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Episode Recap: Glee S01E10 Ballad

Updated on January 8, 2011
Will was highly disconcerted with Rachel falling for him during their duet.
Will was highly disconcerted with Rachel falling for him during their duet. | Source

I bet the duck's in the hat

This week's lesson started off with Will teaching the kids the concept of Ballad. It turned out a ballad was a compulsory component for the Sectionals. Pairing off by drawing names out of the hat, Puck got Mercedes, Artie got Quinn, Tina got "the other Asian" (Mike was not pleased with that remark), and Santana got Brittany. Finn got paired with Kurt and when he voiced his concern to Will, Will told him "the fate has spoken." However, that line came back to bite him because with Matt out sick, Rachel was paired up with Will and she wanted to sing "Endless Love." Pressured by the Glee kids, they sang the ballad together and Will knew from the look in Rachel's eyes that she was falling for him.

Quinn was trying out her gown for the upcoming Chastity Ball when her mother noticed that it was no longer fitting her despite being custom-made a month ago. She blamed it on a big taco she ate at lunch. Quinn's father walked in and asked if Finn has been pressuring her, to which Quinn replied no, Finn was a gentleman. Quinn then learnt that her father wanted to invite Finn to dinner.

The next day at school, Rachel gave Will a gift. It was a tie with a treble clef and gold stars. Rachel said that when Will wears it, he would think of her and the star he was helping her become. Alarmed, Will went to Emma and said it was happening again - it always started with a novelty gift.

When Emma asked what was happening again, Will told her the story of Suzy Pepper, who had a crush on Will two years ago. It started out with a novelty gift of a tie (with a red pepper pattern) and quickly progressed onto calling Will in the middle of the night and breathing loudly into the phone. Eventually, Will told Suzy this couldn't continue on anymore. Heartbroken, Suzy ate the world's hottest pepper (shipped all the way from Mexico). The ambulance got there in time and Suzy was in a medically-induced coma for three days. Shocked, Emma suggested that Will break things to Rachel gently through their preferred method - singing.

Kurt began their ballad practice by telling Finn, "sing to me everything you feel." Finn struggled, leading to an outburst about being under a lot of pressure. Kurt suggested he try to sing away his problems. So Finn sang "I'll stand by you," starting in the auditorium and finishing in his own bedroom in front of the sonogram on his laptop. Just then, his mother walked in. Breaking down, Finn told her about Quinn's pregnancy.

Both Emma and Rachel fell under Will's spell
Both Emma and Rachel fell under Will's spell | Source

It's enough to make you want to give up woman all together

The next day, Quinn was furious that Finn told his mother. As Quinn stormed off, Kurt walked to Kurt and reminded him that all his problems were because of girls. Then via voice over, Kurt told the viewers he was "madly in love with Finn" and was determined to get Finn once Quinn breaks his hearts.

Putting Emma's plan into action, Will sang a mash-up of "Young Girl" and "Don't Stand So Close to Me." Both Emma and Rachel fell under Will's spell. Instead of getting the message that Will was trying to convey, Rachel thought Will was saying she was very young and it was hard for him to stand so close to her. Exasperated, Will tried to get Emma to help him out, Emma was so star-struck she could only breathlessly comment "you're a very good performer."

Meanwhile, the next step in Kurt's plan was bond with Finn as he rummaged through his dead father's clothes to find something to wear for his dinner with Quinn's parents. They bonded over each losing a parent. When Finn voiced his worries about meeting Quinn's parents, Kurt suggested he sing to them.

Will returned home, commenting that something smelled good. He mindlessly accepted a bottle of beer, only to find Rachel standing behind him. Terri apparently let Rachel into their house and made her cook dinner as well as clean the bathroom. As Will drove Rachel home, Rachel started singing "Crush" to Will. Will quickly turned the music off, asking Rachel how things were going with Puck. Rachel told him Puck was too immature and she had set her sights much higher. The next day, Suzy Pepper warned Rachel to stay away from Will. Undaunted, Rachel refused to listen.

During their ballad practice, Mercedes told Puck the Glee club was going to sing a ballad to Finn and Quinn to show them their support. Annoyed that Finn and Quinn were getting all the support, Puck blurted out to Mercedes that he was the biological father of Quinn's baby. Shocked, Mercedes told him that it was obvious Quinn chose Finn so Puck needed to respect her choice.

Rachel's apology flowers
Rachel's apology flowers | Source

Sorry, I've been acting crazy

At dinner that night, Finn was already quite nervous. So when Quinn's father was going to propose a toast, Finn got super nervous and excused himself in the middle of the toast. While in the bathroom, he phoned Kurt and asked him to help. He headed back out and sang "You're Having My Baby" to the whole family. Shocked Quinn's father cut the song short, sat them down and eventually kicked Quinn out of the house. When Finn tried to plead with Quinn's mother, Quinn told him to not bother because her mother clearly knew she was pregnant but she didn't say anything. Finn eventually took Quinn back to his house and his mother told him Quinn could stay for as long as she needed to.

Back at school, Suzy approached Rachel and told her that they both chose Will in order to re-affirm their own low self-esteem. In practice, Rachel bought a bunch of flowers and was ready to sing when Will stopped her, told her that he was her teacher. Rachel said she knew. The flowers were an apology gift (with a card that said "Sorry, I've been acting crazy") and she was going to sing "Sorry" by Elton John. Relieved, Will comforted Rachel, telling her that someday, a boy will come to like her for who she was, including the bits of her that she didn't even like. 

In their ballad practice, Finn told Kurt it was good that Quinn's pregnancy was finally out in the open. In reply, Kurt told Finn his ballad song was going to be "I honestly love you," obviously trying to reveal his feelings to Finn. But Finn, as stupid as ever, remained oblivious and could only comment that it sounded awesome though he was unfamiliar with the song.

The episode closed with the Glee kids singing "Lean on Me" to show Quinn and Finn their support. 


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