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I am your average man. I have plenty of solid healthy relationships with women in my daily life. However I am constantly aware of and frequently confronted as a man by the rampant misandry in our society. This is why I have set up this HubProfile. I have always believed in transparency and authentic equality. I am an independent thinker and I tread my own path. Men should not feel ashamed of being men. Men should not be ostracised for standing up for their rights as men. Women and men must work together to stamp out both sides of sexism, not just misogyny.

I am a masculist and above all a humanist. I also support the advocacy of women's rights without treading on the rights of men or disrespecting men in the process. I call that authentic feminism. I reject patriarchy theory, male privilege and so forth in the way they are defined, elaborated on, interpreted and justified by modern feminism.

On a side-note for clarity-I am heterosexual and am not homophobic, biphobic, transphobic or any other form of bigot. On the subject of God, I am an agnostic. While I am not overly religious, I am not against the peaceful and respectful practice of religion.

In regards to comments:

I am not going to engage in arguments with feminists in my commentary feeds or participate in some circular discussion which attempts to change the subject. If you post a comment and are feminist that won't take ownership for the bigotry your movement is promoting in the name of "equality", don't expect me to publish your comment. Feminists have reached the limits of my good graces. Take ownership and fight against the bigotry in your movement. I do moderate my comments and will publish and respond to each posted comment as quickly as I can. I have a busy life, so I ask for your patience in this regard. I cannot publish comments with links to website addresses in them because this is against HubPages rules. I will not permit hate speech, bigotry or swearing in my comments sections.

I publish all of my articles solely on HubPages. If you see my articles elsewhere that person is not me.

As of the 5th of February 2016, I am retired from writing. It is my hope that my material will assist more men and women to develop a more balanced view of gender issues and further the evolution of our society into a more healthy and functional one for both men and women.

I have maintained my Hub content as best I can to make sure all material is working (links, videos etc). As of the 1.06.17, I will be leaving things as is.

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