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Episode Recap: Glee S01E21 Funk

Updated on January 8, 2011
The Glee kids depressed at seeing their Glee practice room TPed by Vocal Adrenaline
The Glee kids depressed at seeing their Glee practice room TPed by Vocal Adrenaline | Source

That’s 200 times 26 times 4 equals... I don’t have a calculator

The episode started with Mercedes, Tina, Artie and Kurt walking down the corridor, really confident and excited about the upcoming Regionals. The online forums are all commenting now that Vocal Adrenaline had lost their star, the judges knew all their tricks and with Jesse in New Directions, they were ripe to topple them. Just then, Rachel rushed up to them and told them they had to come to the auditorium.

In the auditorium, Jesse was up on the stage with Vocal Adrenaline. It turned out he had transferred back to Carmel High after the McKinley kids were awful to him. Vocal Adrenaline then performed “Another One Bites the Dust,” shocking the McKinley kids. Depressed, Artie pointed out that it was a Carmel High tradition to psych out the competition by “funkification” to spiral their opponents into a deep state of funk. While Kurt tried to cheer them up by stating that it was going to take more than that to get us into a funk. They turned a corner and entered their Glee practice room, only to find it toilet-papered.

As the New Directions kids were cleaning up the mess, they wondered how on earth did the Carmel kids get in? Sue then walked in with a couple of Cheerios holding up a trophy, saying that she gave Vocal Adrenaline the keys. She then started making plans to punch out a wall in the Glee practice room to put in a trophy, to make room for the trophy she was going to win in the upcoming Nationals. Further adding to the kids’ depression, Sue told them that the online betting sites had New Directions at a 40:1 underdogs and once they lose at Regionals, Glee club would be finished that their practice room will become her trophy annex. Annoyed at her, Will grabbed Sue’s trophy and smashed it against the wall.

Back in his own personal life, Will officially got divorced with Terri. Realizing he regretted being in a relationship like that, he told the kids that if they lost to Vocal Adrenaline at Regionals, they won’t regret it because they gave it their best shot. But they will regret letting Vocal Adrenaline get them depressed before the competition. As Glee club tried to come up with a plan for payback, Puck, in voice-over, said that though he and Finn still hated each other, they knew that they were the two who would have to deal out the revenge. They ended up going over to Carmel High and slashing the tires of all 26 range rovers belonging to Vocal Adrenaline.

They got caught and in Principal Figgins’ office, Figgins was going to expel them. Shelby said she didn’t want anyone expelled so she wasn’t going to press charges as long as New Directions pay for the damages. Will pointed out that it would bankrupt the Glee club so desperate, Finn asked for a month so that he and Puck can get jobs to pay back the money. Shelby agreed and left.

Depressed, Will tried to buy drugs from Sandy, the former coach of McKinley’s Glee club. But Sandy didn’t want to sell it to someone who was clinically depressed. Depressed, Will said he was in a really big funk because he didn’t know how to defeat Vocal Adrenaline. That was when Sandy pointed out that Vocal Adrenaline had one weakness – they can’t do funk numbers. This made Will make “funk” their assignment for the week. Quinn wanted to perform a  funk number, which made Mercedes and everybody laugh at her. Determined, she told Will she’ll have a number by the next day.

Will witnessing a hysterical Santana
Will witnessing a hysterical Santana | Source

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Will asked Rachel how she felt about Jesse’s betrayal and Rachel let off a tirade about Jesse never cared for her, their relationship was just Vocal Adrenaline’s way of making sure she lost her will to live just before the competition. She said that everybody knew if you destroyed the heart of the team’s heart, you would destroy the team. Inspired by Rachel’s rant, Will realized Rachel just handed him a way to deal with his other nemesis – Sue. He then sang “Tell Me Something Good” to Sue to seduce her.

Finn and Puck got jobs at Sheets’n’Things, working under Terri. They got picked on by Howard Bamboo who had seniority over them. Then, in a dream sequence, Finn, Puck, Howard and Sandy performed the funk number “Loser.” Afterwards, when Finn asked Terri for help, Terri imagined that she was seeing Will. Blinking back to reality, Terri smiled and helped Finn out because he reminded her of Will. Then when Finn failed at making sheets and complained about Glee’s assignment for the week, Terri helped Finn with his funk number (as well as promoting him to assistant assistant manager with seniority over Howard Bamboo).

