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Episode Recap: Glee S01E06 Vitamin D

Updated on January 8, 2011
When Glee was divided into boys vs girls, Kurt tried to join the girls' team.
When Glee was divided into boys vs girls, Kurt tried to join the girls' team. | Source

We're planning on smacking them down like the hand of God

A couple of weeks away from Sectionals, Will was worried that the Glee kids weren't taking things seriously anymore. They've become complacent because their competitors at Sectionals were Haverbrook School for the Deaf and Jane Addams Academy (for girls just out of juvie). While Emma tried to come up with ideas, Sue interrupted, telling him he needed to unleash the competitive animal within the kids.

Will thought Sue may have a point and in rehearsal, divided the group into boys vs. girls. The two groups had to do a mash-up of two songs of their choice and whoever won the mini-competition would get to choose the number for sectionals. When Rachel pointed out that his gender made him biased, Will told them that there will be a celebrity judge and they will have to show up to find out. The girls were extremely pumped while Finn was visibly “out-of-it.”

Sue, while writing to her journal, mentioned a disaster that happened at Cheerios practice – Quinn’s knee buckled slightly while she was on top of the pyramid. She wrote that kind of mistake would cost the Cheerios nationals, which in turn would cost her all her endorsements and without those endorsements, she wouldn’t be able to buy a hovercraft. When she asked Quinn what was wrong, Quinn, hiding her pregnancy, said she must have been tired from Glee. This gave Sue more resolve to destroy Glee. From her previous failed attempts, she realized that if she couldn’t destroy the club, she needed to destroy the man.

A very tired Finn falling asleep during Glee rehearsal
A very tired Finn falling asleep during Glee rehearsal | Source

Has your soul been taken over by caffeinated space aliens?

Sue went to Will's house and told Terri about Will and Emma's budding relationship. She implied that if Terri wanted to keep Will, she needed to intervene to prevent an affair. It just so happened that there was an opening at the school after the school nurse took a tumble down the stairs (in flashback, it was revealed that the tumble was Sue's handiwork). Although Terri didn't have qualified training, she told Figgins she took first aid training and knew how to operate a defibrillator, leading to her getting hired.

In the staff room, Will told Emma that she'll be the celebrity judge for the Glee-off. Terri walked in just as Will was telling Emma that she was the most honest and impartial person he knew. Having her suspicions confirmed, Terri announced that she was now the new school nurse, much to the dismay of Emma and Will.

Meanwhile, a very tired Finn is struggling to cope with everything that was going on in his life. After he got caught sleeping with drool running down his chin in Glee rehearsal, Puck suggested he go and see the school nurse, who'll probably let him sleep in her office. Finn told Terri about his troubles, which included him liking two girls at the same time, Terri was upset considering Finn was Quinn's boyfriend. Terri tried to make him stick to Quinn and also gave him decongestants (which contains pseudoephedrine) to stay awake. A super energetic Finn went back to Glee practice and gave "Vitamin D" to the rest of the guys.

Rachel tried to get the girls to practice but the rest of the girls weren't really interested, thinking they had the competition in the bag. That was until they saw the guys perform a mash-up of "It's My LIfe" and "Confessions Part II." Rachel tried to get Quinn to come to rehearsals, telling Quinn that her pregnancy was eventually going to make her an outsider just like the rest of them and that when that happens, Glee was going to be the only thing she got. While the girls were trying to figure out how the boys got so good, Kurt walked in and told that that the guys all took something.

While Terri was telling Howard to buy more decongestants, Ken walked in and expressed his concerns about Emma and Will. Already sick of her job, Terri told Ken he should propose to Emma and remove the competition. When he wasn't so sure Emma will accept her, Terri gave him decongestants to boost his confidence. A hyped-up Ken then approached Emma in the staff room and proposed to a visibly distraught Emma.

The girls performing their mash-up in the Glee-off
The girls performing their mash-up in the Glee-off | Source

The two things America needs right now is sunshine, and optimism... and angels

Rachel confronted Finn about him cheating, telling him that he should deal with pressure the natural way like she does with a rigorous diet and exercise. Finn remained unrepentant, forcing a furious Rachel to take the girls to Terri. Hyped up on "Vitamin D," the girls performed an amazing mash-up of "Halo" and "Walking on Sunshine." Will and Emma were amazed at both groups' performances.

Afterwards, Will took Emma out to the hallway and asked if it was true that Ken proposed. Emma asked Will if he thought she had any other options. When Will asked if that was a reason to marry someone, Emma replied "that wasn't what I was asking." Terri witnessed this exchange and was furious. She went to Emma's office and told her she had no chance with Will and advised her to marry Ken. An upset Emma agreed to marry Ken as long as she didn't have to change her last name, move in with him, tell anyone or have a ceremony.

Both Rachel and Finn ended up feeling guilty about taking the pills. They agreed to withdraw from the competition and confess to Will about what they had done. When Will found out about this, he was furious. Principal Figgins made Terri resign and said Will's judgement was somewhat lacking, bringing in Sue as a co-director of Glee club.


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