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Episode Recap: Glee S01E18 Laryngitis

Updated on January 8, 2011
Puck getting tossed into the dumpster by the nerds.
Puck getting tossed into the dumpster by the nerds. | Source

Sampson? No. Agassi

The episode started with Puck getting his mohawk shaved off. The next day, when he walked into school, all the kids were staring at him as if they had never seen him before. When he entered the Glee practice room, Brittany even asked Santana who was the new guy. While conversing with Santana, Puck revealed that his mother spotted a mole on the back of his head and fearing skin cancer, sent him to a dermatologist who shaved his head to get a closer look. It turned out to be nothing. Santana was not impressed and said she wasn’t sure if it was the missing mohawk or the whining, but she was totally not turned on by him.

Out in the parking lot, Puck was approached by all the nerds that he had bullied in the past. With his mohawk gone, they were brave enough to approach him. Suddenly the table was reversed and it was Puck who was getting bullied. He didn’t even have the energy to stop the nerds from picking him up and dumping him in the dumpster. He was going to lie there and wait for the rubbish truck to come and crush him to death but then, he heard Mercedes’ voice from across the car park. He looked up and saw Mercedes hanging out with a bunch of Cheerios, realizing how she managed to become popular just by joining cheerleading. While Puck wasn’t about to join the Cheerios, he realized all he needed to do was date a cheerleader and he got his eyes set on Mercedes.

Rachel felt exhausted, even a tickle down the back of her throat, so she began taking huge amounts of vitamin supplements. When Will asked why was she so exhausted, Rachel pointed out that every thing she sings in Glee was a solo. She also suspected that most of the other Glee clubs weren’t really singing. She got the proof she needed by bribing Lauren the president of the AV club to secretly record their practice. She wrote a list of everyone who wasn’t pulling their weight which included Finn, Puck, Quinn, Santana, and Brittany.

When Will asked the kids why they weren’t singing, they all came up with random excuses such as Quinn getting moody from her baby hormones, Brittany can’t remembering the lyrics, Santana’s only role was to look hot and Finn not being confident after all the male leads are being given to Jesse. This led to Will giving them their assignment for the week – find a song that they think best represent themselves. 

Rachel handing Will a list of the Glee members who were bluffing their way through rehearsal.
Rachel handing Will a list of the Glee members who were bluffing their way through rehearsal. | Source

You're top 40, I'm R'n'B

Puck tried to convince Mercedes to date him but Mercedes wasn’t impressed because of firstly, what he did to Quinn and b) their music don’t go together. To prove her wrong, Puck sang a duet of “The Lady is a Tramp” with Mercedes. Impressed, Mercedes agreed to start going out with him with Quinn’s approval though Quinn warned Mercedes about Puck being an idiot (she was stuck living with him at the moment) and Santana will definitely be coming after her.

Kurt was ready to sing a Whitney Houston song but then, he discovered his father in the hallway. His father was there to pick up Finn to watch a live football match. Hurt, Kurt demanded to know why he wasn’t invited but his father pointed out that he was never that interested in football. This led to Kurt singing “Pink Houses” to change how people perceived him. Brittany thought his performance was hot and since Kurt was the only guy in the school she hasn’t made out with yet, she asked him if he could help her keep a perfect record.

Rachel was getting ready to sing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. But as she started singing, her voice sounded terrible and she couldn’t reach the high notes like she used to. Finn took her to the dentist. Rachel didn’t want to have surgery, afraid that it’ll ruin her voice, saying her voice was her only asset. Finn assured her that she had other awesome qualities. When Rachel asked Finn what she should do, Finn got mad and told her to ask her boyfriend, oh wait, he’s not there. But Rachel was certain that Jesse still cared about her. This led to Finn singing “Jessie’s Girl” in Glee rehearsal to show Rachel how he felt.

Kurt performing "Rose's Turn"
Kurt performing "Rose's Turn" | Source

Probably something about immigrants

Mercedes began dating Puck and predictably, that made him popular. In addition, Santana was angry that Mercedes stole her man and told her to back off through a duet “The Boy is Mine” with Mercedes. So he started throwing nerds back in the dumpster, much to Mercedes’ disgust. She realized being a Cheerio wasn’t who she was so she quit cheerleading, being the first one to do so (all the others either died or got kicked off by Sue).

Kurt started dating Brittany, much to the shock of his friends. However, when his father was going to spend another bonding session with Finn, Kurt got frustrated and performed “Rose’s Turn.” When he finished, Kurt found his father clapping in the auditorium. They had a heart-to-heart session where Kurt’s father assured him that he loved him and wanted him to be himself.

Rachel, on her third day of antibiotics, was still not well and she was upset that she’ll have to have the surgery. She said her voice was her cause for living. Finn was fed up with her feeling sorry for herself so he took her to see his friend Sean, who was paralysed from the upper chest down during a football game. Realizing that she was blowing things out of proportion, Rachel reined in her pity game and when she recovered, she went back to visit Sean and offer him singing lessons, singing “One” with Sean. After one verse, the scene shifted to the Glee club performing in the auditorium. The song (and episode) ended back in the bedroom with Rachel and Sean.


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