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Episode Recap: Glee S01E05 The Rhodes Not Taken

Updated on January 8, 2011
A 24-year old high school student who was deliberately failed to keep from graduating.
A 24-year old high school student who was deliberately failed to keep from graduating. | Source

Morning Sickness

The episode opened with the glee kids practicing "Don't Stop Believing" for the upcoming Invitationals. Following Rachel quitting the Glee club, Quinn was given the lead role but halfway through the song, she had to run out of the room due to morning sickness. The rest of the Glee kids expressed their concern to Will, believing that without Rachel, they won't be able to win Sections and certainly not Regionals.

While moping over that at dinner, Will recognized the waiter who used to be in his Spanish class. The waiter told him that he now goes to Carmel. Will was puzzled, asking how was that possible when he must be 22. The waiter said he was 24 and Carmel kept on failing him to keep him in Vocal Adrenaline since he was the only one who can do the triple flip. This gave Will food for thought.

With some reluctant help from Emma, Will managed to track down April Rhodes and discovered that she was indeed, like he suspected, several credits shy of graduating, making her eligible to perform in Glee. April asked him to meet her in a luxurious mansion but just as they were talking, a real estate agent walked in with a couple of prospective buyers. It turned out April was only squatting there. After high school, April left with her high school sweetheart to make it big in New York but that dream never happened. Will offered April a spot in his Spanish class so she can graduate and April agreed.

April Rhodes singing "Maybe This Time"
April Rhodes singing "Maybe This Time" | Source

Maybe This Time

When Will introduced April to the Glee kids, they weren't very impressed with her being a replacement for Rachel. However, then April sang "Maybe This Time." Halfway through the song, Rachel joined in from the auditorium. The Glee kids were stunned by the performance, Kurt even cried.

Despite her talents, Will wasn't so sure the Glee kids were willing to accept April into their group. So he made the suggestion to April to take some time and try to win them over. So April introduced Kurt to alcohol, telling him it'll give him all the courage he'll need, as well as giving him her collection of men's magazine. Her next move was to teach Tina and Mercedes how to shoplift. April also got closer to the football guys by showering with them after practice. Will was amazed that April managed to merge seamlessly into the Glee group, not knowing exactly what April did. Meanwhile, April was still having alcohol issues.

As Rachel practices with the musical, her efforts are ridiculed by Sandy simply because he wanted to play the lead role himself. Upset, Rachel runs through her lines with Finn, who used the effort to try and get Rachel to come back to Glee. He suggested that the two of them go bowling together. Just as Rachel is falling under Finn's charms, Will and April walks into the music room to teach April the lead part in "Don't Stop Believing," which as Finn pointed out was Rachel's part. Mildly upset, Rachel left the room and was seen observing them practice from outside the door.

Elsewhere in the school, Emma approached an visibly drunk Kurt who then proceeded to barf on the mysophobic careers counselor. Emma had to the emergency room and get four decontamination showers. When she voiced her concerns about April providing the booze to Kurt, Will said he'll talk to April about it but remained insistent that they need April to win.

April performing "Last Name" by Carrie Underwood with the Glee club for the invitationals
April performing "Last Name" by Carrie Underwood with the Glee club for the invitationals | Source

I'm not letting it go

Sandy stepped up his verbal abuse at Rachel, which led to her crying in the girls' bathroom. Just then, April walked in and the two of them started arguing about April's presence in the school and in particular, in Glee. April had the last words, saying she wasn't afraid of Rachel because like her, she once was the star around here and now that she had it back, she was not letting it go.

Finn took Rachel to the bowling alley as promised. Will and April were also at the bowling alley. Will used this opportunity to warn April that he can't have her around if she continued to influence his kids to make bad choices in life. April then assured him that as of now, she was back on the wagon. Will expressed his high school dream to sing with her, saying that she was the reason he joined Glee club, so they did a quick duet of "Alone."

Finn was still trying to get Rachel to come back, even saying that he appreciated her. When Rachel landed a strike on her last bowl, she hugged Finn and the two of them kissed. And Rachel told Finn she'll return to Glee.

The next day, Puck let the cat out of the bag, telling everyone in Glee that Quinn was pregnant and Finn was the father. Rachel walked in, announcing she was back and much to her bemusement, nobody paid any attention to her. It was then she found out about Quinn's pregnancy.

Succeeding in getting Rachel back, Finn submitted an application for a music scholarship to Emma. Then in the hallways, he was confronted by Rachel, who slapped him in the face and told him there was now no chance of her ever coming back to Glee. She stormed over to Sue and expressed her concern about the musical. Sue, still trying to disband Glee, gave Rachel complete creative control over the musical.

A drunk April showed up for the invitationals. Emma repeated her concern to Will about April but Will decided that if he yanked her out now, he would only be punishing the kids. So Glee went out and April did an amazing rendition of "Last Name" by Carrie Underwood. The crowd was jubilant and Rachel was seen watching from the back of the auditorium, visibly upset that she had been replaced.

As April was about to return to the stage for the second number, Will approached April and said he couldn't let her go out there. April looked crestfallen but agreed, saying how lucky the kids were that they had someone like Will prevent them from making bad choices like she did. The Glee kids wondered how were they going to perform "Somebody to Love" without their lead. It was then that Rachel stepped in, willing to be the understudy and revealing that she quit the musical because being a star didn't make her feel as special as being their friends. Together, the kids came together and performed the second number.


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