Episode Recap: Glee S01E11 Hairography

Updated on January 8, 2011
Brittany filming New Directions' choreography during rehearsal
Brittany filming New Directions' choreography during rehearsal | Source

Coach Sylvester didn't tell me to do this

The episode started with Will going to Emma with his suspicions about Sue revealing his set list to the competitors. Weird things such as Brittany filming their choreography during practice (with the excuse "Coach Sylvester didn't tell me to do this") and Sue asking him about the competitors and their zip codes. Emma suggested Will asking his competitors point blank about it.

So Will went to Jane Addams Academy, asking the Arts director Grace Hitchens if Sue's sent anything. It was then that Grace told him about their severe underfunding, which included no costumes or auditorium. Their kids had to practice out on the yard. Touched, Will invited her club to perform in the McKinley High auditorium. When the girls performed "Bootylicious," Will was really intimidated. Rachel assured him that the girls were using hairography - dramatic hair-tossing moves - to distract the audience from their limited singing and dancing talents.

Still, Will decided that New Directions needed to incorporate hairography into their routine. He purchased wigs for New Directions and told them they were going to sing "Hair." Meanwhile, the director Dalton Rumba from their other competitor Haverbrook School for the Deaf felt slighted that Jane Addams Academy got an invite and they didn't. He arranged for his team to also perform at McKinley High.

New Directions performed a mash-up of "Hair" and "Crazy in Love" using hairography, their rival Haverbrook signed to each other "they look absolutely crazy." The glee club from Haverbrook performed "Imagine" with sign language. Touched, New Directions joined in, and it was then Will realized that hairography wasn't right for them. So they decided to ditch hairography and stick to who they were.

The episode ended with Sue giving the set list to the two rival Arts director. Her plan was to have the two competitors perform New Directions' songs. She was going to pull some strings and arrange for New Directions to perform last so that it would look like New Directions stole the songs from their rivals. Initially, the two directors were against cheating but Sue managed to talk them out of it, saying "don't let anything distract you from winning. Ever."

New Directions and Haverbrook School performing "Imagine" together
New Directions and Haverbrook School performing "Imagine" together | Source

Quinn Bee and Lima Loser

Quinn was doubting her original decision to give the baby away to Terri. She realized her original decision was based on the fact that she didn't want to raise the baby with Finn but thought Puck may be a good candidate. When she told Terri this, Terri's sister Kendra arranged for Quinn to babysit her incredibly unruly triplets. Wanting to try Puck out, Quinn needed to get Finn distracted. So, knowing Finn was already semi-interested in Rachel, Quinn went to Kurt and asked Kurt to give Rachel a make-over. Quinn then went and invited Puck to go and babysit with her.

Initially, both Puck and Quinn was overwhelmed by the triplets, who tied them together with a jump rope. As Quinn was struggling with the knots, Puck was busy texting. To distract the kids, Quinn and Puck performed "Papa Don't Preach" for the kids. Not only did they manage to calm the kids down, they even got them to take a bath and all fall asleep at the same time (a first, according to Kendra). Making an incredulous Terri and Kendra to ask if she was an exorcist. They ended up having a really good time together.

The next day, however, Santana approached Quinn, demanding that Quinn keep her paws off her man. When Quinn said "Puck cares about me," Santana told Quinn that while they were babysitting, Puck was texting her (not Mike as he said). A devastated Quinn went to Puck and scrawled through his mobile, finding the evidence.

"You look like a sad clown hooker" was Finn's response to Rachel's new look
"You look like a sad clown hooker" was Finn's response to Rachel's new look | Source

Rachel somehow manages to dress like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time

Quinn managed to convince Kurt to give Rachel a make-over to improve their chances at Sectionals. At first, he was quite into it, saying he wanted every guy in school to do a double-take when she walked past. But when Rachel admitted she's rather have just one guy, Finn, to notice her, Kurt was obviously shocked (since he also liked Finn) and told her Finn liked "loose women." When Rachel commented that Quinn looked quite wholesome, Kurt convinced Rachel that in order to impress Finn, she needed to act like a hooker.

The next day, with her brand new look, Finn noticed Rachel looked quite different. When Rachel asked him if he wanted anything, Finn was flabbergasted and stuttered that he was distracted by her looks. Confident, Rachel invited Finn to her house on Friday night to work on some numbers, to which Finn agreed enthusiastically. (This gave Quinn the perfect opportunity to get Puck to babysit with her on Friday night)

On Friday night, Finn was obviously uncomfortable with Rachel's new look, saying she looked like a sad clown hooker. He added that he liked how she usually looked. Crestfallen, Rachel said she thought this was what Finn liked. Finn then thought out loud, thinking how it's weird that a week ago, he had a conversation with Kurt about what he liked in girls, which he replied natural, not a lot of make-up or skin-tight clothes.

At school, Finn went to Quinn and admitted that he went over to Rachel's house on Friday night but said nothing happened even though Rachel was wearing skin-tight clothes. Touched by his honesty, Quinn gave up on the thought of being with Puck, told Terri she was giving her the baby after all, and went back to Finn.

Angry at Kurt's betrayal, Rachel went to Kurt at school and demanded an explanation. Kurt said he was just showing Rachel her dreams of getting together with Finn was nothing but a schoolgirl's fantasy fairytale. He was merely showing Finn Rachel was not a viable second-choice. Rachel pointed out that even if she was second-choice or fiftieth, she would still be ahead of Kurt because she was a girl. Kurt admitted that there was no hope for either of them because Finn loved Quinn, they were having a baby together and both Kurt and Rachel were nothing but distractions. "The sooner we realize that, the better."


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