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Episode Recap: Glee S01E08 Mash-Up

Updated on January 8, 2011
Finn getting a slushie in the face from Dave Karofsky
Finn getting a slushie in the face from Dave Karofsky | Source

The slushie war has commenced

The episode starts with Dave Karofsky, a popular hockey player, holding a cup of slushie walking down the hallway looking for a target. All the Glee kids, upon seeing him, prepared themselves for the inevitable slushie-in-the-face. However, everybody was surprised when instead of going for them, Karofsky dumped the slushie in Finn's face. When Finn retaliated and Quinn threatened him, he appeared unfazed, saying now that Finn knocked up the queen of the chastity ball, there was a new hierarchy in school and they were no longer on top.

Ken and Emma approached Will in the staffroom and told him that they needed his help with the first dance of their wedding, which will be held in Hawaii because it's far away from everyone they knew. Emma wanted "I could have danced all night" (which Will agreed with completely, much to Ken's disgust) while Ken wanted the "Thong Song." And Emma had an idea for Will to make a mash-up of their two songs. Also Emma wanted/needed some dancing lessons. When Emma offered to pay (again, to Ken's displeasure), Will insisted that it'll be his wedding gift to them.

Inspired by Emma and Ken, Will wanted the Glee kids to focus on mash-ups this week, using his all-time favorite song "Bust a Move." Finn still had corn syrup in his eyes while Puck wasn't willing to take the lead. Rachel was disgusted by the lack of male leadership in the group so Will came out and did it himself.

Desperate to hold onto their thrones of popularity, Quinn and Finn went to Emma for some guidance. When Emma asked why popularity was so important to them, Quinn said when you are popular, you can get away with just about anything. She then brought up the fact that when her mother was applying for colleges, she had put down "popular" as her main extracurricular activity and got into Arizona State.Just then, Will walked by in a pair of sunglasses, making Emma blurt out breathlessly "sunglasses are so sexy." When Finn and Quinn looked at her, she suggested that they try wearing sunglasses.

Will teaching Emma how to dance in her wedding dress (with its extremely long train).
Will teaching Emma how to dance in her wedding dress (with its extremely long train). | Source

My ears are starting to hurt, can we take a break?

Emma wore her sister's old wedding dress, which included a very long train, to Will's dance lesson. She said that cause her sister didn't wear it to her dance lessons, on the actual wedding day, her sister's husband kept on tripping over the train and they ended up getting divorced three months later. Will started by singing the "Thong Song" and dancing around Emma and sure enough, he slipped on her train and fell over, bringing Emma down on top of him. Ken saw this whole fiasco and looked extremely angry.

To add fuel onto fire, Finn was being picked up the next day during football practice and he ended up getting into a fight. When Ken eventually broke them apart, he noticed Puck was missing. Finn said Puck skipped because he was working on something for Glee. Sick and tired of glee and Will ruining his life, Ken added an extra practice on Thursday at 3:30PM - the same time as Glee rehearsal. When Finn pointed that out, Ken said the extra practice was mandatory and they had to choose what was more important to them.

Meanwhile, Puck was working with Rachel on a song. It turned out his mother was upset, while watch "Schindler's List," that Puck wasn't dating a Jewish girl. Then he dreamt Rachel climbing through his bedroom window wearing the Star of David. He stated that it was a sign. While taking a break between practice, Puck and Rachel started making out. Rachel imagined Puck was Finn and when she snapped out of it, she made the excuse that she needed a man who was brave enough to sing solo. As a result, the next day, Puck performed "Sweet Caroline" during glee, causing most girls, including Rachel and Quinn, to swoon.

Finn and Quinn tried out Emma's idea of wearing sunglasses, but they ended up getting slushied by other football players anyway. The football players told Finn and if he chose Glee over football, they were going to get a lot more uglier. 

All the Glee kids waiting underneath the clock...
All the Glee kids waiting underneath the clock... | Source

Everyone knows I'm just a consolation prize to you

Sue started getting close to Rod, the anchor at the local news station she was working on. She asked Will to help her learn a couple of dance moves to impress Rod when he invited her to a swing dance-athon. After the dance lesson, Sue accidentally let slip that Ken was making the football guys choose between Glee and football.

When Will confronted Ken about it, Ken admitted that he was sick and tired of Emma being interested in him. Even though Will offered to compromise by discouraging Emma, but Ken refused to back down.

While hanging out with Rachel, Puck got a slushie in the face. It turned out now that he was dating Rachel, he was becoming uncool. He said he was going to choose football over glee.

Will and Emma went to pick out a trainless dress for her wedding and in it, they danced to "I could have danced all night" (with Emma singing). Will backed off, saying he needed to get ready for a showdown. When Emma asked what was going on, Will revealed that Ken was making the football kids choose between Glee and football.

At 3:29PM, all the Glee kids were waiting expectantly underneath the clock, hoping that the football players chose Glee. When 3:30PM came, all the kids were really disappointed but Mike and Matt walked in. A few moments later, Puck walked in too. When Rachel asked if he was sure, cause now he was probably going to get a slushie in the face every day, Puck smirked and said "bring it." But Finn was a no-show.

The next day started with an arm holding a slushie looking for a target. Mercedes, Tina and Artie saw it and ducked, hiding underneath raincoats. But the arm turned a corner and went to a horrified Rachel and Kurt. Kurt told the person to "do it" and it was then the camera panned around to reveal that it was Finn holding the slushie. Finn said he really didn't want to do it, knowing how particular Kurt was about what products he used on his face. But Kurt knew the football players would kick the crap out of Finn if he didn't do it so Kurt grabbed the slushie and threw it over his own face, saying he was taking one for the team. As he handed over the empty cup to a horrified Finn, Kurt asked Finn to think about if any of the football players would have done that for him.

Sue showed up to the station to impress Rod but saw him kissing another woman. A horrified Sue stormed off. She renewed her animosity towards Will and Glee, demanding to see their set list for sectionals. And she officially kicked Quinn off the Cheerios, asking her to hand in her uniform.

Rachel and Puck sat on the bleachers watching the football players practice. Rachel told him that their relationship was probably not going to work. They admitted to each other than Rachel liked Finn and Puck liked Quinn, but they knew that the couple would never break up now that Quinn was pregnant.

Will talked to Finn, asking him to come back to Glee where he belonged. Finn then talked to Ken and told him that picking between football and Glee was making it tough for him to lead. After Finn's speech, Ken told him the new practice was cancelled. Emma and Will decided that the "Thong Song" and "I could have danced all night" was too incompatible for a mash-up. Emma also thanked him for the dance lessons.

Finn brought slushies to all the Glee kids as an apology for his previous absence. Quinn thinks she will start everyday with a slushie facial now that she was off the Cheerios. Will said it was okay because there were eleven of her friends here to clean her off. After getting a brain freeze from the slushie, Will said he couldn't imagine getting hit with a slushie. This led to the Glee kids ganging up on him and giving him twelve slushies in the face. 


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