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I’m fifty-eight years old and just recently (in the last three years) had to grow up due to the passing of my mom; I’ve spent most of my life with her. I grew up in Bakersfield, I lived in Ventura for a while, where I thought that I was going to be a star, I did one radio commercial and that was the extent of my stardom. I did manage to land a job playing music in a little club for a while, until they found out that I wasn’t of age, and that was the end of my singing career, so I moved back to Bakersfield.

My son and I have been the Janitorial Service for our Synagogue for almost four years. To be honest I never aspired to have a janitorial business, but God dropped that position right in our lap, and it has truly been an honor to clean our beautiful Shul. Just in the last few months we have began cleaning other business buildings as well.

I've recently divorced after spending thirty-one years with the same man. My ex-husband and I get along much better now that we're no longer married, so it's a good thing. I enjoy being a mom most of all. I’d like to write about that experience one day, because I’ve learned a great deal from my son throughout the years, especially in the area of kindness.

I’ve never been much of a storywriter, but I'm trying to make more of an effort to do so. I like to write informational pieces that would (Hopefully) help someone else. Right now my heart is with others who are going through what we’ve gone through with my mom; taking care of someone who is terminally ill, and the loss of that loved one. It’s been two years since my mom passed away, and I still have very difficult days. It would make me feel good to know that I've helped someone else get through a difficult day.

I like to study the Bible along with the "Sciences", and I study pretty-much every day. I search for distinctive patterns intermingled between the two, it's like an adventure.

I believe that there are sad things that happen in life of which you have no control over, but don't settle for unhappiness in your life, if you have the power to make a change.

Be Well:)


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