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Episode Recap: Glee S01E13 Sectionals

Updated on January 8, 2011
All the Glee kids are worried about Rachel finding out the truth about Quinn's pregnancy and telling Finn
All the Glee kids are worried about Rachel finding out the truth about Quinn's pregnancy and telling Finn | Source

I suggest we lock Rachel up until after Sectionals, I volunteer my basement

Rachel started to suspect there was something going on between Puck and Quinn but when she asked the rest of the Glee club about it, they all evaded the issue and quickly left the practice room. Out in the hallways, all the Glee kids discussed how they needed to keep Quinn and Puck's secret from Rachel because they knew that Rachel would tell Finn, Finn would flip and they would be in an even worse position than before.

Emma delayed her wedding for a few hours so that she could take the Glee kids to Sectionals. Ken was furious but Emma told Will "he took it great, just great." For their ballad, Rachel was about to leap in but Mercedes intercepted and sang "And I am Telling You I'm not Going." Everybody was touched and Rachel said she couldn't wait to hear Mercedes sing it at Sectionals.

Not getting the answers she needed, Rachel made up some genetic condition that only occurred in Jews and told Quinn about it. Quinn then went to Puck and told him they needed to get tested for it. This confirmed Rachel's suspicions and she told Finn, thinking that he'll come to her when he breaks up with Quinn. But instead, Finn flipped (as predicted by the Glee kids), said he was done with them, all of them.

Down by a number, the Glee kids recruited Jacob Ben Israel, the school's reporter, to make up the numbers. At Sectionals, New Directions found they were going to perform third. Initially they thought that was a good thing (as they could leave the freshest impression in the judges' minds). But that quickly changed when the Jane Addams Academy girls performed "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going." Rachel tried to placate an angry Mercedes by saying "it's a really popular song." But when the Jane Addams girls then performed "Proud Mary" in wheelchairs, it was clear their set list was leaked.

The Jane Addams Academy girls performing "Proud Mary" in wheelchairs
The Jane Addams Academy girls performing "Proud Mary" in wheelchairs | Source

I think what we have here is a case of deaf racism

With the kids completely freaked out, Emma called Will. Will confronted Sue, since she was the only one who had the set list. Sue was unrepentant, smug even, that by 4pm that day, she'll have the Glee club's budget back in her pockets. But Will knew what to do. He went to Finn in the football change rooms, saying "you can't always get what you want." He then strode out of the change room, leaving his car keys behind.

During the break between performances at Sectionals, Emma confronted Grace Hitchens and Dalton Rumba, the two rival choir directors, about what they did. The two directors were unrepentant about their actions, saying that a win would mean so much to their kids. Emma walked way, saying the real shame was that maybe if they believed in their kids just a little bit more, they would have been amazing up here, without cheating.

Sure enough, after the break, the Haverbrook School for the Deaf performed "Don't Stop Believing." Disgusted, the Glee kids quickly held a meeting and pointed the finger at Brittany and Santana for leaking the set list to Sue. Santana denied that either of them did it, but Brittany admitted that she did, though she had no idea what Sue was going to do with it. With the rest of the kids angry at them, Santana said no one was forcing her to be here and she actually liked being in Glee club, it was the best part of her day.

Rachel believed them and said they needed to quickly regroup and come up with a new set list. Mercedes didn't think she had anything in her repertoire that would be as good as Rachel so she willingly gave her ballad to Rachel. They were struggling to , Finn walked in and handed them copies of sheet music, saying he used the Cheerios photocopy machine before trashing the thing. So New Directions had their new set list.

For their performance, Rachel performed "Don't Rain on My Parade" followed by the rest of the group joining in to finish with "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Once all the performances were over, Grace Hitchens, the director of Jane Addams Academy, told them she was going to confess her actions to the judges, but just as she was about to, the judges walked out and said they had made their decision.

Will kissing Emma
Will kissing Emma | Source

My Life Would Suck Without You

Will returned to his apartment to get ready for Ken and Emma's wedding. Terri was home and when she tried to get back with Will, he said he was looking at her and the feeling he always felt about her was gone. When he turned up to Emma and Ken's wedding, the place was deserted. It turned out Emma delaying their wedding was the last straw for Ken. Emma admitted that she delayed her wedding to attend sectionals was for Will. She confessed that "one blink from you, Will, and I would have been out the door." Emma then revealed that she was planning on resigning from McKinley High School on Monday because it was too painful for her to work alongside Ken and Will.

Livid at Sue leaking the Glee club's set list, Principal Figgins suspended her and removed her as the coach of the Cheerios. An angry Sue stormed out, promising retributions. Figgins also told Will he'll clear things up with the Ohio Show Choir Governing Board, reinstating him as New Directions' director.

It turned out the judges were unanimous in their decision about awarding first place to New Directions. A joyful Glee club performed "My Life Would suck Without You" for Will, using some of the dance moves from all their previous numbers (including their first routine for "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat," their invitational "Last Name" routine, Kurt's "Single Ladies" and the Cheerios' try-out routine). During the song, it was also revealed Will approached Emma just as she was leaving the school with her things and kissed her.


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