Sue wrote in her journal about having “sexy non-murderous feelings” for Will. Then, just as she was writing the last sentence, Will walked in with a bouquet of flowers that matched her outfit. When she brushed it off as cheap flower from the local petrol store, Will whipped out a jar of carbo-gel in Sue’s favourite flavour – appletini. Will then “confessed” his feelings for Sue and asked her out on a date on Wednesday night because she had Nationals on Saturday.

The next day, Quinn performed her funk number “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” with the Unwed Mothership Connection to express her anger at her situation. Touched by her performance, Mercedes met up with Quinn in the library and they had a good talk. Quinn apologized, saying she never understood how Mercedes dealt with all the judging and treatment people dished out to her all her life when Quinn only suffered through it for 9 months. Mercedes said Quinn wasn’t angry, she was hurt, and she needed some place safe to dig through all that rage to get to the hurt beneath it. She then invited Quinn to move in with her on Saturday after her brother moved out for college.

On Wednesday night, Sue was sitting by herself in Breadstix and when the waitress told her she had to order something, Sue assured her that her date was going to come at any moment now. The waitress told Sue to her face that her date wasn’t coming and that Sue had been stood up. Humiliated, Sue stormed over to Will’s apartment and berated Will, but Will turned the table, saying “cruelty was the only way to get your attention.” He also added that he had no interest in dating her and that she should consider this a taste of payback.

The next day, Will came to school to find Santana sobbing hysterically in the hallway. Looking around, he saw all the Cheerios were really depressed, paying no attention to their outfits or their hairstyle. Brittany, in fact, was so confused she wore her outfit back-to-front and begged the unpopular kids like Jacob to help her. Asking Kurt what happened, Will found out that Sue won’t get out of bed, and the Cheerios haven’t had practice in days. Kurt said he was fine because he had Glee but the other girls sort of lost it. No Nationals meant some of the girls would lose their college scholarships and the rest were just lost and confused. Kurt finished by saying that while Sue didn’t need another trophy, some of these girls did.

Vocal Adrenaline depressed after seeing New Directions perform a funk number.
Vocal Adrenaline depressed after seeing New Directions perform a funk number. | Source

Even your breath stinks of mediocrity

In the Glee practice room, Finn, Kurt and Mercedes performed “Good Vibrations.” But despite their awesome performance, Will pointed out that “Good Vibrations” wasn’t a funk number, it was merely sung by a band who had the word funk in their name – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The Glee kids, after doing a wrong number, fell into a deeper funk.

Will went to Sue’s house. It was pretty much a museum full of trophies. Sue was depressed about having no love in her life. Will apologized to Sue, saying that hurting her didn’t make him feel any better. He also added that her kids loved her and when Sue said they didn’t love her, they feared her, Will pointed out that Sue loved them. Then, Sue grabbed her loudspeaker and reverted back to her old self.

Back in the school, Rachel got a phone call from Jesse, who asked her to meet him out in the parking lot. Thinking they were going to reconcile, Rachel rang happily towards Jesse only to be ambushed by Vocal Adrenaline who bombed her with eggs. Rachel was a vegan so they knew she would have nightmares of those chicken souls on his conscience. The guys wanted to go over to Vocal Adrenaline and punch Jesse’s face but Will talked them out of it, saying violence was never the answer. He then called Jesse up and ordered him and Vocal Adrenaline to meet them in the auditorium on Friday.

Will watched Sue win her sixth consecutive National title on TV. She had Kurt perform a 14.5 minute Celine Dion medley entirely in French. When the reporter asked Sue where she was going to put the mammoth trophy, Sue looked into the camera and said she knew just the place. Just then, the doorbell in Will’s apartment rang and a bunch of Cheerios walked in with the trophy and plopped it down in his living room. Sue walked in and told Will he had two choices, either kiss her on the lips with tongue or she’ll put that trophy behind bullet-proof glass in the Glee practice room. But just as Will was about to kiss her, she changed her mind. A weary Will then watched the mammoth trophy being placed into his Glee practice room.

In the auditorium, a confident Vocal Adrenaline team smirked as Rachel told them New Directions was going to funkify them by showing them the one thing they can’t do. The Glee kids then performed “Give Up the Funk.” Flabbergasted, Jesse conversed with Gislle, saying “they did a funk  number, we have never been able to pull off a funk number.” Gislle replied by saying, “well that’s because we are soulless automatons.” Jesse then ended the episode by commenting “I’m so depressed.”


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