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Episode Recap: Glee S01E04 Preggers

Updated on January 8, 2011
Brittany, Kurt and Tina dancing to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.  Heather Morris (Left) was actually a backup dancer for Beyonce's "Single Ladies" tour before she joined Glee.
Brittany, Kurt and Tina dancing to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Heather Morris (Left) was actually a backup dancer for Beyonce's "Single Ladies" tour before she joined Glee. | Source

All the single ladies

The episode starts off with Kurt, Tina and Brittany dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" in the basement of his house. But mid-way through the dance, they were interrupted by Kurt's father, Burt, who asked them what they were doing and also, what was Kurt wearing. Caught in the moment, Tina stuttered out "football," and Kurt went along with that. Brittany added that Kurt was now in the football team as the kicker. Unable to deny it, Kurt claimed that they were helping him do some conditioning work. When Burt asked if either Tina or Brittany were his girlfriend, Kurt indicated Tina but he was not ready to be exclusive. Nodding, Burt left the room, adding that he would like tickets to Kurt's first game.

While Terri and Will were practicing breathing exercises for the impending child-birth, Terri's sister Kendra was present and offered to teach Will how to rub the gas bubbles out of Terri's stomach. Alarmed, Terri refused, sent Will to make a BLT and revealed to Kendra that she was experiencing a hysterical pregnancy. She was about to tell Will the truth but was stopped by Kendra, who instead, suggested that they get her a baby instead.

At Glee rehearsal, Rachel is upset that Will get the solo in "Tonight" from "West Side Story" to Tina instead of her and stormed out of rehearsal. After the rehearsal, Kurt approached Finn and asked him if he could help him get on the football team. Finn agreed, figuring out that the more crossover there was between Glee and football, the easier his life will get. During his try-out, he started dancing to "Single Ladies" much to the amusement of the rest of the football team and dismay of Ken the football coach. All of them were shell-shocked when they realized Kurt was a skilled kicker. Delighted, Ken added Kurt to the football team. When asked by Kurt if he could have his music, Ken replied "if you kick like that, you can wear a tutu for all I care."

Tina performing "Tonight" from "West Side Story"
Tina performing "Tonight" from "West Side Story" | Source

You make this, and you die a legend

Sue has been given a segment at the local news report. The manager of the channel said that he heard from his daughter who went to the school that a lot of cheerleaders were defecting over to show choir. He wondered if Sue would be able to win Nationals again, adding that her segment in the local news depended on her winning. This made Sue all the more determined to destroy Glee club.

After her failed attempt in the previous episode, Sue's next move was to get Sandy, the former glee coach, back in the school. She did so by blackmailing Principal Figgins into appointing him as the school's new Arts director and they held auditions for a school musical, knowing Rachel would never be able to resist the spotlight. Still feeling slighted by Will not giving her the solo, Rachel auditioned, got the star role, and when Will refused to back down in his decision, quit the Glee club.

Quinn was giving Finn the silent treatment. When Finn asked her what was wrong, Quinn revealed that she was pregnant and that he was the father. Finn told both Puck and Will. Puck told Quinn that he knew he was the father and he was willing to take care of it. However, Quinn told him he was a "lima loser" and he always will be. When Will told his wife Terri, she approached Quinn, seeking to get the baby once she delivered.

Finn figured out that impending fatherhood was going to trap him to the town forever and the only way out was with a football scholarship. He asked Will if he could help coach the football team in terms of dancing to loosen them up. However, at the match, fear of embarrassment resulted in the football team abandon their dance moves, which resulted in them being dominated by their opposition. With only a second on the clock and trailing 0-6, Finn called timeout and forced his team to use their dance moves. They were successful in leveling the score and then with Kurt's help, they won the game. Following their win, three new football players, Puck, Matt and Mike, joined the Glee club. 

After the match, Kurt came out to his father, who told him he knew since he was three when all he wanted was a nice pair of heels. And that while he was not totally in love with the idea, he loved Kurt just the same. 


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