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Episode Recap: Glee S01E03 Acafellas

Updated on January 8, 2011
The cake that Terri baked for Henri, who lost both his thumbs in an accident
The cake that Terri baked for Henri, who lost both his thumbs in an accident | Source

It's not my bladder, it's the choreography

When his parents came over for dinner, Will couldn't keep the joyful news any longer. He announced to his parents that Terri was pregnant, much to their joy and Terri's dismay. Later on, Will told his father privately that he was terrified. Will's father replied that being a father was all about guts and that he had six months to figure out whether he had any.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Santana instilled in Rachel doubts about Will's choreography. They wanted to hire Dakota Stanley, apparently the best choreographer in the mid-West. During a Glee rehearsal, Rachel, urged on by the Cheerios, told Will that their choreographer needed work.

Back in the staffroom, all the guy teachers came together to comfort their friend, Henri the shop teacher, who lost both his thumbs in an accident while he was high on cough syrup. The guys began lamenting about their lives, ranging from things such as "I'm afraid of my vacuum" (Howard) to "I apparently don't know how to dance" (Will). However, all their complaints seemed trivial when Henri pointed out "I don't have thumbs." The guys then sang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" in acapella harmony and realized, wow, they sounded pretty good. So the four of them, Will, Henri, Howard and Ken formed an acapella group and called themselves the Acafellas. Sandy also wanted to join but the four of them voted and decided when he was in the group, it was just weird.

Terri was desperately trying to get pregnant for real this time with little success. Will is spending more time with the Acafellas and paid little attention to Glee on the occasions he actually attended rehearsal. Finn became mad at Rachel for hurting Will, the Cheerios decide it was a perfect opportunity to hire Dakota Stanley and the majority of Glee club, excluding Finn, agreed. Rachel was determined to bring in Dakota so that they can win Nationals, even when Finn threatened to quit.

Quinn and Santana reporting to Sue
Quinn and Santana reporting to Sue | Source

I want my full budget restored

Quinn and Santana informed Sue of their progress in taking down Glee club. However Sue was not satisfied with Will just barely turning up to rehearsals - she wanted her full budget restored. The two Cheerios assured her that Dakota was tough, predicting that within fifteen minutes, a Glee kid will either quit or try to commit suicide.

Mercedes, after witnessing so many couples around school, wished that she had a boyfriend. The Cheerios stepped in and told to her go after Kurt, even though Mercedes thought she wasn't his type. They reassured her that she was and told her to follow their lead cause they've got her back.

Meanwhile, the Acafellas performed "Poison" at a local sports bar with resounding success. The local newspaper even wrote a glowing review of them. After the show, Principal Figgins invited them to perform at the next PTA meeting.

"I need those parents happy! They found out we've been serving the children prison food."

~ Principal Figgins

Sandy still wanted to join the Acafellas after he heard that Josh Groban was coming to the PTA meeting. He made it out as if Groban will only come and hear them sing if Sandy was in the group, adding that online rumours had it that Groban was looking for an opening act.

The Glee kids went to watch a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal and Mercedes asked Kurt out on a date, to the approval of the Cheerios. Vocal Adrenaline members warned the Glee kids not to hire Dakota, saying "he's a monster." This was shown shortly afterwards as Vocal Adrenaline performed an outstanding rendition of "Mercy" only to be yelled off the stage by Dakota. When the glee kids approached Dakota, he informed them that his fee was $8,000. As Rachel wondered out aloud, "how are we going to get $8,000?" The three Cheerios began to scheme.

Mercedes busted Kurt's window after she mistakenly assumed Kurt refused to officially date her because he was in love with Rachel.
Mercedes busted Kurt's window after she mistakenly assumed Kurt refused to officially date her because he was in love with Rachel. | Source

Dude, my bowels have better moves than you

Just as the Acafellas seemed to get off to a great start, Howard called Will and told him he wanted to quit. Before Will and Ken had time to absorb that news, Emma came in and told them that Figgins forced Henri to go to rehab after he downed six bottles of cough syrup. However, shortly afterwards, Finn approached Will to join the Acafellas after Glee was getting a bit batty. In addition, Puck, who think he can gain access to cougars through Acafellas, asked Ken if he could join as well.

Rachel and Tina approached Mercedes and warned her that Kurt may be gay or as Tina puts it "lady-fabulous." Mercedes told them that she was lonely and while Kurt may not be enough for them, he was enough for her. 

Meanwhile, Sue ordered the Cheerios to fund for Dakota's choreography fee by holding a Glee club car wash. During the car wash, Mercedes asked Kurt if they could make it official that the two of them were dating. Kurt decline, saying she knew he was in love with someone else, glancing at Finn in the process. But when Mercedes turned around to see who he was looking at, she saw Rachel, an assumption that Kurt confirmed. This led to Mercedes throwing a rock through Kurt's truck's windshield followed by her performance of "Bust Your Windows."

After finally getting enough money to hire Dakota, the first thing he did was give them a personalized menu with Mercedes' saying "coffee." Artie was cut because he was not trying hard enough at walking. Mercedes was also cut shortly after when she protested. His only comment at Rachel was "nose job." The only members he was happy with were the three Cheerios. Dismayed, the majority of Glee kids were prepared to walk off, but Rachel stopped them and fired Dakota.

The Acafellas performing at the PTA meeting and in front of Josh Groban
The Acafellas performing at the PTA meeting and in front of Josh Groban | Source

The Acafellas performed to a captivated audience of the PTA, which included Josh Groban in the front row. When Josh Groban came backstage, the group thought he was there to praise them and perhaps offer them the job for his opening act. But instead, he was there to deliver Sandy with a restraining order. Terri told Will she was impressed with his performance. When his father asked him he was okay, Will admitted he was because he was a teacher and that was enough for him. Will's father said Will had inspired him to pursue his original dream and go to law school.

The next day, Mercedes approached Kurt and apologized for her previous actions, wishing him best of luck with Rachel. It was then that Kurt revealed to her that he was gay and he didn't tell her earlier because he never told anybody before. Mercedes told him he didn't have to be ashamed of who he was.

Sue was furious at the Cheerios' failure - Will was back, Glee club was practicing for a new number and was as confident as ever. She revoked their tanning privileges for the rest of the season, which led to Santana leaving the office in tears. As Quinn was about to leave, she thanked Sue for teaching her a valuable life lesson - "when you really believe in yourself, you don't have to bring other people down."


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