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Pat Merewether

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Art, wrting, gardening, pets, family,reading and music are my favorite things - not necessarily in the order.

I'm a Master Gardener and have published articles in national magazines.

Painting is another of my passions and is on display at Art At The Market in Flint and for sale on merchandise such as mugs, shirts, calendars, and prints on Zazzle.com and Artwanted.dom

I live in the country with my husband, three dogs, "George and Gracie" and Boo.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Check out my Artwork:


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      • No Income - can I remove my articles?

        No Income - can I remove my articles?

        6 years ago

        I've written for Hub pages for several years - it took me a year to get my first payout - after that I earned about $30 a month and the payouts came about every fourth months.Then, last January 2011 all my income just...

      • Am I broken?

        Am I broken?

        8 years ago

        I earned zero cents yesterday and today - this hasn't happened in month and months - are my links broken?  I've had over 100 hits, so people are reading my articles. help?

      • Is there a way to tell what I 'sold' on an article?

        Is there a way to tell what I 'sold' on an article?

        8 years ago

        I usually make about between twenty cents and fifty cents per day on hub, but every once in a while it's a lot more - today was $2.39 - so I assume someone clicked on a link and bought something.  Is there a way to...

      • Amazon clicks?

        Amazon clicks?

        9 years ago

        I've been signed on with Amazon adsense for several months and have added many amazon product links to my articles - appropriate placements.  However, I've had only two clicks according to my Amazon stats.  Am...

      • Is this ok?

        Is this ok?

        9 years ago

        I rescue Havanese puppies.  i made a calendar on zazzle to sell to raise money for the rescue group.  I put a link to this calendar in my hub article, but worry that i'm breaking a rule. help?

      • Rescue a pup

        Rescue a pup

        9 years ago

        I'm a rescue mom for Havanese puppies and just wanted to poke my head in and remind folks to check out a shelter or a rescue group when considering adopting a pet.  Even pure breeds like Havanese, Golden Retrievers...

      • Amazon links help?

        Amazon links help?

        9 years ago

        Sometimes I'm able to place an Amazon link in my article with no problem - and the next time i get this: No Amazon results found?Why?  Anybody?

      • where did they go?

        where did they go?

        9 years ago

        About an hour ago I had 120 views, a few minutes ago there were only 118. Where did the other 2 go?I'm not complaining because I had .29 an hour ago and have .59 now - but just curious.

      • blockage?


        9 years ago

        Yesterday, despite 100+ hits, there were no earnings. There was the 'pink section' that said I must complete my payment info - which I did, but am waiting for the secret deposite to complet it.  Have my earnings...

      • What Time is it?

        What Time is it?

        9 years ago

        What time zone is Hubland in?  I'm in the USA Eastern time.  I never know for sure it it's yesterday, today or tomorrow in Hubland?  And then they throw in the Fall back bit and I'm really messed...

      • Is writing about specific products ok?

        Is writing about specific products ok?

        9 years ago

        There are a few products and services that i feel are great and would like to write about them.  Can I write an article about a certain type of kitchen appliance or brand of bread mix without being in trouble?

      • Amazon links help?

        Amazon links help?

        9 years ago

        I keep trying to post links to Amazon.  I wrote an article on Kitchen Gadgets and wanted to post a link to the page where I found my cordless hand blender.  I went through all the steps and cut and pasted the...

      • Dang


        9 years ago

        Well, the offensive ads i complained about are gone (at least as of yesterday) but my earnings have tanked.  Maybe I should have left the 'hot Filipina women' alone?  There have been many more hits, but no...

      • inappropriate sex ads/

        inappropriate sex ads/

        9 years ago

        i've mentioned this before, but i just checked my 84 articles and a huge number of them have ads for 'filipina girls', 'sexy singles', etc.  my articles are about gradening, food, travel and family topics - there...

      • How Do I stop 'porn' ads?

        How Do I stop 'porn' ads?

        9 years ago

        Lately, whenever I post a new Hub, all kinds of 'porn' or soft porn ads are 'added' to my article.  The Tattoo ads were bad enough, but this is awful, especaially since I just wrote an ad about kids' toys!

      • Plants and Stretch-mark cream?

        Plants and Stretch-mark cream?

        9 years ago

        I wrote an article about growing plants in wet soil and the ads area ll for 'stretch mark' creams. WTH?   How does this happen?

      • Gray or Blue?

        Gray or Blue?

        9 years ago

        When I look at my list of 'hubs' they're sometimes all gray with a few blue titles, a few minutes ago they were all blue with a few gray - what does this mean?

      • Where did my money go?

        Where did my money go?

        9 years ago

        I signed up for the Ad Sense program and was so thrilled to see that I made 31 cents yesterday!  Then I checked this morning and it says I have 0 earnings.  Where did it go?

      • How do I remove an ad from my posts?

        How do I remove an ad from my posts?

        9 years ago

        I'm a foster mom for a small-dog rescue group and want to remove the 'puppies for sale' ads from my postings.  It's obvious these sites are 'puppy mills' - they offer all sorts of breeds from one site -...